Tuesday Things   

1. Sometimes I really hate being a girl. Like today, right this minute and every minute that came before it.

2. I like my business cards. I really do but I’m annoyed that the printing company didn’t follow the instructions on their own template. Things that were in the “bleed” area were actually printed meaning that the edges of the design, which were never meant to be seen, can be seen. Grrrrr. The thing is, no one else is likely to know the card isn’t right. In fact none of people I’ve subjected to my litmus test have noticed it. And, yet, I am fixated on the mistake. Every time I look at the card, my eyes jump right to it and I start growling under my breath.

3. Related to #2, I am frustrated by the fact that I hate confrontation so much that I don’t want to call and find out if I can get the cards reprinted. This is partly because I did ask their support department about their template and was told that I shouldn’t put anything in the bleed area that I want printed. Well, DUH people! I didn’t… In fact, I had stuff in the bleed area that I didn’t want printed! Granted, I probably should have made sure the design continued all the way to the edge of the file the way I wanted just in case but I was mislead by the “bleed area” instructions. Ok, need to move along because I’m growling again.

4. My head hurts… possibly related to #1, 2, and 3. (Possibly related, Rae? HA. You amuse me or yourself as it were. Whatever.)

5. It’s raining which is nice because it means I have a built in excuse for waiting one more day to mow my lawn. I’m pretty sure my neighbors are all bitching about me to each other at this point but there is a method to my madness. I’d rather not mow my lawn three more times before departing next week. If I mow tomorrow, then I’ll have to mow again in a week… right before I leave and I can mow the day after I get back without the lawn being too long. You see? I actually have a reason for my procrastination this time.

6. This morning, I was doodling 8:06 AM on the pad of paper in front of my monitor. I have no idea why. I don’t even know why I was doodling that time. I am closing down for the day and compiling the notes I write on the various pads and/or pieces of paper on my desk throughout the day. Almost every one of them has 8:06 AM doodled on it somewhere. My mind, she is a mystery.

7. New Big Brother tonight!!! Yay!! See how I’m actually excited about this episode because I haven’t been keeping up with the feeds all weekend? Yeah, that won’t last. Once I’m back on the feeds, I’ll only be mildly excited about the taped/edited shows.

8. Is anyone watching Brotherhood? I meant to set it to tape on Sunday and completely forgot. I’m sure SHO is repeating it as they do all of their shows so I’ll catch it before the end of the week but I’m curious if anyone else has given it a try and what you think.

9. I’m still behind on Windfall. How come the only shows I’m watching during the summer have to be on the same night and time? What’s up with that TV Programming Gods? Also, I watched Treasure Hunters last night and I might have to punch Katie Fogal in the face if we have to listen to her whining for the rest of this race. She is a total Drama Princess and she doesn’t even look cute while she’s doing it. I swear. If I were on the race with these people I’d have gagged her by now.

Hmmm, I feel like this post should have a banner across the bottom reading, “This post brought to you by Rae’s cramps!”

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