TV: Monday (5/1/06) – All men are pigs.   

Prison Break
Ok, nice save at the beginning. I really thought it was over for them when he found the hole in the floor. Plus, I kinda loved how they were all like “we’re cool, we have 3 days to figure things out” and then it was “we have to leave now.” Heh. Just when they think things are getting easy.

Michael is sure getting ballsy, though. Telling Sara about his intentions to escape? I know he’s desperate but that seems awfully risky, don’t ya think? Of course it turns out she’s an alky and she’s had her Dad save her from a few fixes of her own. So, she’s not the innocent doctor we’ve been led to believe and does have a reason to feel sympathy for Michael’s situation. Suddenly her working in a prison makes a lot more sense. And the end? Eek. How exactly is Michael going to get the Boss to bend to his will? Ok, I admit it, the show has sucked me back in… just in time for it to end for the season.

The Apprentice
Seriously, could the tasks this year get any more boring? What the heck happened to opening a new restaurant and things of that nature? I can only hope that the move to LA will lead to some unique tasks next season. As it is now, these tasks are taking all my enjoyment out of the show.

I wasn’t paying close attention to the episode so I have no opinion about who got fired. I haven’t really liked Charmaine so I didn’t have any strong feelings about seeing her gone last night. I’m glad that he fired Tarek too. That guy kept getting lucky. Donald has wanted to fire him for weeks now but has always had someone else who deserved it more that particular week. What do you want to bet that Synergy trades Sean to Gold Rush next week? Could be a mistake for them but Allie and Roxanne are so set on making things difficult with him now that I can’t see them keeping him if it’s a choice. And then we’d have the men against the women. Trump likes those kind of pairings.

What About Brian
I enjoyed this episode a lot. First, Brian reminded me of me… except for that having sex all day long and night thing. ‘Cuz it’s been a long time since that has happened. No, it was the constant calls from his friends and how they all wanted his attention. Not that my friends are always like that but it is true that, as the single friend, I am the one people just assume will be available when needed. And they’d totally have laughed at me if I’d been having that temper tantrum at the end… especially if I was dressed in a dino suit. *g*

The one thing I don’t like about this show is the Brian/Marjorie aspect. I think it’s because she seems to have some feelings for him as well and I’d much prefer it if it were Brian who has the crush. Instead I end up feeling uncomfortable with her and Adam a lot of the time because I know she’s liking Brian back even if she’s trying not to admit it. I hate triangles of love, you know.

I love Dave and Deena but I hate that I love them. I just knew there was going to be something on that tape that gave Deena away and it was hard to see Dave discover it, even though he’s having his own feelings of doubt and temptation. Maybe the show hits a little too close to reality? Because Dave and Deena on the couch was so cute and sweet but it was hard because I knew of the other stuff that was going on…

Next week is the “season” finale. Does anyone know if this has been picked up for next season or not? I hate it when I get into new shows like this…

How I Met Your Mother
Barney the Turtle. Heh. My favorite Barney moment of the night was Lily wanting him to promise he wouldn’t sleep with any one remotedly related to her at the wedding and his laughing and then serious face when he told her couldn’t promise that. I do love the man. I have the worst crush on Neil Patrick Harris.

The rest of the episode was less than stellar. It had its funny moments but overall there have been funnier episodes. I think we have two episodes left but I’m not positive on that. I’m curious to see how the season ends. Looks like we might end with Lily and Marshall’s wedding? Ahh but will Lily go through with it? She didn’t seem all that sure in that last scene.

So much heartbreak! Yes, I cried. I didn’t really want to watch the end… it was just hard. It’s worse that I feel equally bad for both of them. I suppose you could say I feel like Amy in this episode. Mad at Bright for what he did but also can’t deny feeling bad for him. I mean, I think she knew that Hannah wouldn’t take it well just like he knew but she didn’t want to say that. And Ephram! I hate that he was right that they wouldn’t last. We actually have quite a few episodes left in the season so there’s a chance they’ll be back together before the finale but it still hurts right now.

Wow. I actually liked Ephram and Amy last night. If we can continue to get scenes like that between these two, I might be able to get back to the ‘shipper place with them. Who knew? I loved their argument even if I don’t agree that Ephram was a pig. Andy and Delia agreeing that the fighting did make it just like old times was great.

The scene that had me crying long before the Hannah and Bright moment was when the adoption thing fell apart for Rose and Harold. Stupid Harold. He could never have told Rose not to say anything because she, unlike Andy, would never have gone along with the lying. Still, it hurt to watch it all fall apart in front of them like that. I love those two.

Can someone tell me why I’m supposed to care about Reid? I suspect something bad is going to happen with him but they’ve done a lousy job making me care about this character. I feel like I can say that because this show usually does so well weaving characters in and out of the stories so that you end up caring more for them than you realized. I just don’t feel that way about Reid. I liked him at the beginning of the season and he’s been in the background all along but I’m just not feeling much for his story here.

Other things to note: As much as I love Nina, I was glad to have a break from the Nina and Jake story. Also, I didn’t realize it until last night but Madison is Marjorie! No wonder she won’t be calling him back! She’s too busy deciding over Adam and Brian. Plus, she’s gone brunette.

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6 Responses to “TV: Monday (5/1/06) – All men are pigs.”

  1. 1
    spectralbovine says:

    Of course it turns out she’s an alky and she’s had her Dad save her from a few fixes of her own. So, she’s not the innocent doctor we’ve been led to believe

    Did you miss the flashback episode? She was a morphine addict while a doctor at a hospital, and Bellick was the one who recommended she come work at Fox River.

    Shit is so heating up; it’s very cool.

    Also, why the FUCK does Michael still trust Tweener?!

  2. 2
    magnolia888 says:

    Why DOES Michael trust that jerkwad Tweener? I kept thinking the whole time that Michael was playing Tweener . . . which I still hope. Because isn’t Michael supposed to be all smart and shit? WTF?

  3. 3
    eolivet says:

    What do you want to bet that Synergy trades Sean to Gold Rush next week?

    Ooh, I didn’t even think of that! I thought it was more of the same Trump-like “Boys vs. girls! Which is better?” nonsense, but your theory makes a lot more sense.

    My favorite moment from last night’s TA, hands-down? Michael’s firmly controlled assurance in the boardroom that “Charmaine did not cry at all during this particular task.” Cracked me up. :D

    ITA about HIMYM — kind of a blah ep. And was it just me, or did AH rock at looking like a high school/college student and the guy who plays Marshall…suck at it? He looked like a 25 year-old freshman. :p

  4. 4
    harper47 says:

    RE Mother:

    I agree – it was much less funny then I was expecting. So, so over Ted and Robin. I did kind of like the only reason I’m dating you is you kind of look like Cobain line from Lilly.

  5. 5
    tiggz says:

    i think he’s setting up tweener to be the bait for something. if he trusts him, he isn’t as smart as we’ve been led to believe.

  6. 6
    deepinblue says:

    I enjoyed last nights Prison Break, that show seems to always keep me guessing. I liked the convo Michael had with Sara though, telling her to not take his mistakes out on Lincoln. I think she had to know Lincoln was innocent with taking that paperwork to her dad. We knew her dad got her out of a lot of jams, safe to say he got her out of that one when she was a drug addict. I really liked the guy playing DB Cooper but it looks like he won’t be making it to see his daughter before she dies. I hate Tweener though, I figured DB would tell the other guys how he heard Tweener talking to the gaurds but never did. Maybe he’s planning on taking care of Tweener before they all get out?