We were on a break!   

I promised [info]ww1614 I’d report back on The Break Up.


And, I gotta tell ya, I was one of those people who was expecting to have seen all the funny parts in the previews. But, no, there are SO many more and even the parts you’ve seen are still funny – which is high praise indeed. And yet, the drama is the heart of this movie.

For those who are wondering, it’s not a chick flick. I think it’s equally male and female. My theater was full and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

So, yeah, I recommend it. Two thumbs up.

PS: I’m *so* over that damn The Devil Wears Prada trailer. I’ve seen several movies in the past few weeks and it’s played before each one. It’s just so… it drags after the first two times. At first it seems refreshing to get a full scene until you’ve seen it so many times that you’re already sick of the movie and it’s not even out yet. Plus, is it a bad sign that they went this route for a trailer instead of showing a bunch of clips? I dunno but I do know it’s completely turned me off the movie – quite a feat considering I read the book and have actually waiting for this movie.

2 Responses to “We were on a break!”

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    prettyinprint says:

    Oh! Good! I really wanted the break up to be good b/c I like Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn, but I kept reading things that made it sound pretty mediocre.

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    ww1614 says:

    Cool! Thanks!