Where does this intolerable hatred for me come from?   

I love Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I haven’t watched it in forever so I had forgotten how much I love it. It helps that I adore Kevin Costner but there’s just something about this movie. I also adore the score. I miss movies having scores that are like characters themselves. It seems like I haven’t seen a movie that has really relied on its score that way in a while. Or, at least, a movie whose score has stood out to me.

Eh. I’m feeling very lazy today, as if I have accomplished nothing all day. I attempted to move the futon from the bedroom to the living room area only to discover I didn’t have the socket wrenches I need to take it apart. I had plans to go to the office today to work on some things but I screwed around lots of little things (none of which had to be done) that by the time I had taken my shower it was late in the day. Then I was feeling a bit peckish so I closed my eyes for few minutes hours and it was too late to go when I finally got up. I slept for too long and have been groggy ever since. I ate dinner, watched Mean Girls while I did my toes (appropriate, no?), and now I’m up later than I intended all because I didn’t want to go to bed while my toes were still impressionable.

M & I saw PoTC: Dead Man’s Chest yesterday morning. I liked it but it was a little too long. Nor did it live up to the first PoTC even though I like what they’re doing with Elizabeth. The humor in this one felt a little forced at times and, again, there were parts that could have been cut to make it shorter. Especially for how it ended. It felt like we sat there an awfully long time just to get the “to be continued” ending. I was thinking about it yesterday as I did some shopping and I wonder if this is a symptom of filming the third movie as you’re editing the second? Because I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the second movies in trilogies seeming to exist only to service the trilogy. If they’d focused only on the story in this movie rather than hitting us over the head with what’s going to be the story in the third, I think it might have been stronger. Which all makes it seem like I didn’t like it but I did – I just didn’t LOVE it like I do the first.

What else can I bore you with? I have had a crappy Internet connection all weekend so I haven’t watched much of the BB feeds. It ends up being listening to them talk while staring at whatever image the feed has frozen on last. Annoying. I need to be able to see the feeds so I can tell where I need to be watching – although I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the cameras shown already. Must be because we already know most of the contestants so we already know which conversations are likely to be interesting and which aren’t… usually it takes much longer to realize the camera guys are f-ing with us by giving us the two people talking about what to cook for dinner while there is an important strategy convo happening somewhere else. Anyway. Point was, I haven’t been watching. I watched a little bit of the game the HG made up today and that was fun but, again, my feed connection was annoying me. I’m sure we’ll get some of it on Tuesday’s show, though, so I look forward to that!

Help me decide, f-list, should I rent a car in SD? I don’t need it Thur-Sun but I’m starting to think I will want one for Sun, Mon, and/or Tues excursions. I’m definitely doing the zoo one of those days and the concert in the park on Tues. And I do plan to explore the museums in BP as well but I suspect that won’t really keep me busy for three days. I’ve begun to consider checking out VM locations and/or spending half a day at the beach writing. So, is it worth the $100 to rent one for three days?

One more week of work and then I’m off for 14 days straight. WOOHOO!!!

4 Responses to “Where does this intolerable hatred for me come from?”

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    southernbangel says:

    I felt the same way about PotC2. I enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as the first because I felt certain parts were extremely long. I had the same issues with the ending–it could have ended a long time before it actually did. It didn’t help that I saw a late show and was tired going into it.

    It will be interesting to see how the third movie is.

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    raelee says:

    Ohh. I can’t imagine seeing a late show of it. I’d be going crazy. We went to a 10:30 AM showing and, even though I knew how long it was, I was still annoyed that it was already 1PM when we got out. I’m not a fan of the longer movies these days anyway but I think it was also because we know there’s a third movie coming… why not just put some of the extra stuff in that one?

    I’m still excited about the third movie… maybe even more now because I think it’ll have to be more contained than this one. This one really felt like they needed it only to set up the third one and that probably led to the lack of a stopping point and focus.

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    keyser7soze says:

    I love the Robin Hood score, too. I think that’s one of the best scores of that decade. I can still hum parts of it. Kevin Costner ended up in quite a few movies with great scores (Dances With Wolves, Field of Dreams, JFK, The Untouchables).

    They can really help a movie along and it’s been a while since I’ve heard one that had the same impact. They all kind of sound the same now.

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    harper47 says:

    I hope you have a terrific time. I’ve nothing to add to the general content of your post except that I agree a great score can really lift a movie.

    But mostly wanted to say I love the new banner. Awwww – look at all the pretty. Rae – when you get back – okay if I touch base with you re graphics, etc. I know you have a busy, busy, schedule so you contact me re your time frame.

    Looking forward to all the Rae commentary.