TV Roundup   

I’ve managed to catch up some of my shows but I’m still way behind on some of them. I’ve been avoiding reading things about the shows I haven’t watched yet but I hope to spend the night on the couch with my favorite shows so that I won’t have to do that anymore.

Until then, I’ve got comments on this week’s episodes of The L-Word, How I Met Your Mother, Gilmore Girls, The Amazing Race, One Tree Hill, LOST, Survivor, and My Name is Earl.

The L-Word
Is it weird that the chart at the beginning is breaking on Alice and Dana? Just because they broke up, doesn’t mean the connection goes away. That’s the point of the chart! Anyway. I was wondering what connection they were going to make after Alice so I’m curious to see what they do with it from there. I also liked that it meant we got to see their breakup. See, I probably would have liked Dana a little more in the beginning of the season had I seen that moment earlier.

I’m torn. I don’t like Bette so I immediately reacted like she was out of line with her behavior. On the other hand, Tina’s not exactly treating her fairly either. She has a point when she points out that Tina is just acting like nothing has changed between them when it has… That said, Bette was definitely out of line with the remark about not Tina no longer having the right to visit the studio as if she’s one of the family. If anything, we’ve seen that this group of friends tries to retain the bonds of friendship between everyone regardless of breakups. I can’t believe, even if Tina and Bette are broken up, that Kit wouldn’t want Tina at the recording. It is interesting to see how they’ll develop this story because how different will it be now that Tina is the “wrong” one in the relationship?

Carmen and Shane were cracking me up. I didn’t post about how upset I was when Shane slept with Cherie. I was so afraid that those two would be over and it was heartbreaking. Just as Shane was learning to be in a relationship, they’d killed it. Still, it’s more realistic to believe that Shane would have problems with commitment and wouldn’t know how to handle Carmen’s jealousy. So, I liked that they didn’t break up but I was a little surprised at how easy going Carmen was about it. Her jealousy was too strong to just forget anything happened – the dream and her reaction to it were satisfying in that sense. Plus, I like that Shane gets it. She is usually the one who is the most understanding of people’s behavior so I’m glad she hasn’t lost that just because she’s in a relationship with that person.

Alice and Dana. Aww. See, now, this is why I liked them together. It’s heartbreaking to see Dana going through this but it’s nice to see the way her friends rally around her. The one thing I don’t understand is why they didn’t have Shane make her a wig out of her own hair? She had enough of it that it seems like it’d be easy enough to do and then she wouldn’t have felt like it was just some wig she was putting on… it would have killed the symbolism but later she’d have a wig she wouldn’t mind wearing.

Ok. I’m going to say it. I think the girl who plays Moira is a bad actress. I first thought that back when she was at her “job interview” and had to say a bunch of technical terms. Besides making it obvious that no one on the writing staff has any web development/programming experience, her reading of the lines was just horrible. Then, this week, when she’s reading the directions on the stuff in the kit that she got? SO BAD. I was cringing it was so bad. I think I might actually like the character and care about her struggle if she wasn’t such a bad actress. What I initially thought was character awkwardness was clearly actress awkwardness so I’m hoping her role in the show continues to be fairly small.

That said, I still hate Jenny. Her self-centeredness continues to grate on my last nerve. Moira obviously feels uncomfortable going on the trip and she has a good point when she thinks that Dana will feel uncomfortable with her there and yet Jenny insists that she wants her there so she should go. WTF? Nice Jenny. Nice way to think about how your friend WITH CANCER and your girlfriend feel. And the fact that Moira ends up “helping” Dana doesn’t make it ok that Jenny was being selfish in wanting her there in the first place. Gah. They are just doing nothing to make me like this character and, after all the focus she got last season, I don’t get it.

I think that’s all I’ve got on that one…

How I Met Your Mother
Oh, Barney, how I love you. SO glad you finally got an episode all to yourself. There were probably some great lines in there but I can’t remember them right now. Although, I loved that we find out how he came up with “Suit Up!”

Now a complaint. I like this show and I *love* continuity. So, why did I kind of hate how this show handled the continuity this week? I think it’s because all the callbacks to previous episodes were so obvious and seemed to be a bit on the blatant – look at how well we remember what we wrote before – side. I like it better when things are just worked in there so that it’s up to the viewers to get the joke that the cookies are made from mayo. Trust us. We’ll get it. We’re smarter than you think.

Gilmore Girls
I’ll admit it. I’m confused by the whole Logan/Rory thing. Was Logan sleeping around before Rory knew he thought they were broken up or after? And, while I think Rory has a valid point that he needed to make it clear that they had broken up before he started seeing other people, it’s clear that he truly thought they were broken up. It may not excuse his sleeping around and it may make his love for Rory a little questionable but it also explains why he thought it was okay for him to do it.

I think Rory kind of knows that but it isn’t his sleeping around that bugs her – it’s that that’s what he did when they broke up. I have a feeling she had the idea, because of what he did to get her back, that he moped around and missed her and was miserable about not being with her. Come to find out, he was out sleeping it up with other girls. She seems more upset about his lack of a reaction to breaking up with her than his sleeping around. In which case, there really is no right or wrong there. And, since I wasn’t happy about the moving in with each other that quickly, I’m kinda cool with them having to work through this problem. It does seem obvious that Logan does love her now so I’m hoping he’s not going to just give up at the first sign of trouble.

The Amazing Race
Yay! My show has returned. All is right with the world. I’m actually a bit sad that John & Scott got booted so quickly. Especially since I was finding Lisa & Joni pretty annoying towards the end. It’s possible that they’ll calm down as the race continues and I won’t keep feeling the need to scream “SHUT UP” at my screen.

I’m not sure what to think about Lake & Michelle. He is also so hyper that he is annoying me quickly. However, they do seem to work well as a team so maybe that’ll help even them out. Meanwhile, Joseph & Monica were driving me up the freaking wall. The way they were yelling at their cab driver to turn around made me want to take a rolled up newspaper to their heads. It’s not the guy’s fault that you’re in a freaking race, you need to calm the fuck down.

Who else… unlike what seems like everyone else in the world, I actually do not like David & Lori. Their schmoopiness was a bit much for me but that’s probably because I don’t like that when I see it in real life much less on TV. I’m not sure yet what I think about their racing abilities but it should be interesting to see if the end up being quite as loving to each other as they’ve started out. Fran & Barry I expected to like but, after missing the obvious clue box on the bridge and blaming Lake for their failure at the motorcycle, they kind of lost me.

BJ & Tyler do seem like they are having a good time and their teamwork is certainly a big plus. I can see them going far in the race but I’m not sure how I feel about them yet. Their goofiness could get old. Eric & Jeremy – eh – I don’t actually feel anything for them yet. I did like what they said at the end, though. Taking it leg by leg could be what keeps them in the race for a long time.

The only people I didn’t mention were Ray & Yolanda and Danielle & Dani. I don’t know how I feel about either team. I don’t feel like I saw enough of them to really comment. I am impressed that Ray kept a level head when the guys were hooting and hollering at Yolanda. And, D&D made the right decision to give up on the motorcycle when they did. Other than that, those two teams didn’t really stand out much to me.

And, Phil. Oh, Phil. You crazy, mean man you! Those evil little pauses and stoic face you give everyone on the mat. People who weren’t even close to being last were so worried that they were about to be eliminated. That’s why I love this show.

One Tree Hill
This was my reaction to the end: “OMG! What?? OMG.” My mouth fell open in shock. You OTH haters can shut up. I am not spoiled about this show at all so I was honestly shocked to the core by what happened. Just when I think Dan can’t get more evil, they take him down another peg. WTF? Why did Lucas save him last season? He should have just let him burn. They’d all be so much happier.

That was pretty horrible but I should have seen it coming. There were too many almost tender moments between Dan and Keith in the past few episodes and it’s been a while since Dan really showed his bad side. Plus, Karen was happy so we can’t have that!

I’m actually okay with Peyton’s kiss because I don’t think it’ll change things for Lucas. We already knew she was rediscovering her feelings for him based on what she told Ellie. Still, I hate the triangle stuff so they better not drag that out too much. I’d rather have Brooke walk away from Lucas than have her go through more doubt about Peyton’s feeling for him and whether he’s responding to them.

On to the school stuff… it’s interesting how these episodes always evoke such strong feelings in viewers. I actually think they did a good job setting up this episode with the previous episode. In fact, in retrospect, I think the last episode was a little clunky in that it was obviously needed to set up this episode so they had to figure out a way for everyone to see the time capsule messages. That whole episode had me mostly confused and now I see why. That being said, it was better that we got some idea that this kid was disturbed and having these feelings about his classmates rather than just having some random kid show up at school with a gun one day.

I’m not so sure I agree with showing the other kids trying to talk the kid down off his proverbial ledge. That probably sets a bad example for high schoolers who might ever face this situations. Trying to reason with someone in a real life situation like this would not be wise. Other than that, though, it was obvious they were treating the topic with respect and I think it came across that way.

What is wrong with me? I just can’t seem to recapture my love for this show. Is it because I haven’t been watching as carefully all season like I was last season? Whatever it is, I just don’t feel the same excitement for a new episode of this show that I used to.

I did like this episode even if it is continuing to do what I complained about previously… making me hate characters. Now it’s Claire. Geez. Soon I won’t like anyone! I don’t get why Claire was so accepting of being with Ethan. Was it drugs? If so, does it seem weird that she was lucid in her memories? It’s all very confusing to me and, again, I’m sure it has to do with not watching the show as carefully as usual.

However, I continue to love how detailed the show is and the attention they pay to continuity. Also, they never dumb things down for the audience and you have to love a show that trusts it’s viewers to be smart. (See my complaint about HIMYM.) Seeing the guy grabbed Kate in Claire’s flashback and then having Kate find the beard and glue was all we needed to figure out that he’d disguised himself in the jungle for Jack and the others. So, kudos to the show for that and maybe some day soon I’ll force myself to pay better attention so I can love this show as much as my friends again.

Bobby. Bobby. Bobby. Dude, you’ve been begging to be kicked out since the day you got annoyed they wanted to use the outhouse to store supplies and ran to take a dump in it first. Bobby’s a good example of how physical prowess doesn’t always mean you’ll survive a vote if you’ve done enough to piss off the rest of your tribe.

The entire CASAYA tribe is a mess. Shane said they always seem to come together in the challenges when they need to work together but I think that’s only because they are all so afraid they’ll be the ones to go that week. Or because they’re so miserable with each other that they need something good to help make the day a little better. It has nothing to do with actually being able to function as a team. I love that the camp got flooded and they didn’t even talk about trying to move it to higher ground once the water receded. Dumb asses.

LA MINA, meanwhile, doesn’t seem much better. I’m having a hard time finding anyone to cheer for this season between these two. LA MINA doesn’t seem to function well without Terry but at least they pulled off the immunity challenge. They couldn’t really afford to lose another person. I wonder what surprises next week brings? Is it time for a merge yet? Seems like there may be too many of them at this point to force a merge but you never know.

My Name Is Earl
I can’t really talk about this show too much as I only watch it when none of my other shows are on… ‘course the good thing about this show is that you don’t have to watch each week to understand what’s going on this week. The other thing I noted about this show is that, while I don’t think it’s as funny as everyone keeps saying it is, it feels like a show that is well into its second or third season. Like they have the pattern down so that their jokes are paced well throughout the episode and they have the perfect mix of laughter and emotion. Every time I watch it, it feels like this group of people have been working together forever and that’s definitely a good thing. So many sitcoms struggle with that in their first season that it makes it hard to only watch the show every once in a while.

The actual episode was amusing enough even if it’s a little unrealistic that the tax thing hadn’t come up before. He won all that money, the IRS would already have jumped on the chance to check his taxes for the previous years. AND, if he kept getting paid using a 1099 every time they did odd jobs… he owes way more than $500. See, this is where actually having to deal with a 1099 while filing your taxes makes it hard to enjoy shows that being a bit lenient with the laws just to fit the story they want to tell. It was bugging me the whole time that he wouldn’t already know exactly how much money he owes in taxes since he would had to have dealt with it in regards to his lottery winnings.

Ok. I’ll stop being so nit-picky now. My favorite part of the episode had to be them hanging from those ropes and breaking out into song. It was cracking me up – especially when they went back to just hanging there quietly afterward. Ha. I love those two.

Whew. And that wasn’t even all my shows! I still haven’t watched this week’s Boston Legal, Supernatural (maybe it’s good that it’s moving? I like watching it as it airs but I transcribe TAR so I can’t right now), Related, ER, or Charmed. Thoughts on those to come later.

12 Responses to “TV Roundup”

  1. 1
    southernbangel says:

    In complete agreement with you about L Word. I don’t really like Bette but I can understand her reactions to Tina. Still think the whole “you can’t go to the studio” was way out of line, but I can understand it.

    Shane/Carmen are my L Word OTP.

    Jenny. Ugh, just kick her off please.

    OTH…. DUDE. I was *shocked* by the end. I had heard the rumors that someone was going to die, someone not expected, etc. I thought they might go for one of the kids so I was totally *not* expecting Keith to die. I really enjoyed the episode up until that moment–I think it was a well-done, tension-filled episode (though I had the same concerns you did about real-life influence) but I think Dan shooting Keith pushed it over the edge just a bit. Too soapish, I guess. But dude, I don’t care how silly and soap opera-y the show gets, I’m SO there.

    TAR! TAR! TAR is back! YAY!! *bounces*

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    Heh. Love the icon.

    Yeah, Shane/Carmen are my L Word OTP too.

    Maybe Jenny and Moira can ride off into the sunset together and we’ll both be happy?! ;)

    OTH: Ha. Well, EVERYTHING that has to do with Dan on the show is soapish. I’ve just come to accept it. Like, if they didn’t have the Dan angle, it’d be such a normal show with no real soap opera-ish overtones. The triangles are very typical and the teenage stuff is run of the mill. I’d never really roll my eyes about stuff if Dan was there to inspire people to drug themselves, paint billboards, set his dealership on fire, or shoot people.

  3. 3
    waitaminute17 says:

    There were probably some great lines in there but I can’t remember them right now.

    “Hello Leg Wearhouse, my friend Ted needs something to stand on…no nothing for him to stand on?”

  4. 4
    breathinmethane says:

    I cant stand the Logan/Rory angle! all of it! he needs to leave and dean or jess need to end up with her asap!!

  5. 5
    cara_leigh9 says:

    I know what you’re talking about with Lost. I was there until a few episodes ago. I loved this last one,though. It just seemed really creepy to me. Mr. Eko is my favorite character at the moment. That’s weird because he played such a bastard when he was in Oz.

    My Name Is Earl! I love that show. Since it’s obviously not the most realistic show ever, I can overlook most of the things that happen (no one he ever tries to make up to, wants to kick his ass like I would). Randy “Riii-colaaaa” and Joy make the show for me.

    I caught bits of The Amazing Race, but I can’t record it, Scrubs and watch AI at the same time. As soon as AI is down to the hour shows, it’s going on my record list.


  6. 6
    eolivet says:

    Is it pathetic that I felt this pang of sadness, seeing your LJ will let you do multiple cuts, unlike mine anymore? Yes? OK. ;)

    So, why did I kind of hate how this show handled the continuity this week?

    Yeah — I liked parts of HIMYM better than the whole ep itself. I actually thought Barney’s “transformation” was really contrived. It would almost be cooler if Barney decided that was just a good way to be, independent of Mark Derwin stealing his GF or whatevah. :/

    Dude, you’ve been begging to be kicked out

    My mom said the same thing — nobody’s that obnoxious without really wanting to leave “Survivor.”

    And I do still like the nerdy couple on TAR, although HATE Fran and what’s-his-face. I think my favorite are the mom and daughter — they’re just lovely. And the daughter looks like Jessica Alba, IMHO. :)

    We’re two weeks behind on BL again — wasn’t wowed by the “Smile” ep we just saw. Hopefully the Tom Selleck one is better. :p

  7. 7
    karinalee says:

    Hee! “My Name is Earl” cracks me up.

    Reeeeeeeeecoloooooooooooooooooo! LOL!

    LOVE Barney, too! How fun is HIMYM? I’m so happy for AH, too! Can’t wait until AD guest stars. I hope that happens.

  8. 8
    raelee says:

    I’m late in responding to everything. You’re right! That one was great. Haha. I love Barney.

  9. 9
    raelee says:

    Haha. I know, I know. I’m sorry – I know you don’t like Logan. I don’t see Dean or Jess coming back, though. I’d be happy if she found someone else – or no one at all. I mean, it’s not so unlikely that she’d be boyfriendless for a bit in college. That’s very normal.

  10. 10
    raelee says:

    I forgot about the Riii-colaaaaaa. That part was great. Haha. I think I love the brother more than I love Earl.

    I do like Mr. Eko – maybe I just like the characters to be fresh? I like several of the people from the other end of the plane. Heh, maybe I’m just sick of the front end of the plane. ;)

    *smooch right back at ya*

  11. 11
    raelee says:

    Is it pathetic that I felt this pang of sadness, seeing your LJ will let you do multiple cuts, unlike mine anymore? Yes? OK.

    Awww, well I’m replying to this late and I know you’ve figured out the problem now so no more pangs of sadness over LJ cuts! ;)

    I agree with you on Barney’s transformation being contrived. I had a hard time buying that that was the only reason he changed so radically.

    I agree with you on the mom and daughter. See my latest post where I predict they’ll become one of my favorites. Which surely dooms them to lose but I do like them.

    You’ll have to tell me what you thought of the Tom Selleck episode. I wasn’t thrilled with it but I admit I didn’t watch it as closely as I probably could have… I did like the last two I just watched, though.

  12. 12
    raelee says:

    Hee, Cara pointed out the Reeeecolllaaaaa part of the episode too and I had forgotten it. That was great.

    I think AD is definitely guesting… hasn’t he already been on the show or isn’t he finishing out the season with them? I was pretty sure they had already started filming those episodes or that it was a sure thing.