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Remember how I said I wasn’t gonna see fireworks? My neighbors fixed that. I’m not normally a fan of people taking fireworks into their own hands but I must admit the display around my house all evening has been impressive and none of them are anywhere near my driveway and/or car so it’s all good in the ‘hood. Literally. My cats, though? Not fans. Poor kids.

I need to reply to things but I probably won’t get the chance until tomorrow. I’ve had a crappy Internet connection all weekend and it takes forever for things to load and forms to post. Bless the T1 at the office. I kiss its wires.

It was a pretty good day and I actually accomplished a few things. Go me. Business cards are designed and ordered. Thanks to everyone who helped with that! Website redesign has made progress and I wrote out my new organization so I may begin implementing that as soon as I have graphics in hand.

Then I met M at the mall and we saw The Devil Wears Prada. Verdict: Liked it. In fact, I liked it much more than I anticipated. ‘Course I had some REALLY low expectations for it so it wasn’t hard for it to rise above those. I still hate the trailer for it and hope no movie ever tries that again. Ever. The movie itself was funny and touching and a good time. Plus all the pretty clothes and shoes and accessories didn’t hurt.

What else? I find the conversations about the VM writing staff changes interesting even if I don’t quite get the strong feelings about it. I think that must come from being one of those who didn’t actually hate this past season? I always had a vision of the VM writing staff that was more male than female so I don’t see how that’ll change anything. I’d like to see more discussion about things that the new guys have actually written and how that points at what they’ll bring to the staff. Of course, I also don’t have any problems with the so-called male writing of Veronica and/or the amount of sexual jokes/references made on the show. Again, I feel like the show has been full of those since the very beginning and, since I am a female who makes crude sexual jokes/references all the time, I don’t personally ever think a female should be expected not to just because she’s, uh, a female. But I’ve gotten distracted and I forget what I was going to say before I got off on the vulgarity commentary.

I have to admit that I find the S3 negativity hard to take at this point. Not the bitterness about S2. That I get. I mean, I don’t get it but everyone has a right to an opinion about the season so I get being bitter about it if it didn’t meet expectations. And I do get why that bitterness would make someone a little wary going into S3. However, actually being negative about S3 and its storylines before it’s even started airing much less filming drives me a little bonkers. If I’m honest, it’s probably because I have no defense to use against it.

Speaking of VM S2, I’ve started working on a post covering my overall impressions and thoughts of it. It’s taking a while because you know how I get when I start talking about VM, plus I’m trying to keep it well organized. I want to have it posted before I leave for Comic Con so look for it sometime within the next two weeks. Deadlines are good for you– well, me.

Speaking of deadlines… I need to get to bed! *looks at clock* God, I am lame.

ETA: This really sucks as a pimp but, if you are a fan of Gilmore Girls and/or Veronica Mars, you should check out [info]starsandmars, a community for the two shows. And post. Because it’s just wrong that I have the majority of the posts in a community that I didn’t create and don’t mod.

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    ww1614 says:

    You can use my name. :) It might be helpful to others to know where the negativity is coming from.

    Negativity is a character trait. It’s a survival strategy. I personally will always think through the worst case scenario of every single situation I care about because that is the way I am in every aspect of my life. Now, most of the time people aren’t really interested in my concerns about my house catching fire or my kids drowning in a pool or my car’s gas tank exploding while I’m driving. And hey, if you are, let me know. :)

    But fandom… people want to hear what you’re thinking about a tv show. Being able to talk about this stuff with people who are interested in the exact same thing (people don’t live in my house, so they don’t need to know fire escape routes here) is what fandom is about.

    So, I’m sorry about driving you bonkers, but hey, I’ll cut-tag everything if you like. :)

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    raelee says:

    Ha. Well, I don’t know if it’s coming from you only so I wouldn’t use your name in that way but I mostly didn’t want to link to a locked post. :) Plus, your negativity in that post is more about the writers and their influence on storylines – not S3 overall (at least that wasn’t how I took your negativity). I think it’s the overall effect of reading several people agreeing with that that gave me the sense of negativity about the season in general. And, again, the honest truth is that I just have no defense for it right now and that’s why it drives me bonkers. I have no “But, Wendy…” come back.

    But, if fandom is people talking about what they’re thinking about a tv show, then it’s also people talking about they’re thinking about the feelings in fandom. That’s why I shared. I don’t expect you (or anyone!) to cut-tag things for me (ok, maybe I do expect it for spoilers). For one thing, I’ll just read ‘em anyway and still drive myself bonkers. For another, it’s your journal and I choose to read or not read. It’s not your problem that I choose to be driven bonkers because I do know what to typically expect when I choose to read what you have to say about the show.

    Also… great. Thanks for the gas tank imagery. Like I needed to think about that every time I drive!! I already have issues with imagining that I’ll accidently drive into any one of FL’s many roadside retention ponds if I don’t keep tight control over the wheel.

  3. 3
    ww1614 says:

    Heh. I f-locked for reasons too complicated to explain. Part of the paranoia that so defines my existence. :)

    And gee, thanks. Now I have to worry about driving into a pond and I have power windows and why am I not like [info]magnolia88 and have non-power windows????????

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    keyser7soze says:

    I’ve actually seen the Love Monkey episode those guys have written. It’s decent. There’s VM-esque exposition/monologues and quick banter which I thought was well-written. The problem with these guys is they haven’t written much, so we don’t have much to compare them to. I don’t know if their Clubhouse eps even aired before the show was cancelled.

    (I have no idea if we’re considering this S3 stuff spoilery or not, but I’ll include spoiler space here)

    I’m not sure if I’m one of the people you’re classifying as negative about S3. I’m hesitant about the subject matter, even though we don’t really know what the first storyline is, because it isn’t something I enjoy watching on any show, much less VM. That isn’t to say it isn’t a valid road for them to take or that it won’t be well done. It just means it isn’t a subject matter I personally find entertaining.

    However, when it comes to this show, I’m much more about character development than whatever the mysteries are and I think the characters could have some fascinating individual stories this year. I’m looking forward to seeing how they involve the regulars in whatever the mysteries are.

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    raelee says:

    I think I must be drawn to people with paranoia because I have several other friends who could have written those exact same sentences.

    I know, I’ve been thinking about that non-power windows thing. I really need to buy one of those tools that’ll break the windows. I’ve been obsessed with the idea ever since she talked about that! What about bridges? Bridges freak me out – I constantly think about what if it somehow breaks apart as I’m on it or if someone else hits me and I can’t stop myself from going through the railing or, heaven forbid!, I accidently hit the gas pedal at the wrong time. Ok, clearly I should be more understanding about the negativity thing.

  6. 6
    raelee says:

    I should probably do research into the guys myself before I sound stupid. Are they relative newbie writers? I guess they probably would be since it’d help VM keep its costs down. It’s good to hear that you thought the banter and exposition was well-written, though.

    Like I told Wendy above, I think it was just seeing lots of comments in one place that gave me a feeling of negativity and not one person in particular who was being that way. And that’s not quite fair of me because it’s just a handfull of people responding on topic. It’s just that there is no way to defend against it right now – because this show hasn’t necessarily proven that it is good at handling the thing they’ve decided to tackle. So, I do get the uneasiness about it. And, well, we do know what the first storyline concerns to some degree so it’s a valid thing to consider right now because it’s all we know. I do agree that it isn’t something I enjoy watching much either and I do have some concerns about what way they’ll go with it because of that.

    However, when it comes to this show, I’m much more about character development than whatever the mysteries are and I think the characters could have some fascinating individual stories this year.

    I definitely agree with that although, HA!, I am a bit worried about V in regards to the first mystery. It’s a touchy subject with me because of what they didn’t address at the beginning of S2 and if they are just going to ignore that aspect or not. That said, I think we’ve definitely got potential for everyone else to get great individual stories and development this year.

  7. 7
    keyser7soze says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how they handle the guys this year and the degree to which they involve them in the mysteries. If handled well, Weevil, Logan, and Wallace could all have interesting stuff going on.

    There isn’t much info out about the new writers. I think the most important thing is they seem to be a writing team like Craft & Fain. They did one ep of Love Monkey and were apparently writers on Clubhouse, but IMDB didn’t list the eps they wrote for that. They have no other shows listed.

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    zimshan says:

    Aw, there’s another person I know that actually didn’t hate this season. Yey! I too have been trying to formulate my thoughts on the season in a wide scope but…yea, by the time THAT gets posted…Heh.

    I understand what you mean about the negativity about S3. It does make me cringe at times to read, not just worriment but downright, ‘oh, this show is just going to go down the tube’ type things. I’ll admit I’m nervous about the change in the season structure, but overall, I guess I just don’t feel like the show has really let me down yet like other people have. I mean, I did my fair share of bitching throughout the season and in the end, I got smacked in the head when it all ended up working out ridiculously well after all. So (with the exception of how they’ll be handling Logan’s character this year since it was the one part of the season I felt did end up poorly handled), I kind of…I don’t want to say ‘trust Rob’, but more…well, trust that it will all work out in the end. Provided they do get a full season.

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    spadada says:

    So last night when I was reading this in bed — yes, I am weird and I sometimes print out people’s entries and read them instead of a book before I fall asleep — and I realized regardless of who the writers are, the three mystery structure is going to cut back on filler episodes. If they only have 7 or 8 eps to tell a story, they will have to be much more economical.

    So whoo hoo to that.

  10. 10
    spadada says:

    I should have replied to your comment. But I didn’t read your comment until after I posted mine. You should read my comment.

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    harper47 says:

    Okay I am wayyyyyyy behind but are you opening a new business? I’m still on the learning the code thing for my website and I’m sure you are leaving me in the dust in this aspect but yea you. Also I do plan to pick your wonderful brain about graphics and things of that nature for my site. If that’s still okay? (making more of the Logan puppy dog eyes)

    There’s negativitiy about S3? Whahuh? Changes in VM writing staff? And it’s not liked? I’m so behind on everything.

    I will definetely be flitting to the starsandmars website. Neat.

  12. 12
    raelee says:

    Oh, you’re not really behind… I’ve not quite posted about the plans just vague references to things. Haven’t quite reached the “definitely happening” or “brave enough to talk about it” stage just yet. :)

    The site redesign and business card, though, have more to do with making all my sites match and having a card I can use to give people at Comic Con. One it’s easier to have a card when wanting to give people my email and/or website URL. But also for any TV people interested in the TV blog aspect. I might have some opportunities while I’m there and want to be prepared. And, because the card has both my website address and this LJ/blog address on it, I want the sites to mesh so someone can go to my site and still find this place and vice versa.

    Also I do plan to pick your wonderful brain about graphics and things of that nature for my site. If that’s still okay?

    Of course it’s ok! That’s why I offered. I’ll be happy to help with whatever you need :)

    The concerns about the staff have less to do with the actual people themselves and just a worry about how it’s a mostly male staff now. You’ll see the post as you catch up and you might even agree with what’s being said… I’m just trying to keep an optimistic view for the season, hence why I don’t want to see negative things that I can’t really combat. :)

  13. 13
    zimshan says:

    Ooo. You are very right. Maybe that’s what Rico was trying to say. Did you read that Rico interview? It sounded like he was talking like they were doing away with the whole format, including MotWs. So wow, if that was true, the weakest part about the show would be gone. Hmm. I guess I’ll just have to sit here twittling my thumbs nervously until we see in September….

  14. 14
    spectralbovine says:

    They are a writing team, by the way.

  15. 15
    spadada says:

    Twiddle your thumbs! And encourage me to twiddle mine. That “Spoiled Like Cafeteria Milk” thread is starting to look very good. *twiddle, twiddle*

    And campaign! That is the other thing that keeps me from breaking down and reading spoilers. Go post something in [info]starsandmars so Rae Lee won’t feel so alone :)

    Hey, Rae, any progress on that pimping banner for the “BE Blowout” raffle? Molly, Anna, and I will be chatting at 9PM on AIM tonight to discuss how to better promote the raffle and a banner is key to that.

    No more mysteries of the week? That would be interesting… Who do I need to friend to get in on this conversatioon!

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  17. 17
    harper47 says:

    Ahhh – I see, I see. And I’m excited for you about all the “potential” opportunities that might arise at Comic.con. I assume you will of course post in depth, play by play commentary along with pics. Hard to believe it’s already July – this summer is just flying by.

    And remember when I asked you how to do a LJ cut – long before LJ was even a gleem in my eyes. Well I finally understand all the elements in the cut – which is kind of fun. Though I feel like I have homework as Jan is having me work my way through Headfirst HTML before I can do anything and the book is huge! And full of assignments! Yikes!

    I’m so happy I’ll get Rae input. You’re so good at things like this and crafts/graphics/design are so not me. I mean creativity – writing, directing – piece of cake. Art type things – well I asked another mom to do my Poster for the Legends party which is how weinie I am at crafty things. Not my thing at all.

  18. 18
    raelee says:

    Hey there… look at this one:

    It’s not quite what I was thinking but it might work? Let me know what you think. The idea I was thinking of was putting in a blank profile of head and shoulders to match the guys and putting a question mark on it or saying “This Could be You”. I can still do that, I just hadn’t had time to do it all because I hadn’t found three pictures of the guys I could use. Now that I have that, it won’t be hard for me to modify and get the extra person in there. (Or do I need two since it’s two tickets?)

  19. 19
    spadada says:

    I like it! And I think the “could this be you” thing could work too. I will ask the other mods what they think before I tell you to go for it though. Either way, we need to start posting whatever banner we choose ASAP since the raffle closes in a few weeks.

    There aren’t a lot of pictures of Michael as Michael, are there? (Except the ones fans have taken at events.) This one just looks so weird.

    Also, do you think it would be worthwhile for us to make one featuring Rosembaum for Smallville comms? They could enter our raffle too…