A whole lot of Johns…   

A long, long time ago I promised [info]sweetcynic23 some presents for her birthday. Damn shipping delays. They finally arrived today and not a moment too soon, I was getting worried about him starving!

So, m’dear, you may unwrap your Johns presents below… Hope you enjoy! :)

When the people from Without A Trace saw what I had ordered for you,
they included these in the package….

4 Responses to “A whole lot of Johns…”

  1. 1
    eolivet says:

    Randomly, I had no idea John Krasinski was in “Without a Trace.” Awwww, and I really liked that ep, too — he played a really nuanced character (for a one-off ;)

    And he grew up near me, too. :p

  2. 2
    sinca says:

    She is most certainly still accepting presents, I am sure. Especially ones that are this beautiful! :)

  3. 3
    jascott says:

    Are you sure it’s not my birthday too? Because I’m pretty sure these are presents for ME! *loves*

  4. 4
    sweetcynic23 says:

    *flails in general*

    Oh.MY.GOD. Thank you SO MUCH, Rae!!! This is the best, most beautiful present! I am completely enamored of it and will have to come look at my boy every day. *adds to memories* He’s sooo pretty! *sigh* I love my future husband. ;)

    And the Without A Trace pics!!! I managed to get my hands on that ep to see John (only ep of that show I’ve seen) and he was awesome. He broke my heart :( . But holy rugged hotness! *snuggles pics to chest*

    Thank you again! :) This was a positively gorgeous b’day present. *loves* *continues to stare at it for far too long*