Should’ve waited until I could click it myself…   

For so many, the weekend has only hit the halfway point. Sadly, for me, it’s ending. Of course literally NO ONE will be at the office tomorrow so it shall be a pleasant lazy day in which I will get much accomplished and still probably take off early to get my hair colored (assuming I can get an appointment at this late date).

I have no ice and I desperately need it for my OJ. It’s a sad moment for I don’t enjoy only mildly chilled OJ.

Yesterday it rained which meant I didn’t have to mow the lawn. Instead I started to clean out my storage closet and attended the kind of dinner party people write sitcom episodes about. I can’t possibly replicate the humor of it right now. Let’s just say we thought the amusing tale of the evening was going to be the discovery that we had no spaghetti after the water was already boiling (“Ummmm, we might just be having salad with a side of spaghetti sauce. That’s ok, right?”) but it was upstaged by discovery of the past expiration date on the Mac & Cheese box as we were eating it. Add in some UNO humor and the entire evening was a true comedy of errors. Still, we had a lot of fun, laughed loads, and drank several delicious martinis so it’s all good.

Today it didn’t rain and I still didn’t mow the lawn – which seems to have sprouted these tall weeds overnight. WTF? It’s not just me, though, EVERYONE has ‘em. Not the people who have mowed in the last few days but everyone else. They suck because, even if your lawn isn’t that long, they make it look like a field. Still, I had plans for today and no time to mow so I shall have to do that tomorrow evening or sometime on Tuesday. I spent the morning providing a friend with pictures he needed for a project he’s helping me with. Then I met M at her place and we waited for her nephew to arrive from Daytona so we could get some lunch, get our toes done, and see a movie. We lunched at Ruby Tuesday’s and the Ruby Minis were especially tasty which probably means I was slightly hung over and didn’t realize it.

M and I headed over to the toe place only to find out that we were going to have to wait awhile to get a pedicure. After a moment, M suggested we just do the earlier movie and come back when we were done. I agreed only I had to make a pit stop at Lane Bryant to buy a sweater because I had forgotten mine and I had went with shorts today. Normally I’d just brave it but this particular movie theater is almost always freezing and I can’t stand shivering through a movie. I meet them at the theater and am immediately annoyed when a guy sits directly in front of me, making it impossible for me to put my foot up on the bar next to my seat. I could have put it up there but I get annoyed when people put their feet up by my head in the theater so I don’t like to do it to anyone else.

Then I get annoyed again when the two women to the left of me (one sit between me and them) continue to talk during the previews – only they are raising their voices to be heard OVER the previews. WTF, people? They mix regular conversation in with commentary on the previews and obnoxious laughing at previews that aren’t funny. Added into this is the guy sitting right behind me, who also laughs at these previews that ARE NOT FUNNY (or so overplayed that they’ve stopped being funny two weeks ago). This should have prepared me for the actual movie…

We saw Click and, as I said in the subject area, I should have waited until I could use my remote control on it. Now, granted, my annoying neighbors didn’t help. They continued to laugh obnoxiously, sadly taking away from the moments that were funny, and talk throughout the movie. Sometimes I want to remind people that going to a theater to watch a movie is NOT like watching a movie on your own TV. While your wife and/or girlfriend might enjoy you providing a running commentary throughout a movie, all the other people at a theater don’t.

Still, I really wanted to like this movie and it just didn’t do much for me. I’m probably going to be in the minority here so don’t let my opinion of it sway you at all. Several people in the movie theater found it quite funny. It just had too much sophomoric humor for me. Not surprising considering it’s Adam Sandler but I can usually put up with his humor more so than Will Ferrell or Jack Black (can’t watch any movies with either of those two in ‘em – EVER). Still, they tried too hard to put the stupid jokes in there and that took away the actual story which sucks because it could have been a great movie if they’d stuck to the story and made the jokes more organic.

That, in a nutshell, was my weekend. Except that I also got my scripts in the mail. FINALLY. I plan to spend the next hour or so reading “Drinking the Kool-Aid” and then re-watching it to see how it changed from script to screen and analyze some other things. I’m such a fucking geek.

3 Responses to “Should’ve waited until I could click it myself…”

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    ironsgold says:

    I love the smell of freshly mowed grass. Ray Bradbury wrote a short story about it and he got it just right in his book “Dandelion Wine”, a book about the 13th summer of a boy named Doug.
    One summer morning, Doug’s grandfather awakes to that most beautiful of sounds, a lawn mower. But this may be the last time he hears the sound. A boarder in the house by the name of Bill Forrester thinks he’s done him a favor. He’s purchased grass that won’t need mowing.Grandfather is horrified and says, “God bless the lawn mower. Who was the fool who made January first New Year’s Day? No, they should have sent a man to watch the grasses across Illinois, Ohio, and Iowa lawns, and on the morning when it was long enough for cutting, instead of rachets and horns and yelling,there should be great swelling symphony of lawn mowers reaping fresh grass upon the prairie lands. Instead of confetti and serpentine, people should throw grass spray at each other on the one day each year that really represents the Beginning!”… There’s a thing about the lawn mower I can’t even tell you,” he says, “but to me it’s the most beautiful sound in the world, the freshest sound of the season, the sound of summer, and I’d miss it fearfully if it wasn’t there, and I’d miss the smell of cut grass.”

    That afternoon Grandpa wakes from his nap to a familiar sound. Bill Forrester is mowing the lawn — again. “I think I missed a few spots!” he calls out. In bed, smiling and at ease, Grandpa listens as “Bill Forrester cut the lawn north, then west, then south, then west, then south, and finally, in a great green spraying fountain, toward the east.”

    See? Perfect.

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    raelee says:

    I love the smell of freshly mowed grass.

    I do too. I blame it on practically growing up on a golf course, though. It’s comforting in a way I can’t describe.

    That is a beautiful passage… as it happens, Ray Bradbury is one of my favorite authors and I once dragged my parents to an outside play based on “Dandelion Wine”. I remember that portion of it vividly. Thank you for the reminder.

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    fotada says:

    It’s a weird feeling when everyone else is laughing at something and you just don’t see the humor. I saw The Pink Panther when it was in the theater (not my idea, btw), and many people in the audience were cracking up throughout. I just sat there, bored out of my mind. One person I was with even stated that they planned on buying it when it came out on DVD. WTF? I don’t think I’m going to be checking out Click, based on your (non)recommendation. :)