What aren’t you watching?   

I was discussing shows with Mo the other day and, despite how many shows I do watch, I was amazed at the number of popular shows that I’m not watching or that I only watch occasionally. Given the number of people who love these shows, you’d think I’d be all over them and yet I seem to resist their lure. I managed to come up with a list of shows that I know are fairly well watched and why I think I tend to steer clear of them.

Shows I’m Not Watching

24: This is another one of those shows I never got into. I’m not sure why since I’ve heard only good things about it. I’m guessing it was on at the same time as other shows and then, once I missed the first season, I was never tempted to try and get into it later.

American Idol: For one thing, I get all antsy and mortified when people are embarrassing themselves on television so I have yet to get through one audition episode of this show… For another, I hate shows where people sing live unless they are extremely talented or used to singing live. Anything else I find cringe-worthy and having to listen to people then criticize them just makes it worse. So, pretty much it’s not my thing.

Arrested Development: It’s probably cheating to have this one listed since it’s no longer on but, hey, this is the category in which it belongs. I started out watching this in the beginning and then, like MNIE, it conflicted with a few other shows and I stopped watching. Since it’s one of those shows that builds on its previous episodes, it’s a hard show to watch occasionally but I’d flip to it if nothing else was on… At Christmas time, I took advantage of the Best Buy DVD sales and bought S1 & S2 so that I can catch up on the show but I’m kind of glad I didn’t do that before it was canceled. I didn’t have to suffer through being upset by Fox.

House: Like 24, I wasn’t watching when this began and now I have no interest. ‘Course this one suffers from the fact that it’s yet another medical drama and that immediately turns me off. Oddly enough, nothing anyone has ever said about the show has even tempted me to try it. Maybe I just have too many shows to juggle already?

The Office: I watched this show when it first began and I just was not impressed. I laughed occasionally but, for the most part, I didn’t find it all that humorous. I gave it a month of episodes before I dropped it completely. Now it seems like everyone is watching it and I’m the odd man out. In fact, so many people love it that I was recently convinced to give it another try… yeah, not so much. I still don’t find it all that funny. I love the UK version of this show so I don’t think it’s the type of humor that escapes me, I just don’t find this particular cast all that funny.

Smallville: Aww, there should be another category for some of these shows. I watched the first two and half seasons of this show and then it lost me. I had a hard time accepting Clark after his summer of crime and darkness. Several of my friends actually loved that arc but it was the beginning of the end for me. I kept watching for a while but the show was never the same for me. I slowly slipped from watching religiously every week to taping the show to catching it in reruns to not watching at all. I still love Rosenbaum like WHOA but I won’t watch the show just for his prettiness.

The Sopranos: This show used to be on before Sex and the City so I’ve caught episodes here and there but I’ve never gotten hooked. This is probably because I didn’t have HBO when it began and I rarely pick up a show already in progress if it builds on information from past episodes and seasons. The funny thing about this show is that many of my RL friends love it (and Six Feet Under) and constantly asking me questions about it… because I am surely watching it! They are continually frustrated that I refuse to watch.

The West Wing: I didn’t watch this when it first began and I think it’s because I didn’t like anything to do with politics back then and I had plenty of other choices. Now, there’s so much that I’ve missed that I don’t even want to try and get into the show.

Shows I Watch Occasionally But Don’t Love

Battlestar Galactica: I’ve always wavered back on and forth on this show. I loved it and then I hated it and, mostly due to the uneven quality of episodes in the second season, I’m fairly indifferent these days. I still tape it so, when people are raving a particular episode, I allow myself to be enticed into watching. Yet, for the most part, I’m just not emotionally invested anymore so I tend to let the episodes pile up and then delete them without watching.

CSI (Every Version): If I’m on the channel and nothing else is on, I watch. I’m not at all invested in any of the characters and I don’t know their names. I find the actual cases and the way they discover things interesting but the show has never managed to keep me enthralled like so many others.

Grey’s Anatomy: I’m not sure why I didn’t fall in love with this show. I was going to blame it on not liking Meredith but I don’t think that’s it. It’s probably because I wasn’t interested in another medical drama. I watched the first few episodes but I never really gave it much of a chance and, though I watch it occasionally now and I find the characters compelling, I can’t seem to capture the love for it.

Monk: I used to be addicted to this show but it being on USA always made it hard to keep track of and I kept missing new episodes. That’s not a problem now that I’ve got the DVR but the frustration had already done it’s work. I will stop and watch the show when I’m flipping channels and it’s on but I haven’t seen it in ages and I have no idea what’s going on…

My Name is Earl: I actually do like this show a lot but it suffered from being on at the same time as two other shows that I was already invested in watching. I taped it for a while but eventually got sick of having to remember to do that. I would watch the Saturday marathons but eventually I lapsed into watching it whenever my other shows were in reruns. That’s pretty much how I watch it now but I’ve lost the love I had originally. It’s definitely funny and enjoyable but I don’t mind if I miss it and/or I get distracted while it’s on…

Two and A Half Men: Actually, I do kind of love this show but it was always on at the same time as something else and I never got hooked on it. Now I watch it whenever my other shows aren’t on and I continue to love it, especially since it’s not the type of show that I have to know what has been happening to enjoy it.

I think I pretty much talk about all the shows I watch so, if you haven’t seen me mention it, I’m probably not watching. Can you think of any obvious ones I’m missing from the list or is there a show you watch and you wonder why I’m not watching? Tell me about some of the shows you don’t watch, either because you don’t like them or because you couldn’t get into them. We all have shows that appeal to us for one reason or another and shows that turn us off for different reasons and I’m curious what attracts you to a show and what turns you off one.

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