TV & More: Time to get down and dirty.   

Someone at work wanted to know what I meant by calling myself a TV whore… I feel like I should just refer her to posts like this one.

Treasure Hunters
They sucked me in. The ridiculously easy treasure chest questions they ask viewers were too much of a temptation for me and I actually answered. And, because I actually had to go to the website to see how to answer it, I broke down and registered for their online game. I spent the next hour doing all of the current challenges. It was pretty fun but then I’m a gamer deep down inside. I avoid games these days because I get addicted and I tend to forget about actual living when I’m in the middle of a game. I don’t have the time for that these days.

But enough of that, how about the actual show… or perhaps that is my commentary on this week’s show? It was boring me a bit, thus leading me to check out the game online. It was a “to be continued” week so that’s probably part of the problem. Instead of taking us through one team (or set of teams) solving the puzzles and then fast forwarding us through the rest of the teams, we were getting each team trying to figure things out. As a result, the last half of the show seemed to drag but that’s what happens when you have to search through a swamp for things.

That said, I love the Underground Railroad stuff and it really drew me into the show. As much as I want to put a muzzle on Katie Fogal, I loved that they used the time in the car wisely to research the Underground Railroad and the type of signals that people used on it. I really hope other teams are doing this as well and we just aren’t getting footage of it.

It should be interesting to see if the Geniuses ditch their friend. I think it would be stupid on their part although the way he can’t seem to compete in physical stuff does seem a bit extreme. Still, these guys are way too cocky for me and, if they ditch their friend, I hope it bites them in the ass. The Browns, on the other hand, may get lucky with this option to ditch one of their team. I’m not sure it’s going to help them, though. I like these guys but so far they haven’t been the best at solving puzzles. Although it’s hard to tell who is good at that with so many teams so close together all the time. I am eager for us to get down to just a few teams so we really get a sense of who has the smarts to make it and who has just been depending on the teamwork and help from others.

Big Brother:
See. I was excited about this episode but then it happened and I was disappointed. Damn editing. Also, they seem to be editing the cameras in the house a bit too. As in, purposely not showing strategy meetings. Not sure I like that… don’t mess with the formula CBS, it’s worked for six years. You’re already taking a risk with the all stars edition, don’t try too many changes at once. Mmm’kay?

So, anyway, the episode didn’t thrill me because not much was a surprise. I didn’t even get too see much more of their slip and slide than I watched on the feeds! That’s my fault, of course, because I caught the good parts on the feed. I just figured I had missed more fun with it. Although Marci’s comments about George mounting Howie almost making him straight were pretty damn funny.

I find it interesting that Janelle actually admitted to everyone that she was thinking about vetoing someone. I don’t know when her DR session actually happened where she admitted she wasn’t going to take either of them down so it may have been misleading editing that gave the impression that she was lying during the veto ceremony. Either way, it was smart gameplay. Later she can bring that comment up to whoever stays and say that person was the one she thought about vetoing. Also, she can bring it up as an example of how she thinks about the house as a whole rather than just herself. Dunno if it’ll work out in her favor or not but I give her credit for trying it.

Let’s see. Interesting that Kaysar is staying so low right now. He’s smart. It’s unfortunate that he’s going to be grouped with the BB6 so-called alliance no matter what but at least he’s doing his best to not draw attention to himself. It should be noted, that we actually did see some of him on the show but he’s been virtually invisible on the feeds. The man is trying to blend in with the background. Will, on the other hand, isn’t. Even though everyone in the house knows what Will is up to, I think he’s still playing them wonderfully. Not to stroke his ego, but the guy should have been on the block this week and he’s not. He’s going to keep playing it over the top so that they’ll all keep thinking that they’ve got him figured out and can concentrate on other people first. Silly HG.

You know, I used to hate Dani but I’m liking her this season. She made a dumb mistake and that’s why she’s on the block but, if she can survive this week, I may actually be tempted to root for her to some small degree. Ali, however, still holds her place as one of the HG I hate. I wasn’t so sure about her in that first episode because sometimes it’s a matter of loving to hate Ali but watching her on the feeds and seeing her in this episode has reminded me that most of the time I just don’t like the girl. She is nasty and mean and she has to make everything so personal. It was something I hated about her during BB4 – even though it was much more understandable when she was dealing with an actual ex-boyfriend. Now she just doesn’t like Janelle for targeting her even though she was the one who targeted Janelle first. It’d be cool if she at least admitted that she’s realizes that she’s doing that but she acts so righteous in her anger. I’m over it and I’d rather not listen to her bitching for the rest of the season. Plus, you can’t ignore Dani for long but Ali is much better at starting shit and they’ve got it right that she’s the one who will always bring it during competitions.

Hmmm, the only other person I really have comments about so far is Jase. He’s another one that I don’t like. I have to say that he’s gotten smarter and is doing much better at not letting his ego rule his game this time. However, he’s as nasty as ever in his DR sessions so I can tell that he hasn’t changed one bit. I am curious to see if his house persona will change as there are less people in the house and he feels more comfortable in his position.

Ok, for not liking the episode, I sure had a lot to say about it!

Tuesday’s Colbert Report
I am not a big fan of Stephen’s interviews. I like the rest of his show almost more than TDS but I find myself fast forwarding through his interviews. That said, his interview with Tony Hawk was cracking me up! Maybe it was just seeing the two of them in those uncomfortable chairs trying to act as though it wasn’t awkward sitting there. Or the fact the slang Stephen kept using. Ha. Either way, I had tears in my eyes.

In other TV News:

  • I have taped the first episode of Brotherhood but haven’t watched it yet. I’m seeing no buzz about this show so I don’t know what to expect.

  • Nightmares & Dreamscapes From the Stories of Stephen King premieres tonight commercial free and I can’t wait!
  • I keep seeing promos for SciFi’s Eureka and they are intriguing me. I was setting up the TiVO to tape Nightmares & Dreamscapes this morning so, while I was there, I also added a Season Pass for Eureka. Here’s hoping it’s good… not that I need more TV to add to my schedule.

Oh, look, a soapbox:
Snakes On a Plane just looks like hilarious fun to me. I’m well aware that it is not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s cool. Not being interested in it is understandable; saying that it’s a “bad” movie just because those type of movies don’t interest you isn’t. I re-watched the trailer online this morning and I’m still impressed by how good it is. I’d expected it to be like some of Bruce Campbell’s flicks (which I adore but, come on, they are not big — hell, medium — budget flicks). Instead, they went all out and I think it’s great and I can’t wait to see it. So, if you have no desire to see it a movie about snakes on a plane, may I suggest that you just don’t go see it? Don’t get on your high horse and prance about claiming that the content alone makes it a horrible movie. I hate to break it to you, Hollywood isn’t catering to you or me alone. Trust me on this one, I’ve seen a lot of movies recently and I know they weren’t thinking of me when they made most of ‘em. Still, those movies are making lots o’ money so I think the studios generally know what the fuck they are doing. I conclude with… MOTHERFUCKING SNAKES ON A PLANE!

6 Responses to “TV & More: Time to get down and dirty.”

  1. 1
    harper47 says:

    Hee, hee. I agree with you wholeheartedly on the Snakes on a Plane issue. I’m wondering if you stepped onto the soapbox due to a certain discussion today. If so – I just kept out of it other than a comment about publicity simply because I never make a decision based on trailers anyway and as far as disagreeing with the PTB in certain places – well I have no desire to get torn to pieces. :D

    I’m planning on checking out Eureka too. I’ll have to tape Nightmares for later though because it is on the same time as my beloved SYTYCD. I’m curious why you don’t watch this Rae. It really is spectacularly fun to watch.

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    Haha. Today’s thinking about it was prompted by my skimming of a couple related posts to that discussion but I must admit that I haven’t continued to follow it if there was more nor did I search back to where it started. And, in all fairness, it only reminded me of what I wanted to say about it because I just had the discussion with some friends offline and that’s where I really got annoyed by the whole thing. And, yeah, I would never get into this discussion there either. So it’s lucky that I have an LJ and a place to air my own opinions about things. ;)

    Regarding SYTYCD, it’s really because I don’t like to see people embarassed. Or, in embarassing situations. I think on American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance you have people who really do think they have the talent to make it and I don’t like watching them not make it. It’s just uncomfortable for me – I have those moments with the reality shows I do watch too, I will change the channel to miss an embarassing moment. However, just for you, I will give SYTYCD a chance!

  3. 3
    harper47 says:

    Well it’s true it is hard sometimes to watch the scathing, clearly biased comments but I don’t know, my theory is and always will be that you have to just toughen up and take whatever criticism you get (warranted or unwarranted)in the entertainment biz. Someone’s always pushing an agenda or sleeping with someone and that will never change. I just love all the fantastic dancing myself.

    Oh and did you see I have been watching more Dawson’s Creek? I’m up to the Is Jack Gay episodes. Hee – it’s so much fun to watch. Like nighttime soap/trashy beach TV. I am kind of enjoying this far more than I thought I would. It’s really perfect summer viewing.

  4. 4
    raelee says:

    Oh, I think you’re right about the entertainment biz and there’s no other way for people to learn – because they’ll never know what it’s like until they’ve experienced it. And I’m sure some of them get tougher because of it, I just find it tough to watch. I don’t think a lot of them expect it and you can usually see it on their faces. I overempathsize, I think.

    I did see! I’ve just started commenting to things today but I saw you said so over at S3 too. I’m glad that you’re enjoying it. My favorite season/episodes are still to come for you! And, awww, now I want to re-watch!

  5. 5
    eolivet says:

    Wait…people are upset about “Snakes on a Plane?” I admit I’m not going to see it, because snakes AND planes freak me out, so it’s like my ultimate horror movie, but you can’t deny that is the best title evah! I saw a preview during the All-Star game, and yeah…just snakes! on a plane!

    I really, really hope the S6 “alliance” has the numbers to take out Alison. Reality contestants with personal grudges against one person are no fun to watch. The “Howie luvs Will” montage, however, was HILARIOUS. ;p

  6. 6
    ironsgold says:

    I too am watching “Dawson’s Creek” this summer. I have my daughter’s DVDs and am reliving the jerk that is Dawson. I just saw the yacht race episode. What a drama queen!

    Have you heard anything about “Jericho” or “The Nine”? So far they’re the only shows that have caught my eye for the fall. Is there anything else on the fall schedule that you think will be worth watching?