The L Word Distracts Me   

Crap. I need to stop interrupting myself.

Anyway, I meant to post about this the other day and forgot. I was looking for something related to The L Word so I moseyed over to the show’s site, where I had seen it last. I have to say… I’m impressed with Showtime. They not only have a Blogger’s Corner for blogs related to the show (they’ve actually had the profile icons for a while but they’ve added a way to link to your blog and suggested user tags to use if you’re a fan) but they also have a Fan Fiction library.

How refreshing.

Ok, I have to clarify. It’s not a true fan fiction library. At least not in the sense of letting fans post their L-Word fan fiction there willy nilly. It’s something new they are trying with fans, creating “fanisodes” where fans are paired up with a writer from the show and get scenes to write. Once written, you submit your scene and everyone votes on it. In the end, each of the scenes voted #1 for each of the rounds makes up one “fanisode.” So not straight fan fic but, still, I applaud Showtime for acknowledging that there are fans who want to write about these characters and giving them an outlet.

I also love that they do the fashion showcase (using I wish more shows *cough*VM*cough* would do that. Not that fans don’t have fun searching down the info themselves *cough*[info]neptune_style*cough* but it’s nice when a show gives fans a way to access the information.

As you can see, I am a fan of shows that actually put some thought and effort into their websites. I know that’s the marketing department’s job but I think it’s important these days. Much more than ever before and, while the networks are starting to get it, they still haven’t quite taken advantage of what they have with the Internet. So, I love it when I find a network/show that proves it’s paying attention. Not that The L Word’s site is perfect, it’s still missing essential stuff that fans look for/want but it’s still a little more connected to the fan’s than most.

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