The deals are all south.   

Sorry for the VM spam tonight. I remembered something I wanted to mention from 2×20.

So, incorporation fails at the last minute and only because of a sudden scandal attached to Woody. Uh. Wow, convenient much?

Anyone remembering back to Pope’s lesson about Palo Alto and this speech, “Those who were smart dumped their unincorporated property to suckers before the bottom fell out. Property values in the city skyrocketed while land outside the incorporation became worthless…”? Beav was buying up land in the south, apparently outside incorporation lines based on the fact that the Kane house was on the wrong side of town. Lucky for him that the incorporation fell through, huh? He managed to get great deals on property most likely because the town thought the incorporation deal was going to go through and, now that it hasn’t, the property value is going to shoot back up.

Exactly just who is involved in the Phoenix Land Trust REITs?

If you think that I’m taking for granted that the incorporation was set up to fail, you’d be right. Why else would Woody have called Keith to help with the girl? He knows that Keith is not the man to call to cover something like that up. He didn’t want Keith anywhere near that video of his house but he calls him for this? Yeah. Right.

The question is why did Woody go through with all of this? Does it have something to do with property? Was he bribed? Was he blackmailed? (Don’t think I’ve forgotten about this particular running theme.) Does he have something to hide? Is this why he even ran for “Mayor”?

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    cindywrites says:

    I wonder if Woody was blackmailed by Beav, with the help of Lucky, on behalf of Phoenix Land Trust and/or Big Dick, to make the incorporation fail.

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    Oooh. We’ve seen Lucky connected to Lil’ Dick so makes sense to think that Beav is also tight with him. Would that mean Beav has had this plan in mind all along? If the blackmail started back in November? Or did it start earlier than that? Good thing we only have two episodes left because if I have to think about this much longer my head is in danger of exploding.

  3. 3
    zimshan says:

    Head hurts. Brain can no longer comprend.

    Seriously though, Woody setting up Keith because he knows he’d expose him, it just seems like such a ridiculously round about way to get the incorporation to fall through. I figured the incorporation wouldn’t go through but I’m still not quite sure that was purposeful because then what was the point of Woody running at all if it wasn’t to push through the idea of incorporation. This is of course me operating under the thought that Woody’s been someone else’s puppet all along. I’d be damn surprised to find that he’s gone through all of this by his own self.

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    raelee says:

    Heh. I love that icon.

    The point of him running would be to push the incorporation, so that the property values would fall and someone could buy up as many properties as possible. So that when incorporation failed, all those property values would rise again. Plus, whoever had bought up all that land would now control a lot of South Neptune.

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    catatonia00 says:

    It does make a bit of sense that Woody would purposely set up Keith to make the Incorporation plan fail. Especially, if he’s a backer of Phoenix Land Trust. It seems too forced though. Wouldn’t it have cost him money to run the whole campaign and elections for the Incorporation plan to begin with? Wouldn’t that be a huge loss? I’m not liking how Woody doesn’t seem as smart and conniving just yet. Though we get enough creepy vibes. The shitload of red herrings are pissing me off. It’s like we’re expected to be wowed at the end with something totally out of the left field. Obviously, my mind cannot process anymore thoughts.

  6. 6
    zimshan says:

    Rae is so much smarter than me!

    Like I said, brain hurts. But thank you. It suddenly makes alot more sense…

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    cdn_tvaddict says:

    The only problem, with it all being a set-up from the beginning with Big Dick pulling the strings via Beaver is that Beaver looked positively ill in the FBLA class when he realized that the incorporation would decrease his property values. I remember noticing that both times I watched. But that kind of adds weight to the theory that he could have been involved in something to stop the incorporation later. Like drugging the girl and being around to take pictures the next morning.

  8. 8
    raelee says:

    Beaver looked positively ill in the FBLA class

    I’m not sure how to read that scene. Or, rather, I’m not sure how much Beaver knows about what he’s doing. If he just thinks he’s helping his on-the-run father recoup his business losses, then he might look ill at hearing that he was making poor choices. I lean towards Beaver not knowing about the incorporation stuff.

    However, if Woody did really want the incorporation, then Beaver is a good candidate for being the one to set up the drugging the girl thing. Except that that requires me to believe that Woody was really sleeping with that girl and I don’t buy that. Hmm, tricky. I’ll have to think about this some more.

  9. 9
    raelee says:

    I am not! Honestly, I’ve just been stuck on the incorporation thing for so long that I have been trying to figure out a way that it fits into the overall story. I’m still not clear on how it ties into the bus crash or if it does but the property value stuff makes sense this way.

  10. 10
    raelee says:

    Wouldn’t it have cost him money to run the whole campaign and elections for the Incorporation plan to begin with? Wouldn’t that be a huge loss? I’m not liking how Woody doesn’t seem as smart and conniving just yet.

    Yeah, that’s why I mentioned the possibility of blackmail playing a part. He doesn’t have to be smart or conniving if he’s being blackmailed into this deal. Although, he still gets to be “Mayor” in the end so it’s not a complete loss of money.

    Honestly, the red herrings have made Woody too much of a target. I think he’s got some involvement and I think he may be one of our keys to figuring things out but the obviousness of him being the one behind the crash has kinda removed him from the suspect list for me. I think he’s just going to turn out to have secrets that let him be manipulated.

  11. 11
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    I watched it again tonight, and I think Woody drugged her himself. To cover up his young boy issues. Make it look like he’s into ho’s because that’s better than boys?