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This post is really just for my reference. It’s a dump of all my notes for the bus crash mystery. There’s nothing new here, just everything I had hand-written. I decided to type them up to see if it’d help clarify anything. I started out trying to organize things but my head started swimming in the facts somewhere around episode six so it needs some more work now that I have it typed out.

This information is already out there in so many places and much organized in many of those so, uh, you can’t say I didn’t warn you. If you do manage to read through it and you see something obvious I’m missing or something that’s wrong, let me know in the comments and I shall fix it. Oh and only a bit of Felix murder stuff is here and only the stuff that is somehow relevant to the bus crash in my crazy whacked out head.

Rae’s VM S2 Bus Crash Notes

The Bus Crash

  • Date: September 13th, 2005 (According to information in ‘Driver Ed’ this was a Wednesday.)

  • Time: 7:03PM
  • Speed: 40MPH
  • Fell: 90 Feet
  • People on board: Ed Doyle (driver), Ms. Dumass (Journalism teacher), Peter Ferrer, Meg Manning, Cervando (Perez) Esparza, Marcos Oliveres, Betina Marone, and Rhonda Landers
  • People originally on board: Veronica Mars, Duncan Kane, Dick & Cassidy Casablancas, Gia Goodman
  • People who were supposed to attend the field trip but bailed: Logan Echolls, Michelle Thompson
  • During ride to Shark Stadium, Dick complained that, “…it stinks back here. I think someone died.” Dick was seated towards the middle of the bus.
  • Keith founds rat duct-taped underneath a seat on the bus. Possibly the source of Dick’s smell.
  • Explosion heard on the voice mail Rhonda left her friend Michelle Thompson’s cell phone at the time of the crash.
  • There were no drag marks or skid marks at the scene.
  • At the scene, Gia noted, “It just went straight off the cliff. It didn’t even slow down. They’re all dead.”
  • At the scene, Veronica noted, “This is Neptune. Nothing happens accidentally.”
  • Simon and Stern, Attorneys at Law are the district’s lawyers in charge of the settlements for the bus crash cases.
  • Janitor has a dolly accident, moving the permanent records, which Clemmons then has Veronica re-file and sort alphabetically.
  • The defendants in Veronica’s case of jury duty are Robbie McKinnon and Hunter Hayes. Both 21 years old and from well known Neptune families. Charged with aggravated assault. Jury votes to convict and Veronica finds her car vandalized as a result. (Note: It’s during this case that Veronica meets the Women’s Studies Professor from Hearst who says she’d fight for her in regards to scholarships and grant programs.)
  • Leo points out that security around the Balboa County Sheriff’s Office is a joke.
  • Keith steals the tapes from the interrogations Lamb did after the bus crash.
  • Lamb’s forensic specialists found cell phone and baseball fragments embedded into the driver’s body.

Information About the Victims:

Ed Doyle

  • From the poor side of town
  • Had a history of mental illness
  • Prescribed anti-depression medication, though the prescription was never filled
  • Attempted suicide once previously
  • Called Carla Cotter at 4:05 PM on the day of the crash, was a four minute call. (Note: This was supposedly 15 minutes before the crash but times are off – most likely a continuity error.)
  • Was writing a note on his computer that started, “I’m sorry to leave you this way…” Turned out to be a note about leaving his wife, not a suicide note.
  • Was planning to leave his wife for Carla Cotter.
  • Was pulled over by in ’89 by Deuty Mars for driving under the influence but followed him home rather than issuing a DUI.

Ms. Dumass

  • Dated Terrence
  • Was blackmailing Terrence with information about his gambling and throwing games to make sure he kept dating her

Meg Manning

  • Cheerleader
  • According to the grapevine, broke up with Duncan on the last day of school the previous year.
  • Survived the crash, lay in coma for months.
  • Pregnant, allegedly with Duncan Kane’s child
  • The Mannings get angry at Duncan and Veronica for visiting the hospital and seem to blame them for her being on the bus, “If you really cared about Meg, she wouldn’t have been on that bus.”
  • Kept a laptop at school that her parents didn’t know about, brought to Duncan by Lizzie to retrieve her personal information off of it before her parents found out about it.
  • Was emailing someone at Child Protective Services about a kid she baby sat for being abused. Claimed she did not have proof but it was not sexual nor were they beating the child. It was mental torment. (Duncan assumes it was a boy.)
  • Her parents go to Church group on Sunday nights.
  • She baby sat for the Fullers, Mrs. Hauser, the Martins, the Goodmans
  • Mrs. Fuller claims to have almost fired Meg because of that boyfriend of hers when telling Veronica that no boys are allowed during babysitting of Edwin. (Note: When Veronica makes a vague reference about this to Duncan, implying that he assisted her with the babysitting so much, he seems puzzled but doesn’t actually question what she means.)
  • Mannings store an extra key under one of the pots out front, which Meg used often.
  • Parents put Grace in a small space between the back of her closet and the outside wall of the house, and make her write “The path to God is paved with righteousness” over and over again in journals. When Grace is found, she is afraid to leave the closet because her father says that she isn’t ready and she doesn’t want to be tested.
  • Father calls Veronica a “filthy, lying whore” and tells her to shut her “evil little mouth” when she tries to tell Sheriff Lamb about Grace.
  • Lamb lets Mr. Manning know he is watching them by coming back and parking outside their house.
  • Wakes up from coma right before Christmas vacation.
  • Parents want her to put baby up for adoption with Levi Stinson Sanctuary House, whose adoption contracts contain religious indoctrination and tough love discipline.
  • All Meg wants is to have her baby and move in with her Aunt Chris in Seattle.
  • Meg asks Veronica to look after the baby if anything happens to her, to make sure her parents don’t send it away or keep it.
  • After waking up, Meg dies from a blood clot that made its way to her heart.
  • She leaves a baby girl behind. The Mannings appear to have named the baby, Faith Manning.
  • Wrote about how her parents kept inviting Lucky over for dinner, not outwardly setting them up.

Marcos Oliveres

  • Gay
  • Also known as Cap’n Krunk, co-host of Ahoy Mateys pirate radio show
  • Described “as kind of shy but really interesting once you got to know him.”
  • Loved by Ryan
  • Parents sent him to Camp SelfQuest in July ’05 after catching Ryan giving him a back rub
  • Was trying to “win” his parents back by acting normal, going on field trips, etc.
  • Ryan was leaving messages “from” Marcos on his parents’ answering machine and harassing them to make them feel guilty
  • Marcos’ parents tried using this harassment to get more money than they were being offered in the settlement

Cervando (Perez) Esparza

  • PCHer
  • On Honor Roll
  • According to Sept 24th article, his passions were billards and biology.
  • Was bragging that he had hustled Liam Fitzpatrick out of a few grand down at River Stix.
  • Note: One of the orders for pizza, when Corny got mugged, came from Amy Esparza’s house. Which Carmen explained was because she was a coconut, “…what you get called in Neptune when you’re Latino and date white people or join Honor Society.” So, that would make Cervando a coconut as well.

Peter Ferrer

  • Gay
  • Posted on the “The Pirate S.H.I.P.” chat room as ‘MIZZ P’ about the “outing of all outings in Neptune” back in July.
  • Had a crush on Mr. Wu.

Betina Marone

  • Allegedly involved with Dick C over the summer.
  • Had a CD with a message from Dick, making a booty call.
  • Dick didn’t want his time with Betina to get out but Betina’s friend claims all Betina wanted was to get knocked up by Dick and tell everyone

Rhonda Landers

  • PWT
  • Called Michelle Thompson twice from the bus and left messages
  • In the first message, she’s letting Michelle listen to a CD of a message that Dick left on Betina’s answering machine.
  • The second message ends as there is an explosion on the bus and it goes off the cliff
  • Rhonda’s family was involved in a settlement with Woody’s Burgers after they claimed to have found a finger in their food.

Information about those not on the Bus:

Gia Goodman

  • Previously attended Country Day
  • Favorite class was Newspaper
  • Claims that her father, Woody, told her not to take the bus home. Says he said, “Don’t get on the bus” and that then the Casablancas guys got the limo so…
  • Claims to have been really funny at her old school and to have a “zillion” girlfriends but only meets guys at Neptune.
  • Gia remembered that her dad went to Curly’s garage and that Curly was the only one who knew how to fix her Fiat.
  • Appears to have been stalked by Lucky.

Duncan Kane

  • Didn’t play Little League
  • Got a new fake ID from Embom, apparently from Rhode Island.
  • Kendall shows up in his room offering to “scratch” his back.
  • Takes a letter from Meg’s vent while investigating at her house. Letter is addressed to: Meg Manning, 23 Emperor Ct., Neptune, CA 90909 (looks to be a similar to the Fullers address). It’s from Chris Talley, 5344 Fauntleroy Ave, Seattle, WA 98144.
  • According to his dream, his last perfect moment with Meg was on the beach.
  • Kendall drops by to see him only to find him taking care of his “baby” for school and he refuses her advances.
  • Read the letter he took from Meg, appeared to be a letter from her Aunt. He guesses “Meg had asked to live up there and raise the baby.”
  • Claims that Meg’s being prenant has nothing to do with he and Veronica.
  • Veronica gets him a fake visitor’s pass so that he can go see Meg after she’s woken up.
  • According to Veronica, Duncan had a plan to hire a lawyer to get custody of the baby so he had Veronica sell a pair of Celeste’s earrings.
  • Also according to Veronica, the Kanes didn’t want Duncan adopting.
  • Veronica assists Duncan in kidnapping the baby and stowing away in Lamb’s car to get over the border into Mexico.
  • Duncan names the baby Lilly, after his sister.

Dick Casablancas

  • Got a new fake ID from Embom, apparently from Rhode Island.
  • Has a trust fund but not eligible to draw from it until his 21st birthday. However, his mother then signs them over to avoid having them come live with her.
  • Maternal mother: Betina
  • Recalls that Curly Moran worked on his dad’s Aston Martin. Says that Curly was a trip.
  • Falls for Bambi Gasm and is digusted when she turns out to be a man, attacks Beaver when he realizes he was the one who set him up. Backs off when Beaver warns that he’ll suffer worse if he hits him and warns him off with the words, “You remember Sally?”
  • Baseball players tease Dick about being gay.

Cassidy Casablancas

  • Hires Veronica to investigate his stepmother, Kendall, whom he suspects of cheating on his father.
  • Investigation leads to Veronica reporting his father’s criminal activities regarding his REITs, leading to him fleeing the country.
  • Has a trust fund but not eligible to draw from it until his 21st birthday. However, his mother then signs them over to avoid having them come live with her.
  • Maternal mother: Betina
  • Hires Mac to create an online identity for his company, Phoenix Land Trust. Needs it to be Fortune 500 calibre.
  • Confronts Kendall about selling off his dad’s possessions for money and offers to have her be the face of Phoenix Land Trust. Tells her that all she knows is sales.
  • Tells Lamb that it was Dick’s idea to get a limo, indeed notes that it was like Dick’s first good idea ever.
  • He also claims to know Curly as a mechanic. Says he has met him but that his dad usually took Dick to the shop, seeing as cars are man stuff.
  • Starts dating Mac only to have Dick give them a hard time.
  • Hires Bambi Gasm to pay Dick back for his crap.
  • When Dick attacks him, warns him off with the words, “You remember Sally?”
  • Cassidy doing well in adding properties to the Phoenix Land Trust portfolio, and brags to Kendall about the deals he has gotten.
  • Dismisses Kendall’s idea of buying the Kane house, telling her that it’s on the wrong side of town – all the deals are south.
  • Tells Kendall he’s banking on her body is just packaging used to outwit her adversaries and, when she reminds him her name is on everything, smiles and agrees with her.
  • Seems to react to Mr. Pope’s lecture about how incorporation affect property values.

Logan Echolls

  • As Veronica got on the bus, Logan said to her, “Hey, wait. I’m gonna miss you.
  • Logan had a “Life’s Short” party on Saturday, September 24th, supposedly to honor those killed in the crash. (Note: Date on flyer and date Logan says the party occurred do not match. Not sure if this is continuity error or not.) Party was crashed by Weevil and his biker boys. Also then broken up by Lamb and half a dozen deputies.
  • Someone sets his house on fire while he’s in jail, after Dr. Griffith identifies himself as the witness from the bridge.
  • Buys Weevil’s grandmother’s house and, supposedly, evicts her.
  • Sleeping with Kendall Casablancas
  • Outfitted with an ankle monitor when he makes bail.
  • Dick Sr. gives him a gun, given his “situation…”
  • Buys the Aaron Echolls/Lilly Kane sex tapes from Leo for $50,000, watches them, and then destroys them.
  • Dr. Griffith agrees to admit he wasn’t the eye witness on the bridge in exchange for Logan breaking up with Hannah and never seeing her again.

Misc. Information:

  • Number Veronica looks up, supposedly from Weevil’s phone but does not match the number we see on his display: 619.555.0162. Belongs to Aaron Echolls of 880 Muir Street, Neptune, CA 90909.

  • Weevil’s Anonymous call lasted 2 minutes and 23 seconds.
  • There are five numbers registered to the Echolls house.
  • Boundaries for incorporation would have been south to the marina, north to the airfield, east to the reservoir. 9000 people would reside within the city of Neptune.
  • Stuart Fuller tells Veronica that he’ll be on the boat on Saturdays if she ever wants to come by, “smoke a J and fool around.”
  • Liberty Cigars & Pipes, on Ocean Ave, is notorious for dealing drugs. Keith tried to bust them several times when he was Sheriff.
  • Not sure who really blasted Logan’s XTerra with a shotgun over the summer but Weevil claims it wasn’t him.
  • Paddle with codes on it is found in Thumpers shop locker. Codes lead to Fitzpatrick clients.
  • Per Mac, “some ass-face” got onto the Pirate S.H.I.P. site and wrote some awful stuff so Ryan hired her to beef up their security.
  • Mr. Pope explains how incorporation will make the property values of the land right outside the incorporated area drop, effectively putting up a wall between the economic classes and creating a haven for crime right on the outskirts of town.

Misc People & Info on them:

David “Curly” Moran

  • Last seen at the Road Hog, biker bar up the PCH.
  • Washed up dead on the beach, with “Veronica Mars” written on the palm of his hand.
  • Beaten to death.
  • A diamond earring (Weevil’s) was found outside the Road Hog.
  • Worked at Symbolic Motor Car Company (4432 Convoy Drive, Neptune, CA 90927, 619.555.0137)
  • Address: 673 Casabian Apartments, Neptune, CA 91091
  • One-time Stunt Man
  • Arrested for assault, DUI (alcohol), possession with intent to sell (twice), DUI (methamphetamine)
  • Imprisoned in San Quetin for 3 years
  • In the box retrieved from Curly’s area at the car company: baseball bat, autographed photograph of Curly with a woman (Tiffany) and red sports car, autographed photo of Curly with a black man (Cristopher) and black sports car (VO notes that it’s a sports star), autographed photo of Curly with Aaron Echolls (message includes mention of “The Long Haul”)
  • Was Stunt Coordinator of 1982 thriller, “The Long Haul,” which featured a signature stunt that sent a truck veering off a bridge. Curly supervised and performed this stunt. Note: This is also the film that introduced Aaron.

  • Note of interest: In CCBB, when Veronica is investigating both Kendall and Curly, she has a picture of both of them on her laptop screen and the VO says, “Don’t they make a cute couple?”

Kendall Casablancas

  • Veronica finds this info on her name: Kendall Lacey Casablancas, nee Lacey Shifflet
  • Arizona State dropout
  • Feature music video background dancer turned Laker Girl
  • String of baller boyfriends
  • Married to Dick Sr over the summer
  • Sleeping with Logan Echolls but turned off by Dick Jr’s advances
  • Attempts to seduce Duncan Kane
  • Agrees to act as the face of Phoenix Land Trust for Cassidy
  • Handled handing off Dick Sr.’s bribes to the Balboa County (Inspector??)
  • Is found by Veronica in Duncan’s shower and claims she was invited
  • Appears to “come” whenever Logan calls.
  • Hints to Cassidy that maybe she’s his adversary and reminds him that her name is on everything to do with the Phoenix Land Trust.
  • Visits Aaron in jail to offer him a piece of the action in land deals. He wants her to do something for him.
  • Kendall visits Logan at the Grand Neptune pretending to get him to buy into the Phoenix Land trust, makes an excuse to use the bathroom and uses tweezers to remove something from Duncan’s shower drain (looks like strand of hair).

Dick Casablancas Sr

  • Twice divorced
  • Two sons: Dick and Cassidy
  • Owns Sandpiper Hotel
  • Barry Randall was his lawyer
  • House and cars were paid in full
  • All other assets frozen pending trial.

Woody Goodman

  • Coached Little League, to 09ers in Neptune.
  • Woody and Terrence argued at Shark Stadium right before Woody introduced him to the kids on the field trip.
  • Seems to nod discreetly at Lamb during the press conference in ‘Driver Ed’ about the bus crash, right after Lamb tells a reporter that maybe people should think about the fact that Ed Doyle was from the poor side of town.
  • Wife won’t let anyone wear shoes in the house.
  • Son Rodney, who Gia describes as a little weird, freaks out when he spills water on the carpet. Woody warns him that he’ll have to tell his mother about it.
  • Hires Keith to get the stolen Aaron Echolls/Lilly Kane sex tapes back when they are stolen from evidence.

Terrence Cook:

  • Used to be a Shark
  • Woody and Terrence argued at Shark Stadium right before Woody introduced him to the kids on the field trip.
  • Blackmailed by Sheriff Lamb with information about his 3 million dollar gambling debt into MCing the Sheriff’s Office bachelor auction and buying tickets for their annual fundraiser.
  • Questioned by Lamb in connection with the bus crash.
  • Terrence goes to Keith to have him prove that he had nothing to do with the bus crash.
  • According to Terrence, Lamb doesn’t like Woody because if his incorporation deal goes through Lamb will just be someone who hands out speeding tickets to people.
  • Claims that Lamb thinks he planted a bomb in the bag and detonated it by calling a cell phone.
  • Went out with Ms. Dumass as a “final fling” but then she followed him to Neptune and warned him to end things with his fiancee or she would. And she did.
  • Fitzpatricks were trying to collect money from him and Ms. Dumass overheard. She threatened to sell the story to a magazine if he ever tried to leave her.
  • Terrence threw a game purposely and that’s what was being used to blackmail him.
  • Crazy Hank works on his car whenever he goes to Seven Rivers Casino.
  • Leonard Lobo, who runs Seven Rivers Casino, was the one who sent the Fitzpatricks to delivering a message to Terrence about the millions of dollars of outstanding debt he owes him.
  • There is footage of Terrence at the Casino at 7:01 entering a room and then one at 7:06 at the blackjack table. Not any footage of him at the exact time of the bus crash, 7:03. However, Keith finds out that all cell phone signals are jammed within 100 yard radius around the Casino.
  • Terrence doesn’t want it to get out that he was meeting with Lobo.
  • Veronica finds C4 and detonators in a locker in the hangar Woody owns where Terrence keeps his cars.
  • Lamb’s bomb squad finds the C-4, which matches the explosives used in the bus crash, and Lamb issues a warrant for Terrence’s arrest on eight counts of murder in the first degree.
  • Terrence’s car detailer didn’t see the explosives a month ago, the last time he detailed Terrence’s cars, indicating that it wasn’t in the locker at the time of the crash or he would have seen it.
  • Terrence gets shot by Ms. Dumass’ father when he catches him breaking into the family home.
  • Terrence was trying to retrieve the story that Ms. Dumass threatened to sell to the magazines about what he’d done. Feared that her parents would find it now that he is a suspect in the bus crash.

Eli “Weevil” Navarro

  • Is following the bus the day of the crash.
  • Gives Veronica a ride when she misses the bus.
  • Loses his earring at the Road Hog and Veronica informs him it’s in an evidence bag in the sheriff’s office.
  • Got an anonymous call, a few days before Curly beached, saying Curly was behind the bus crash – that he was hired by the Fitzpatricks to get back at Cervando
  • Numbers on his phone: 555-0153 and 555-0179
  • Logan buys and evicts his grandmother from her house.
  • Finds out Felix was going to get Molly’s face tattooed on his chest and was dating him.
  • Weevil last Curly when he was beating him up outside the Road Hog but he and the other PCHers took off when they realized a car was watching them.

The Fighting Fitzpatricks

  • Irish Catholic
  • Veronica thinks that her dad put five of the Fitzpatricks in Chino
  • Home base: River Stix
  • Leader seems to be Liam Fitzpatrick
  • According to Weevil, they are meth-head lunatics but are more likely to solve their problems in an alley with a baseball bat then kill a busload of kids.
  • Called Dr. Griffith to treat Danny Boyd after a fight at River Stix, resulting in Dr. Griffith having disciplinary action taken against him and receiving probation and a fine of $5000.
  • Veronica refers to the Fitzpatricks as Neptune’s first family of crime.
  • Molly Fitzpatrick goes to Neptune High, dated Felix.
  • Liam threatens to tattoo Veronica’s face when she won’t tell him why she’s really at River Stix but Logan rescues by pulling an empty gun on Liam.
  • Patrick Fitzpatrick is a priest at St. Mary’s.
  • Molly describes her family as 12 hoodlums and one priest.
  • Prior to becoming a priest, Patrick Fitzpatrick did 6 months for beating up a stoolpigeon.
  • Veronica notes that Father Fitzpatrick looks ‘unecclesiastical.’
  • In the confessional, Father Patrick talks to Veronica about Romans passage 12:19 which is about vengeance and overcoming evil with good.
  • Liam switches drugs for money with Thumper using the confessional at St. Mary’s.

Aaron Echolls

  • SSN: 931-45-8974
  • DOB: September 24, 1959
  • Transferred out of County and briefly shares cell with Logan and another man while at the Neptune Sheriff’s Office
  • Gets his psychology degree while in prison
  • Reading Russian masters (Tolstoy, Turgenev, etc.)
  • Gets an “unofficial” visit from Keith who warns him that if anything happens to Veronica, he will pay. Keith’s intent was to show how easily he could get to him.
  • Adopted Trina, the prom baby, back in 1980.
  • Aaron Echolls/Lilly Kane sex tapes are stolen from the evidence room – all of them.


  • Used to go to Neptune
  • Parents lost money
  • Took a bullet during the war in Iraq
  • Janitor at Neptune High
  • Involved with Dick and Logan and the summer class warfare.
  • Kepting getting invited to dinner at the Mannings over the summer.
  • Took video of the Goodmans, seems to be focused on Gia, and sent them to Woody.
  • Tells Keith that Woody isn’t what he appears but doesn’t get to fully explain.
  • Gets bailed out of jail by the Mannings.

PS: Episode is about to start so I am posting this somewhat incomplete… even though it won’t seem that way when you look behind the cut.

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