It’s sad to imagine a world without you.   

For the US folks on my f-list:

HAPPY 4th of JULY!

Though I enjoy fireworks displays, I won’t be attending any this year. For one thing, many of the central Florida events took place last night so there aren’t many left to attend. For another, the crowds are horrendous. I can’t take it. From the traffic on the way to trying to find a parking spot to the heat and bugs, it all ends up defeating the whole purpose of going. Instead I am enjoying the morning being lazy around my house and listening to a mix of classical music, some of which I offer to you.

All of these are from my “Classical for the Baby Boomers” CDs, Vol 1 &2:

Tchaikovsky: Russian Sounds
(Swan-Lake, Capriccio Italien, Romeo & Juliet, Pathetique, Nutcracker Suite)
Philharmonic Orchestra London

Rimsky-Korsakov, Brahms, Suppe, Bizet: Flight of Carmen
(Flight of Bumble Bee, Hungarian Dance No. 5, Light Cavallerie, Carmen)
Philharmonic Orchestra London

Strauss: Vienna in Rhythm
(Emperor Waltz, Hunters Polka, Perpetuum mobile, Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka, Pizzicato Polka, Thunder and Lightening op)
Philharmonic Orchestra London

Mozart: Amadeus up to Date
(Sonatas in C major, A major)
Wave’s Computer Orchestra

Rimsky-Korsakov: Song of India
(Brian Rone, piano)
Philharmonics of London

(For Elise, Symphony No. 9 – Ode to Joy)
Orchestra and Chorus Harry Pleva

Big Brother 7: All Stars starts on Thursday night. (I can’t wait!!!!) Since I will be consumed by it once it starts, I figure I should get caught up on my other TV talk. No better time to do that then now, as I wait for some emails and a phone call about a movie and pedicure.

Treasure Hunters
I didn’t talk about last week so this is going to be a mix of both last and this week’s episodes. First, I felt bad for the Grad Students but all the crying had me rolling my eyes so far back into my head that I had to turn around to see the TV again. No offense to the other teams, but why should we believe they actually cared about those girls? How many of them must have passed those girls while they were stuck waiting for the paramedic and yet not one of them helped dragged the girls’ canoe down to the water. Although, it seems stupid of the other two girls not to do that themselves while they were waiting. There was nothing else to do and they couldn’t exactly do much about their friend’s ankle at the time. I should say that I actually get why the girls themselves were crying. They hadn’t had much sleep the night before and I’m sure not much since the beginning of the race. I get emotional myself when I’m running on very little to no sleep.

Now, the Wild Hanlons and Browns. I have to be honest, the aspect of this show that I’ve found disappointing is the teams that were chosen to compete. At least CBS picks teams that can, for the most part, all actually be competition for TAR. It seems to me that NBC mostly went for the dramatic over the ability to solve the puzzles and complete the tasks. Which, quite frankly, doesn’t make the actual competition in the game much fun to watch. I actually like the Browns but they weren’t being very honest with themselves about being able to actually face some of the tasks they were given while the Hanlons clearly overestimate their own intelligence. When they decided to go get food… 80 miles out and 80 miles back to get food?! In a race?! You don’t know how much I was hoping they’d come back and be eliminated. And I think they would have been if the Browns had arrived when you could actually see the puzzle they needed to decode.

So, in the end the Browns are eliminated even though NBC stupidly shows previews for the next show WITH THEM IN IT. Stupid promo people. I knew all week that the Grad Students were out and the Browns were back in it. Hell, that’s probably why I was annoyed at all the crying instead of touched or sad for the girls. Or would have been if I had grown attached to any of these teams… which I haven’t. Anyway. The Grad Students can’t continue so the Browns are back in the race and the Wild Hanlons are pissed… notice how no one else is pissed? It’s because the Wild Hanlons know they suck. I think it’s funny that they were pissed because it’s not like they would have won against the Grad Students. Nothing about the Grad Students still being in it over the Browns would have changed the outcome of this week. In fact, it would have just guaranteed that the Hanlons would be eliminated. At least with the Browns still in the race, they had one other team that was on their level.

As you can imagine, I was very happy with the results of this week. The Hanlons were on my last nerve and it wasn’t even the bad mullet the dad was supporting that was making me crazy. It was their inability to figure anything out. The son saved their ass so many times. I don’t even care about the boat thing. That was understandable. They weren’t subtle enough with their reasons but you have to do what you can when it’s down to the two last teams. I was surprised, however, that the other teams didn’t continue to work together and call the Hanlons with the combo so that they could try and beat out the Air Force or Fogals. Not that it gives them any advantage. Unlike in TAR, all the teams start at the same time regardless of where they finished so it would have just pissed those two teams off even more rather than give the other teams an advantage.

And let me talk about that a bit. I understand why the teams chose to do what they did but I think it was a bit rash and foolhardy. If they hadn’t made it about the Air Force, it would have been somewhat understandable. The Fogals pissed a lot of people off in the last episode. I can see why no one was willing to help them. No, instead of trying to make it look like they weren’t working together as a group and telling the Air Force that it was just because they were the only other team NOT at the schoolhouse, they made a huge tactical error. Although, I actually think I would have thought about using the Air Force team if it had been me. The only problem was that they were all at the schoolhouse together and how do you not partner up with a team that’s standing in front of you? See what I mean? It didn’t have to be about the Air Force at all. Instead, they pissed the Air Force team off and they were quick to get their only other possible partners on the phone and figure things out.

I have to say, though, I like that NBC keeps forcing the teams to pair up. I wouldn’t mind seeing that on TAR. It adds an interesting dynamic to the race. It may not work on TAR since that race is about tasks, not solving puzzles. Here it’s a part of the history involved… people had to take a chance and trust people even when those people didn’t have their best interests in mind.

Ok, I’ve talked enough about this damn show! I’m not even loving it that much but I do find the history woven into it pretty interesting.

I don’t have much to say about this show. I’m not as into it as I thought I would be. It’s a good summer time show but I see why they didn’t give it a chance during the actual season. I haven’t watched last week’s episode yet – which would be why I don’t have much to say about it. I’m glad that the pizza delivery girl didn’t get pushed out of the money. Although, I am a little curious now if she did contribute. I need to re-watch the premiere because I wasn’t paying close attention to it the first time around and I want to know if you can clearly see who put that extra dollar into the pot.

I do kind of get why the other girl was upset although I’m not sure why that she should have felt entitled to any of the money. Again, it’d be easier to call this if I knew whether she was lying about putting any money in… was that supposed to be clarified? Point was, I get why she may have expected someone to remember that she had been the one to throw the lottery parties previously and maybe offer her a little something to pay her back. But, again, I don’t think she should have felt entitled to the money so much as just been close enough friends with the group that they would want to do something nice for her because she had kept their parties going.

I’m confused about the one girl disappearing. I can’t decide if I think she really did get kidnapped or if she decided to leave on her own. I guess that was the point. The previous episode made it ambiguous enough that she could have decided she needed to get the hell out of Dodge but it makes me worry for her sister. I also don’t really love the whole Russian bride storyline. I think it’s because I like the guy with the other girl (look how I don’t remember anyone’s names!) and I can just see that it’s going to get very soap opera like.

Hmmm. See how I do say a lot even when I say I’m not going to? And I had more I wanted to talk about but I’m forgetting what it was right now. Maybe I’ll remember after I watch the next episode.

I have to admit that I’m not enjoying this show quite as much anymore. Except that, unlike Windfall, I do still want to watch it pretty quickly each week (if not while it’s on). I have pinpointed two separate reasons for the not enjoying it as much. One, I’m confused. I feel like I have spent each week waiting to finally understand what is going on. So, either I haven’t been paying close enough attention or the show is missing something. It’s ok to want me to be confused along with the main characters but I can only handle that for so long before I start to get frustrated. The other reason is that it feels like things happen way too quickly and/or that there is nothing more to the episodes than the main story. Now, that’s probably a result of current American TV trends – where you can have an arc to a show but each episode still typically contains a story that is started and resolved in that one episode. Hex lacks that and that leaves me feeling frustrated when nothing but giving us more questions to ask has been accomplished at the end of an episode. Not sure that makes one lick of sense, since I’m not doing a great job of articulating this morning.

I’ll go back to how things happen too quickly. Since there are no other stories in the episodes, the only thing to do is advance your primary story… which means that she’s already freakin’ having sex with Azazeal (sp?) and I wasn’t ready for it. There wasn’t enough foreplay for the audience, if you will. We went from her not appearing to be attracted or tempted by him in one episode to her not being able to resist him in the next. The possession thing made it easy to understand the initial lack of resistance. It’s the fact that she still can’t quite resist him once she’s not possessed anymore. I know I’m supposed to go along with the idea that, having been “present” if not in control for it happening earlier in the episode, she’s discovered that she did like it and that’s why it’s hard for her to resist. However, they didn’t put the time into developing that enough for me to buy into it. We should have seen her struggling more with being attracted to him against her better judgment so that it wouldn’t have been so surprising that she’d find it hard to resist now that she’s actually been forced to give in to that attraction.

I think this is where the complaints about there not being enough depth to the show come from and I have to agree. It’s actually a bit disappointing because there is so much potential there. Not that I’ll stop watching or anything, just noting that I get why Whedon fans don’t like the comparison to Buffy. Meanwhile, I have finally warmed up to Thelma. I was afraid I’d never like her which would have sucked since she’s such a big part of the show and Cassie’s life. Next week’s episode should be interesting since now Cassie has to deal (and explain) with how she treated Troy.

2 Responses to “It’s sad to imagine a world without you.”

  1. 1
    carpedi7 says:

    Ooh, I’m glad that you are watching Treasure Hunters. I have some problems with the show but for the most part I do like it. I’m just glad that the Hanlons are gone, although I did like the son somewhat, especially after he apoligized. He can’t help it his father and uncle are idiots. I think the reason that I do like it is that I realize (unlike 90% of the people at TWOP) that it is not TAR and is different so since I’m not comparing the two on EVERY SINGLE POINT then I’m not being disappointed. I’m looking forward to your reactions on this show as well as Big Brother, almost as much as the show themselves.

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    I have some problems with the show but for the most part I do like it.

    I’m the same way. I re-read what I wrote and it may not have come off that way but I do like it and I rarely get attached to anyone on reality shows until there are fewer of them. That’s when you finally get to see a decent amount of anyone.

    I agree on the Hanlon son. I did like him – he was the one who kept having good ideas about what they should do, they just didn’t want to listen to him.

    Yeah, I think it’s important not to keep comparing it to TAR. Not that I wasn’t a little guilty of that in the beginning but that was just having to get used to the style of this show vs TAR. Now that I’m used to it, I don’t even actively think of TAR when I’m watching it. Two completely different shows.

    I’m looking forward to your reactions on this show as well as Big Brother, almost as much as the show themselves.

    Aww! Thank you :)