Oh, hi there BB addiction, nice to see you again.   

I have not watched much of the feeds today. I actually forgot all about them until G messaged me wanting dirt. Oops! After that conversation, I immediately subscribed but they were away for the veto comp so I was foiled again! Dang it. I’m watching a bit now but I have things to do so I still won’t be able to watch for long. Tomorrow my precioussssssssssss.

In the meantime, for those who aren’t keeping up with the feeds elsewhere (and, if you aren’t, may I recommend TVCH?), here’s a quick update on the goings on in the house:

  • Late last night there was a convo between James and Boogie in which they agreed that Ali is the bigger threat and, as long as she didn’t get the veto, she was the one who needed to go. They then went and shared this info with others, who all agreed. It appears as though those people were telling the truth since they continued to agree with the idea even when they weren’t talking to James and Boogie.

  • Uh, Boogie also shared the info with Dani.
  • I’m a little unclear on changes to the veto competition but it looks as though BB is randomly choosing the extra two people who will compete each time. This time BB chose Kaysar and C. George.
  • If you care, Will admitted he has had botox injections in his face.
  • Sometime mid-morning, Dani and Ali made a pact in the bathroom to work together if they can both make it through this nomination, both saying they had stuff to share with the other… AFTER the veto competition.
  • Janey won the veto. Talked to Jase and both agreed that nominations should definitely stay the same and Ali should be the one to go.
  • And… none of you will care but Dani and Erika both gave TVCH shoutouts, mentioning two members by name and doing bunny ears for Bunny.

And caps of the feeds at the moment.

Camera 1:

Camera 2:

Camera 3:

Camera 4:

The Quad (which proves that my connection sucks tonight because all the cams changed before I got here):

Overheard moments ago:

“The gym’s like the gay church.” (Jase I think… possibly Will or Boogie)

“Maggie’s in the same category as Will. Anybody can win this game.” (Howie)

“They probably are airbrushing you, yo.” (Howie to Will who then joked about that being in his contract)

“Howie and I are like the Ike and Tina of this show. Luckily for me, I’m Ike.” (Will)

“I saw Howie in the shower and I was like, ‘It’s like a penis, just smaller.’” (Will)

“I may be dumb but I’m not stupid, William.” (Howie)

Ok, enough of the Will & Howie show. As you can see, nothing exciting going on right now which I should be grateful for since I need to stop watching and get some stuff done.

ETA: So, now we’ve got just Will and Howie outside talking. Will wants Howie to team up with him and Boogie. Can’t tell if this is serious talk or not or if Howie is buying into it. Howie tells Will he is the best player in this game and Will trying to give examples of how the people who are the best at what they do don’t go around bragging about that… he ends up on Neil Patrick Harris and how you don’t see him going around saying he’s the best actor but that’s because he IS. Then Howie says NPH is watching right now because he’s a fan of the show and Will says something to NPH but I missed it. Dani out there now and Howie kissing up to both of them about them being the best players in BB history. Oh, no, James there now too and Howie saying he’s among the 3 best players in BB history. OMG the EGOS are too big for the house!!! You know, this season will be fun just to watch these egos competing with each other for air. Ok, really turning it off this time… no, really.

ETA2: SHUT UP! I really did stop watching but I had to pop over to TVCH to see what was being said about that convo between Will and Howie as I am behind and don’t know where people stand right now. Apparently earlier in the day Howie admitted to knowing exactly what Will is up to so for now I’ll believe he’s just playing along. HOWEVER, I gave Howie more credit than he deserved last year and I won’t make the same mistake this year so you’ll have to excuse me for being a bit cynical about it all.

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    Ooh – I love this post! Thanks for including the screen shots.