And we’re off…   

I love my show.

Scratch that 75% thing in my last post, I’m DEFINITELY getting the live feeds. Hell, I’m annoyed that we didn’t get to see those first days! I’m sad that I have to wait until next Tuesday to see more… and now you know why I get pulled in by the feeds.

What the hell, Dani? Did your brain fall out of your head before you walked into the house? I get what she was trying to do but I would never have tried it with these people.

And I love how everyone is trusting the wrong people. Oh silly people. The people you CAN trust, you won’t. I’d laugh at you but it’s going to make the summer so much fun. The BB6 people have made a big mistake by making their alliance and “ownership” of the house so evident. The others are going to enjoy coasting and encouraging everyone to get rid of that alliance first.

It should be known that I am not a Jase fan but he made a wise choice tonight. Putting himself on the block WOULD have been a huge mistake. These people are not to be trusted with that kind of power. I would have just said no, that there’s no way I would put myself at risk that way. And it’s very telling that no one from the BB6 group ended up on being nominated.

I will actually be very happy if Alison ends up going. I can’t stand that girl, even though I did agree with her opinion of Dr. Will. Still, I love Janey so there was no need to get rude with the physical threats in the DR. It just reminded me of why I hated Alison and don’t look forward to having her around all summer.

Dr. Will’s schtick is going to get old fast. It was entertaining the first time but he’s fooling himself if he thinks the same trick will work again. I think he just likes being the villian so he’s going to go out of his way to be that in the house. But I don’t think these HG will put up with it. It amuses me that they all talk about the others having huge egos. THEY ALL HAVE HUGE EGOS! OMG! And they aren’t going to put up with it… no one is thinking that Dr. Will is all that great so he better check his ego and realize that he’s going to have to change the game plan a bit.

Ok, ok. Who knew I’d have so much to say… shut up! More later, when I get the feeds and start keeping it on in the background at all times.

8 Responses to “And we’re off…”

  1. 1
    keyser7soze says:

    Have they announced when the feeds are going to be turned on for real?

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    Julie may have said something during the show but I wasn’t paying attention to when she was selling the live feeds. However, the feeds usually go live after the show airs on the West Coast so 12-ish tonight.

  3. 3
    calturner says:

    Isn’t it shown live on TV? Over here we can watch BB live practically 24/7. When it isn’t on TV we can access it through the interactive button on E4. So…24/7, without paying any extra. :)

  4. 4
    eolivet says:

    Having never seen BB…2, I found Dr. Will entertaining. Kind of a cartoon villain. And no surprise, James is talking out of both sides of his mouth again. He will sell the BB6 people out, mark my words…which will lead to his own demise.

    Actually, as someone who’s only seen BB6 and only liked the Sovereign Six, it’s kind of an ideal show, because all the people are at least interesting, and I’ve never seen their schtick. I think it was well-cast, even if I knew the majority would be BB6. CBS definitely put the power players from other seasons in there to balance it out.

    I love my “Hell’s Kitchen,” but damn, BB7 is going to be GREAT summer TV. :D

  5. 5
    raelee says:

    Oh, ha. Well, sadly, we have to pay for the live feeds if we want to access it 24/7. It’s not that much though so I find it to be worth it. Especially when I buy them right at the beginning. We get three episodes a week but only one of them is a “live” show, it’s the show where the person gets voted out and they pick a new Head of Household. The other two shows are clips of stuff that happened throughout the week and the other big competitions.

    It’s always interesting to see the shows VS the live feeds online because it’s amazing what they do with editing…

  6. 6
    raelee says:

    Well, funny that you say that but I didn’t watch BB2 either… I think it’s from knowing Will online? Just his interactions with fans, etc. And maybe it’s also that I know all the other contestants besides George and Boogie (though, again, I know Boogie from online) so I know that none of them are fooled by Dr. Will and his schtick and that’s what I meant by saying he needs to get a new one.

    And, James… yeah, no doubt in my mind that he’ll be selling people out pronto. Let’s just hope Kaysar isn’t stupid enough to be fooled a second time. Dang, I need another episode NOW!

  7. 7
    calturner says:

    I’d definitely pay for the live feeds if I couldn’t access it 24/7! :)

    We get an hour long show every night, which shows footage from the previous day. On Friday’s we get the live eviction show. Then over on E4 we get live feeds throughout the night (from about 11pm), up until around 2pm the next day. After that we can access live footage through the red interactive button. We used to only be able to access the live feeds online when BB1 first aired, but we’ve had it like this for the last few years now.

    It’s always interesting to see the shows VS the live feeds online because it’s amazing what they do with editing…

    Oh, definitely! I’d much rather see the live feeds than the edited down version. It makes such a big difference!

    Can you tell that I’m as obsessed with our BB as you are with yours! :D

  8. 8
    deepinblue says:

    You know it’s just me but I don’t find any of them all that entertaining at all for this season. I know it’s an All Star event but sadly, they’ve all gotten on my nerves already. I hope things get spiced up soon cuz otherwise this year is gonna be such a bummer to me. I wouldn’t be sad to see Alison or Dani leave. I think the Veto will be interesting though since Alison and Janelle were always good at getting it. The show down of the blondes!