Sunday morning summary and links elsewhere.   

Flus are evil. I’m not dead but I sorta wish I were. Well, probably not at this stage but I did 72 hours ago. I have spent most of the weekend in bed and there’s no nudging and winking going on in that statement.

I know a lot of people had crappy Februarys but, even with the getting sick twice, mine was pretty awesome. I fear that March is going to feel like a pretty big let down. Ehhh. I’m trying not to let it, though. I want to use my left over positive vibes to spur me into action. What action is yet to be determined.

My mom’s second hip replacement surgery is this week. God willing, all will go well. This’ll be yet another week I take time off work but that’s pretty much how things work out. I never take time off but then it looks like I’m always gone because I need to take a whole bunch of days one right after another.

Ok, enough rambling about stupid life things. Instead, how ’bout some congrats and links:

PS – For obvious reasons, my comprehensive write up of the Veronica Mars Bloggers Press Day isn’t done yet. Since I’m not a big Oscars girl, I’ll finish that up tonight while there’s nothing else on TV to keep me entertained.

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    harper47 says:

    Awww – thanks for the congrats. You’re such a sweetie.

    Sending my best vibeage to your Mom on her upcoming surgery. And tons and tons of get well vibes your way. Everyone I knokw got it twice – I did, Kiersten did, Hudson did, tons of people at the studio – it’s just one of those evil bugs that like to take an encore.

    I loved the Oscars but I’ve already gone all posty at zimshan’s lj.

    I can’t read the Supernatural post yet as I’m 3 weeks behind in my viewing. But I have a free weekend this weekend and will catch up. 3 competition weekends in a row just take it out of you. But I’ll remember and thanks for the heads up.

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    backup10 says:

    I was surfing the net and I came across your post about Veronica Mars. In case you haven’t heard, started a $4,000 Shower, Season 3 postcard campaign. Considering the low ratings for the past few episodes, this show needs all the support it can get.

    If you’re one of those fans who think VM’s renewal is guaranteed, then you should read our “Season Three – No Guarantee” page.

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    anonymous says:

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better and hope your mom comes through surgery with flying colors.

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    karinalee says:

    Spring is right around the corner!

    I hope you’re feeling better soon, Rae. Flu is no fun. I’ve been lucky this year. The one time I felt something coming on I hurried up and dosed myself with Oscillo and I didnt’ get sick at all. It’s amazing stuff.

    Good thoughts for your mom and her surgery. *hugs you*


  5. 5
    raelee says:

    I’m behind on commenting but thanks darling :)

    I’m feeling much better now. I think last week was allergies and I finally broke down and got some Clariton D. It’s definitely helped with the congestion and itchy nose/eyes. I feel like I can breath again!

  6. 6
    raelee says:

    Thanks! And she did :)

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    raelee says:

    Ha. It feels like Spring and Summer are already here in FL. I’m sure it’ll get cooler again for a little while but it’s been warm the last week. Thanks for the well wishes… the flu went away but allergies replaced it. Luckily I finally broke down and bought some meds to help with the congestion and sneezing.