What’s in a username?   

Ahhh, online life is funny. Or not. It’s a crap shoot really.

When I started out online, I used the handle “Sunraess”… which was really just sunrays. People tended to pronounce it sunrae-ess (like princess) but the extra “s” was only there because “sunraes” was taken. Then, I used a bunch of handles I don’t even remember in mIRC but always preferred people calling me by my actual name rather than a handle. Odd for a girl who hated her name earlier in life. Eventually, “Rae” became more prevalent and was often claimed already (or stolen from me, as the case may have been a few times). It became a game to use some play on the sound of my name in other words. I happen to like the rain and storms so I eventually settled on that. Except that, believe it or not, “raen” is pretty popular as well so I couldn’t get away with just adding the extra letter. That’s pretty much how I got to “raenstorm” with “raenshower” as my backup. Though I go by “Rae” most places, my actual username is typically “raenstorm.”

All of that to get to here… I was a late comer to LJ. By the time I got here, “raenstorm” and “raenshower” were taken. And “rae” is an early adopter so there was no way I was getting that one! Ahh, a problem. Well, courtesy of the last ex, I had a “secret” AIM handle that I’d sign onto when I wanted to hide – the block/invisible feature wasn’t nearly as robust back then – from everyone but him. Look at Josh enabling my not talking to people – there’s a reason I’m not so good with the IM-ing anymore. Anyway. That name was “siklilgrl”, a tribute to my gutter dwelling mind. I wasn’t using it anywhere else and I wasn’t sure what I’d be using LJ for at that point so using a username knows me by didn’t seem so bad.

And it isn’t. The friends I have hear from other sites know me as Rae so I don’t think they even think about my username much. The friends I made at LJ don’t really know me as anything else – although I’m sure it comes off as a bit sketchy the first time you see that “siklilgrl” has friended you. I mean, it feels sketchy when I have say it for people and I know the history behind it.

The thing about the name is that I find it hard to base my LJ around. Thus, why my LJ name and my layout/theme have nothing in common. When I redesigned my layout in October, I finally found the idea that best fits “me” and my content. I’m a TV whore and we all know it… might as well just admit it. Ok, so now combine the idea of TV whore and “siklilgrl” in your mind! Ack.

I now find myself in the position of providing my LJ URL to someone. I don’t know how it will be used but I suspect it will be distributed to other people in some fashion. I’m suddenly all kinds of uncomfortable with “siklilgrl.livejournal.com” being how people know of me. WTF?

So, this weekend, I considered using a rename token. But would that be confusing? And what would I use? “tvwhore” is taken. There are variations of it that I could use but it didn’t seem to be solving the issue for me. In the end, I went with registering a domain name and using it to point here. That way I keep my username and I have a URL that I don’t mind handing out. Of course, that URL is www.ramblingsofatvwhore.com so one has to wonder what my problem was in the first place! Oh well. As Greg said when I was telling him, at least that URL still retains some of my street cred. Heh.

I really have no time for the other things I wanted to say. I’m just got charged with picking up THE KID. She will be happy about that since she was all upset that I didn’t babysit her yesterday. Ahh, five year olds forget NO promises so don’t even try to get away with pretending like you didn’t make ‘em.

Ya know what? I? Still *love* Rob Thomas. Yep. I do. ‘Cuz I’ve totally bitched people out in emails (in vaguely “was she be sarcastic or not” ways) and later said, “Ah, fuck me, that’s gonna come back around to bite me.” So, yeah, empathizing on that one. kthxbye!

Crap. Ok. Really have to go. The other stuff was about as fascinating as all my other rambles. You know, not at all. My loss, your gain. *g*

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