Spending the summer in the fish tank.   

Have you ever eaten something you made and thought, “Damn, I can cook!”? That’s pretty much how I feel about tonight’s meal. It’s nothing special, just chicken and rice stir fry, but it is quite delish.

BB7 starts in 40 minutes and I finally get confirmation on who got in. Not that I doubt the live feed posters one bit. They almost tempted me to buy my feeds early but then they lost the house sound again so I didn’t give into the temptation. I’m 75% sure I will buy the feeds because I can’t seem to help myself every summer. However, I want to give it a few episodes so I can see how I’m feeling about those in the house. There weren’t really any surprises on the list for me but it’s not making me jump for joy either.

For those who are curious, here’s the unconfirmed list of people supposedly heard on the live feeds on July 4th:

Mike “Boogie”

As I said, it’s unconfirmed so there may be changes to list once we see the aired show and the feeds are turned on. It’s a little surprising to see 14 on that list when I thought we were only getting 12, I wonder if the list is wrong or if they decided to change something at the last minute or if that was their first “surprise” for the HG?

There appears to be a big storm off to the east… it better be staying over there until 9-ish or start moving through immediately. I’ll be very upset if I lose DirecTV during the show!

2 Responses to “Spending the summer in the fish tank.”

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    ohimesamamama says:

    Since this is already spoilery, and I love some Big Brother, I will say that it was highly speculated there would be 14, not 12, and the extra 2 earned their way in through some other means as part of the early ‘twists’ that mark the Big Brother experience. There were too many things that had 14, included the ‘people in the house voted off wall’ and the circular kitchen table set for 14 places.

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    raelee says:

    Ahhhhh, that makes much sense. Thank you. I haven’t been keeping up with my BB site or maybe I would have been more informed. :) – And, yeah, unlike every other show I watch, I actually PREFER being spoiled for BB. That’s kind of the essence of the show so I’m all for the speculation and spoilers.