Unpopular Opinions?   

The new CW promos? I like ‘em. I am still not a huge fan of the logo but I love how committed they are to it and, yes, I’m a sucker for green. I love the use of the green lines and putting people in green striped shirts and, I’ll admit it, I adore these type of promos. Other networks have them but the WB (CW now) actors always look to be having so much fun during their promos and I love the “family” feeling about them. I like imagining that they’re all just one big huge family who are all working together to make the network succeed.

That said…

KB’s outfit in said promos? God, no. What the hell, wardrobe people? For one thing, I am not a fan of KB in shorts. I’d think the suspender look would be cute on her but the shorts ruin it for me. Then the design on the outfit… I just. There are no words.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful. She is. I don’t dispute it and, even in an outfit that makes me physically cringe, she’s still 1000x more beautiful than a lot of other girls. That’s doesn’t excuse the wardrobe department from not paying attention to how an outfit looks on camera when they dress her.

And I’m usually one of those who thinks everyone is being too harsh about her clothes.

Also, I don’t think JD looks quite as adorable as everyone else seems to think he does. Maybe that’s because he’s very much JD there and, while I have great respect for JD and kinda adore him for his shyness, it’s Logan that I like seeing on the screen. Not to mention I think it’s Logan that the girls go gah-gah for, not JD. Makes me feel like he should be affecting a bit of the Logan persona in promos even if they’re being told to act natural and have fun. Which is odd (and probably not fair) because I’m not sure the other stars are projecting their characters but I never feel that way about them. But then it isn’t as easy for me to separate the character from the actor with the rest of those folk either.

It amuses me that Beverly Mitchell is consistently the face of 7th Heaven in these promos. Is that because she’s the only one* willing to do them anymore or because she’s the one person on that cast that best fits the demo the CW is aiming for? Not that I blame them, she’s stunning. I gave up on the show long ago but whenever I see her I kind of wish I could give it another try just for her. Plus, it’s fascinating to me that she can still appear to be so excited about the show after 10 years.

If nothing else, the CW has certainly been generating a lot of buzz. Though I suspect they’ll do no worse than the WB was doing, let’s hope they can maintain that through the Fall season.

* Before anyone feels the need to correct me, I’m pretty sure that’s David Gallagher in there briefly with her but she’s the one that’s most visible from their show.

17 Responses to “Unpopular Opinions?”

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    schnappycat says:

    I agree with nearly everything you said. I love the new promos–they are very old school WB to me and I loved their old image campaigns. And KB’s outfit is quite horrendous. It’s really too bad she doesn’t “pop”. And I don’t think JD looks cute at all. It makes me sad. But I am hoping that they release more of these type of promos with KB and JD a little more up front and looking better.

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    Oh, thank goodness! Actually, I’ve seen quite a few people say they love the promos but it’s the love of KB and JD in them that I wasn’t quite getting. I think I figured out the other thing about JD that bugs me… he looks so YOUNG. I mean, I know he’s young but he looks out of place in how young he looks. Just weird given how I know he can come across when he’s Logan.

    On the flip side, Kristen looks too old. She’d probably love to hear that since I think she been going for an older look lately but it’s not necessarily a great thing when you’re portraying an 19 year old.

  3. 3
    schnappycat says:

    I don’t mind him looking young, but I don’t like the hair or the smile and think he looks “puffy” again like he can do on occasion. He would have been better off wearing a more fitted shirt and shown less in profile without his little smile. IMHO.

    And yes, she looks about 30, which is certainly not a good thing for a college student.

  4. 4
    raelee says:

    Ha. Yes to the puffiness. That’s kinda what gives him the younger look to me. I feel the same way about those original VM promo pics.

  5. 5
    schnappycat says:

    YES! The puffiness in the original promo shots bugs me! I really hope they take new, better ones this year. JD photographs so well as himself, I hope he can photograph just as hot as Logan. He really needs to if he is going to be a new CW sex symbol hottie guy.

  6. 6
    spectralbovine says:

    Yeah, those suspenders aren’t doing Kristen any favors.

  7. 7
    catatonia00 says:

    I vaguely remember some of the WB promos, but nothing distinctly. It’s a good way to kick start the CW network, but I wish there was some theme or continuity to it. Jensen and Jared were playfully cute and even through the god awful lighting, the KB/JD huggage was adorable. But Tom s-Welling, Haley’s weird dancing, zoomed shot on RevCam and a super out of place Batistuta… what’s up with that? And how the hell does OTH score appearances from 5 of their regulars, when papa Keith nor Wallace don’t make an appearance at all? Lauren Graham looked pretty though.

  8. 8
    zimshan says:

    AHH! You got a new banner up! Very cute!

    But yes, the promo. I can’t say I’m a fan of it, though it is kinda cute they were pushing for an old school WB look. It’s just that it’s…not. It might just be because I’m not a fan of the other shows anymore, I’m not sure. But yes, JD definitely is…JD here. And I think the large difference is that most of the actors in this thing, their characters aren’t so far from themselves so it doesn’t matter. But JD’s is. So, yea, I definitely in these promos he should definitely try to project alittle more of Logan instead. Because as much as I kind of love it, cute little dorky shy JD? Kinda doesn’t fit.

  9. 9
    raelee says:

    Awww. I love that icon.

    And thanks on the banner – I’m in the middle of changing my layout too but work keeps interrupting. Apparently they expect me to actually do stuff when they pay me! ;)

    It’s just that it’s…not. It might just be because I’m not a fan of the other shows anymore, I’m not sure.

    Well you didn’t like the song when the CW site first had it playing, did you? I think liking the song is a deal breaker. I don’t mind the song at all and I like how people are interacting with the song as well as the graphics on the screen.

    And I think the large difference is that most of the actors in this thing, their characters aren’t so far from themselves so it doesn’t matter. But JD’s is.

    Exactly. I think it’s probably a commentary on those other actors’ abilities but, still, it means that JD has to have that mindset when he’s doing this promo stuff. Although, I think that also means none of the promo people directing what’s going on during these shoots have watched VM or they would have picked up on it.

  10. 10
    raelee says:

    I really can’t figure out why. Something about her body shape. Girl should look good in anything but she doesn’t. It’s a mystery to me.

  11. 11
    raelee says:

    I vaguely remember some of the WB promos, but nothing distinctly.

    Ahhh, see, I was hooked on the WB back then. Dawson’s, Felicity, Buffy, Angel… having all those people in a promo that looked like one big party with confetti and dancing. It was just fun. And, the CW promo does lack a bit of that for me because I don’t feel a connection to half of the people in it but it reminds me of those days.

    Well Haley is dancing with the graphics on the screen I think or moving with them – which is part of what I like, the way everyone is interacting with the lines, etc.

    As for who shows up and gets the most appearances, I still think it’s a mix of who is available for these things and who best fits the demo they’re trying to reach. The only reason OTH is back is because it fits their demo and they have a cast that appeals to that demo so I can see why they have more of them in the promo. But I’m sure it also has to do with who has what in their contracts as well?

  12. 12
    zimshan says:

    Ha. I’ve had this icon since upfronts but I love how it now appiles. ‘Tis fun…

    It might be the music but really, the old WB ones had that same hip hoppy music but I didn’t really mind it then. I don’t know.

    I think it’s probably a commentary on those other actors’ abilities

    Wait, what? I was infering no such thing. *COUGHCOUGH* :D

  13. 13
    zimshan says:

    Well, since Youtube is kinda awesome, here’s a mind refresher for ya. 1999,
    2001 WB promos.

  14. 14
    raelee says:

    Oh, that just makes me miss all my shows!!!! It even makes me miss the 7th Heaven that was.

  15. 15
    raelee says:

    2000 is the one I remember the most because the song was one of my favorites in HS and I love the party.

  16. 16
    zimshan says:

    I know, right? I have so much nostalgia for old school WB. At one time, it used to be the only channel I even had to turn to. For that, regardless of the fact that I hardly watch it anymore, the day The WB goes off will be a sad one.

  17. 17
    zimshan says:

    Yup. 2000 is probably my favorite so it’s definitely the one I remember the most. The 2001 one gets scarred abit with the newer generation shows starting to come in like Smallville and such.