TV: Sunday (4/30/06) – Some times God says no.   

I keep thinking I’m forgetting something on Sundays until I realize it’s because I’m used to watching The L Word and it’s no longer on. Plus, I was watching Big Love but it really wasn’t my cup of tea and I eventually decided it was silly to keep trying to get into it. It’s odd not to have something I need to watch at 10PM on Sundays. However, it makes keeping up with Sunday shows much easier than any other day of the week. *g*

I missed the first few minutes of the episode but I’m assuming it had to do with Paige rescuing her charge? I was a little confused throughout the episode because it felt like I had missed something in between this episode and the last episode. It was nice to see that Billie was struggling with Christy’s accusations against the sisters but I don’t get how what she saw in the dreams proved anything? Maybe I’m just being obtuse but nothing in those dreams was particularly selfish. And, also, wouldn’t you always expect someone’s dreams to be selfish? I mean, that’s kinda the point of dreams. Plus, Paige wasn’t selfish at all. She followed herself at first instead of her charge but then she snapped out of it and demanded to be let out. If anything, she proved that her selfish dream couldn’t win out over her duty.

Whatever. This is why I can’t over think this show or I get annoyed. How many episodes do we have left? How come no one else knows about the “Ultimate Power” and isn’t worried? Not that demons would be worried but it’s not like the sisters are getting much help from anyone good either. It’s weird how they used to have all these people who would aid them in the past and none of them are around right now. Oops. See, I’m doing it again.

Desperate Housewives
That scene with Gaby screaming about the baby at the end? That was just hard to watch. I guess that’s a testament to Eva’s acting but mostly it made me want to change the channel. I’m not sure what to think about the baby storyline. It was a bit too cartoonish for me at first so it’s making it hard for me to take it seriously now. Of course, the way they went about adopting the baby pretty much makes protesting this new development pointless. Should have seen it coming, I suppose.

The little sequence of shots with the way Carl keeps leaving women was funny, especially when he didn’t get away with it with Evie. And his smashing into the dump truck was funny. Dump truck. Get it? Heh! The Susan and Evie stuff that followed was also slightly amusing but this is exactly how Susan gets herself into trouble. She can’t just do the right thing and stay away from Evie.

Other than that, this episode didn’t do much for me. It felt like it was a positioning episode, like they are getting things into place for the last few episodes of the season. I don’t much care about the neighbors. That storyline turned out to be crap. They needed a mystery to replace last year’s mystery and it turned out to be a dud. I suspect the son will poison the mother but I wish they were moving because they bore me. As for the rest, I’m still waiting to see where those story lines are going.

On the schedule for Monday: Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother, The Apprentice, Everwood, and What About Brian

8 Responses to “TV: Sunday (4/30/06) – Some times God says no.”

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    sometimescrazy says:

    I don’t watch this show anymore, but I had read about the baby, so I tuned in a few minutes before Grey’s to watch it. I didn’t think the scene was great at all. She just didn’t move me.

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    raelee says:

    Honestly, I’m not sure what I was feeling was a good thing which you can’t hear in my question about it being a testament to her acting. I was cringing throughout that scene and I dislike it when a show does that to me. I’m not even a fan of the baby stuff, I just don’t like it when someone is screaming on my screen like that.

  3. 3
    sometimescrazy says:

    Yeah, it can surely be annoying!

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    eolivet says:

    And his smashing into the dump truck was funny. Dump truck. Get it?

    Heee, I totally missed that. One of the few truly entertaining parts between the sad (Gabby and the baby was horrible) and the creepy (OMG, Caleb’s brother is even creepier than he is!! GAH, that was sick and twisted. :x )

    Oh, and Lynette using chatspeak on IM did not ring true to me at all. She’s much more put-together than that… :/

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    cdn_tvaddict says:

    Ha. SO funny. I thought they were two of the better episodes of both shows all season. Especially Charmed. I loved all of it, until the easy out with Paige at the end. As for your question about people helping them… who do you mean? We know why Leo isn’t there, and we saw the Elders. I actually got the dream stuff – it wasn’t to prove they were bad or selfish, just that they had moved on from being all about the greater good. Which is true. And fine, just like the sisters said at the end. My big problem with all this (other than how annoying Kristy is) is that up until recently Wyatt was the greatest power. WTF happened to that??

    As for DH, I just thought it was finally fun and interesting. It’s been very blah all season. So an ep. that actually made me laugh, advanced some stories, and made me a bit weepy is a very pleasant surprise. I felt bad for Gabi & Carlos. They were sad they lost a child they had grown attatched to.

    I consider this show to be about as realistic as Buffy or Angel… maybe less. So I just do not factor the situations into how I view the characters. That’s like saying the emotions in Sunnydale weren’t real because the situations involved demons. Because really… the list of absolutely proposterous things that have happened on DH is HUGE.

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    raelee says:

    Haha. Well, we’re often the opposite on Charmed. Dunnon what that’s about! As for the other people… well you mentioned the kids. Where the hell are then when all this is happening? Did I miss them shipping them off somewhere? Also, their Dad or maybe dead Grandma. Or, all the other creatures who usually come out of the woodworks when trouble is brewing.

    I agree that what happened in the dreams and what they figured out in the dreams is fine. They can’t be expected not to have a life and want things. That’s not what doing things for “the greater good” meant. It meant not using their powers to get what they want (money, power, etc.) but I don’t see how they are using their powers at all to get the things they want? Maybe a little in trying to find Leo but, even there, Piper is not really using her powers for it – she just doesn’t want to immediately close off her avenues for information. Christy is just twisting things.

    As for Wyatt… haha, I was just wondering why Chris never warned them of all this stuff but I guess he changed the future by coming back so I have to accept that whatever we learned about it from him isn’t necessarily true. Just like the things that Phoebe has seen in visions about their future aren’t necessarily going to happen exactly as she saw them because they consistently change the future by knowing it.

    See, I am just not loving DH at all this season so I suspect that’s why I wasn’t too into it last night. It lost a little steam by not being new the week before that and I have to admit I enjoy the funny stuff more than I enjoy the drama on the show. But, as you said, it did move things forward and that’s why I felt like it was just a positioning week. Not necessarily a bad thing, all shows need those weeks… just not enough of the stuff I like because it’s mostly stories that I am not interested in that got moved forward.

  7. 7
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    There seems to be a line or two every week about them dropping the boys off at dads, so I assume we’re just supposed to think that’s where they are. Really, I assume it’s budget cuts and they’ve gone the way of Leo, but that doesn’t really help make the story work.

    Oh yeah. ITA about Christy. She is evil. It should be an interesting showdown of wicca sisters if nothing else. :)

    And ITA on DH too. There hasn’t been much going on this season. That’s probably why I was so pleasantly surprised last night.

    Funny we’ve been all opposite on so many eps of our shows these days.

  8. 8
    harper47 says:

    Right there with you Scooter. Re Charmed – really, really stupid episode. Just get with the battle already. I’m so over Billie – if she spent the entire season with the sisters and can fall for all this we have to take them out crap because what? Phoebe wants to have a kid, Piper wants to find her husband? Puhleaze. Whatever. Part of my problem is I don’t like Cupid – I wanted Phoebe to end up with Cole. The only romance she ever had that would be worth all this angsting by the Elders over her finding love.

    DH is pretty ridiculous these days. Always a fluffy show – they have sadly underused James Denton this year to the point where he’s practically non-existent. Gabi’s storylines have been all over the place and Bree – you are an idiot. I did like Carl’s and Edie’s bit and that was about it.