Let it rain.   

I need a Rain Doctor. Can anyone out there recommend someone?

Moving on to TV stuff from Sunday and Monday (with one new show from last week thrown in):

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
I’m a dumbass and forgot that I wanted to watch this episode since it was the one that took place here. I never did make it out there to watch them in person but I wanted to watch for local landmarks. Oh well at least I caught the very end so I got to see the result of all their work.

Desperate Housewives
As someone who didn’t like Bree at the beginning of this season, I must say that they’ve done a great job in making her more likable. I have no idea where they are going with this storyline but, if I were her, I’d let the son get emancipated just so she could get rid of his lying ass. I loved the scene at the very end with Lynette and the way she let the son know she was onto his lies.

The whole baby storyline is annoying the heck out of me. Why does everything on this show have to devolve into camp? I don’t get how they can classify the show as a drama when it’s so clearly a soap opera. Anyway, I was actually happy that we didn’t have the birth mother trying to scam them out of money and not ever planning on giving them the baby. Then the show had to go and drain all my appreciation for that small favor by having Gabrielle and Carlos stealing the baby in the end. Give me a break, people.

Hmm, as for Susan and Karl… where the heck are they going with this? I know that Karl is still in love with Susan and I’m glad she’s finally gotten a clue. Last week, it seemed clear that they were getting ready to steer us back to Susan and Mike but how will Karl and Edie play into that? It’s so convoluted. Although, for once Susan wasn’t annoying me. Maybe I should root for Karl and Susan together because I seem to like her better when they’re playing off each other.

Aww, Anna Fricke wrote this one! That takes me back to the good old days of DC. *wallows momentarily*

Ok, sorry. I loved this episode which is odd because my two favorite characters were suspiciously absent. It’s a little weird that Hannah wasn’t around for any of those awkward dinner scenes at Nina’s but she probably spends most of her evenings with Bright.

I like that we finally have a realistic struggle for Amy. I’m a little surprised at how blind she is being to the other side of the argument. I’ve come to like her in the past two years. I think I’m being reminded of the self-centered parts of Amy that I didn’t like in the beginning. Plus, her relationship with her professor continues to creep me out a bit. I’m sure there’s nothing going on with it but it kind of bothers me how attached she’s become and so fast.

I was just as confused as Andy as to why Ephram was so fixated on his student. I totally forgot about the baby. Good on the writers for not acting as though that plot never happened. It’s good to see that Ephram has grown as a result of it. He’s not blind to his faults and he’s not blaming Andy for everything either. Plus, I much prefer it when Amy isn’t his only story.

Andy and Delia. Aww, the essay scene totally had me bawling. I was wondering what happened to the Delia I love! Good to know she’s still there underneath that snotty preteen exterior. It was also nice to see Andy admit to Jake that he couldn’t be the one to save his relationship with Nina and Jake acknowledge why it’d be hard for Andy without going off the deep end of jealousy. I love how this show can realistically portray complex relationships on this show without having to resort to the obvious interaction. Andy and Jake have grown throughout the season so that they could get to this point and, geez, I much prefer this Jake/Nina/Andy triangle to the one we had at the beginning of the season.

I think this show struggled for a little while but it’s back to being a strong drama and I hope that it gets the chance to continue next year. I’d be sad if they didn’t get to finish it the right way.

The Apprentice
What about that Bryce, eh? I think he was right. He’s definitely got an ego and was a little cocky in the cab ride given the lack of work he did on their task but Trump should try listening every once in a while. I hate to say it but I think I’d be like Bryce in that boardroom. Trump frustrates me with the way he attacks those teams and it never fails to remind me that this show is a joke. Trump can afford to hire someone for a year based on this laughable interview process but no real business man would judge his employees this way.

Trump talks about how the teams need to get it together but he destroys any chance of that with the way he encourages them to attack each other in the board room. It’s not even a realistic critique most weeks and that’s what bugs me. Instead of truly pointing out to people their weaknesses, it makes them defensive and even more stubborn to prove they are better than the others on their team. So stupid.

Trump gets so fixated on their choices of who to bring to the board room and yet he doesn’t always step back to really examine why they make those choices. Bryce never expected Trump to fire Lee and that’s why he brought him. He was right that the others didn’t deserve to be there. They are the ones on the team who worked their asses off and it’s not fair that they should get fired for doing their best. If Bryce had brought any of them with him, it’s possible they’d end up getting fired for a task where they gave their all. That’d suck.

Ultimately, I think Trump fired the right person. I’m not really all that impressed with anyone on the Gold Rush team but Lenny’s lack of contribution this week isn’t what caused them to lose. Bryce could have made an argument for how Lenny’s been a factor in all of their losses lately so, altogether, he’s the bigger problem on the team but, ultimately, it was Bryce who failed as a project manager. He was responsible for knowing and understanding what the Arby execs wanted to get out of the jingle and he didn’t. It’s that simple for me. He didn’t make sure they were on time for their meeting nor was he very apologetic about it when they were and, as a result, he didn’t get everything out of the meeting that he needed to make sure his team was successful.

What bothers me about Trump and this show and why I agree he needs to listen occasionally, is that he fired the right person for the wrong reasons. He shouldn’t have fired Bryce because he felt he brought the wrong people to the boardroom. He should have fired him because he failed to do his job as a project manager. Getting the people to work together as a team is only part of the job, you also have to know what needs to be delivered and be able to help your people understand that. I think, deep down, Bryce might have recognized his failing in that regard but it bothers me that Trump couldn’t point it out to him. I remain unimpressed with Trump’s management abilities.

You know, the whole reason I watch this show is because I love seeing the various tasks they are assigned and what they come up with for them. And, yet, it continues to bother me when they are given tasks like this one. For one thing, no executive would ever let these groups truly design ad campaigns or jingles for them. Occasionally there’s someone on the team who has a marketing background but typically that’s not the case. There’s nothing that qualifies these people to come up with jingles. It bothers me that Trump would truly be judging these people on their ability to come up with a successful jingle when he could never do it himself. Not that I’d expect him to be able to do it, but I think it’s a bit unrealistic to expect these people to do it when they aren’t being hired for their creative abilities. It’s fine to give it to them as a task but I think Trump gets lost in judging the success of the actual task (the jingle) as opposed to the abilities that the task is supposed to reveal (being able to understand what your customer wants). He continues to do it each week and it frustrates me more and more. Too bad I don’t think he’ll ever deflate his ego enough to see it.

Sooooooo… I actually liked it. Now, I admit that’s partly because Sarah Shahi, who is Carmen on The L Word, plays Tina the substitute turns permanent teacher. I love that girl. But I also laughed several times so it’s not all because of her. How come I always like the comedies everyone else hates? Oh well. I know this one won’t survive but I’m going to keep watching.

Well, that’s about it. I’m still behind on a bunch of stuff. The number of shows on my DVR is starting to get scary but we keep getting new shows so I never have time to catch up. I finally watched all my Daily Shows last night so now I can concentrate on the hour-long shows.

3 Responses to “Let it rain.”

  1. 1
    deepinblue says:

    Yeah I was wondering pretty much all the last part of this season where Delia even was. They focused on her so little she never even was in the picture. I know it must be like the boy who plays Walt on “Lost,” but I mean kids grow. Obviously it’s okay for Delia to be in the picture more because she’s not supposed to be trapped on an island for months. But, you know it’s time to focus on her, if you’re going to introduce her and have her as a daughter to a main character, she should be around.

    In my blog comments about “Everwood” I’ve also been making note of the relationship with Amy and her professor. It seems it’s a little too personal for my liking. I don’t remember ever divulging any kind of info to my professor like Amy does. It is a close relationship and it has to have developed pretty quickly. You don’t just tell anyone trusted information like Amy is giving out to her. Think it has to do with Amy needing attention and her professor giving it to her? Or maybe, the professor is being more like a mother figure because Amy’s mom was too busy with her illness to be able to help Amy out, since Amy was supposed to be helping her?

  2. 2
    eolivet says:

    I think Trump gets lost in judging the success of the actual task (the jingle) as opposed to the abilities that the task is supposed to reveal (being able to understand what your customer wants).

    I really liked this particular point of yours, because…WORD. The thing is, as much as Bryce’s boardroom stand was both admirable and infuriating, I couldn’t get over the fact that I think Arby’s was looking for an excuse for Gold Rush to lose (because they were so late and unapologetic at the presentation). I think if Synergy hadn’t mentioned “Arby’s is the only place to get natural chicken,” they still would’ve won. Not to say their win wasn’t deserved — I think they had the better jingle. But I think Gold Rush was doomed from the start, even if they’d gotten like…the cast of “American Idol” to sing theirs. :/ And while Trump’s wisdom last night seemed to be “life isn’t fair,” that really…isn’t fair — to judge a creative task on something other than purely creative merits. :x

  3. 3
    cosmicviolet says:

    I’m a little surprised at how blind she is being to the other side of the argument.
    Yeah, I thought she was being a little unreasonable.
    Amy’s teacher is kind of creepy. I loved Delia’s eassay, though, that was a real ‘aww’ moment.