The things we remember…   

This post has been much harder to write than I thought it would be.

One year ago today one of my best friends on line, and off, died. It was sudden and unexpected and the S’cubies did an amazing job of banding together to find her. In some ways, the horror of her death was balanced by this amazing group of people who cared so much that they went to incredible lengths to make sure others knew what had happened. If she’d had her pick, I think it’s how Patti would have wanted it.

Patti was a wonderful friend and, as hard as this year has been at times because of her absence, I also tend to think she’s had a part in all the wonderful things that have come my way lately. I’d rather have her here but, if I get to have a friend on the “inside”, I couldn’t ask for a better one.

Patti isn’t gone for me. No, she’s with me at all times but I miss the emails and the IMs and her laugh and her paranoia and her need to organize and her hugs. If you have a Patti in your life, do me a favor and tell that person how much you love them. Treasure every moment you get together, the good and the bad. As I said, I don’t think our friends ever completely leave us but you never know when you won’t get the chance to tell them how much they mean to you and hear them respond.

I won’t go as far as to tell you to rest in peace, Patti… you have too much fun raising hell for that. But, if you could give me a hint about this year’s mysteries? That’d be great. *g*

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