Marissa Cooper should be forced to wear some kind of warning label. And why do guys keep falling in love with this girl?

I’m so over Ryan and Marissa and I wish they had actually broken up. Can these two possibly endure more problems? I mean, true love is great and all but, if I were either of them, I’d have decided it wasn’t worth all the hassles.

I’m worried about Seth. At least Sandy sorta sees that something is wrong. If only Ryan would stop covering for Seth, since he doesn’t seem to get that Seth is two puffs from screwing up his current life. I can only that Summer is going to try and knock some sense into him now that she knows. If we’re lucky, it’ll be literal knocking.

It’s somewhat appropriate that I can’t stand the littlest Cooper almost as much as I can’t stand her big sister.

Julie. Aww. That was cute and I think she actually likes this one! Amazing.

Ok, back to the annoying. I feel bad for Johnny but it’s telling that I wasn’t even “OMG” at what happened, much less even the tiny bit sad. Is he gonna be dead? Or just fucked up some more? Either way, I’m a little over the extremes they go to cause trouble between Ryan and Marissa. Shoot his brother. Make a guy want to take a leap off a cliff. What’s next? Is there anything else?

I think I’m just bitter because I thought we were finally getting past Johnny and now it’ll probably take the rest of the season to do that – if it isn’t the straw that breaks the relationship’s back.

Note: Please don’t discuss the previews for next week in the comments. [info]cdn_tvaddict doesn’t get them and I don’t want her spoiled accidently. Thanks!

4 Responses to “Eww!”

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    cdn_tvaddict says:

    Awww *hugs* for making sure no one spoils me.

    Hmm, now this is different… I actually liked this ep. It seems to go that I love it one week, hate it the next. I’mgoing to have a look at the writers to see if there’s a pattern there.

    I am in agreement on mini Cooper being very hateable though. When Marissa made that comment about being ready for her to leave, I was cheering.

    As for Johnny, I was just hoping he was dead and we’d finally be done with him, so I was pretty happy with that ending. Also, I was really happy that Ryan didn’t save him, because that’s already been (over) done. I was so expecting it to be Oliver 2, that I was all good with the surprise. (As you can tell I really don’t like Johnny, I’m not often happy charcerts could be dead.)

    As for Ryan & Marissa – I don’t care about the relationship anymore, but I don’t hate it either. They worked it out without too much drama, so eh. And for some reason I don’t think this will cause them to have more relationship drama, I think they’ll do the solidarity in a crisis thing (of course your theory is much more likely than mine). Maybe it’s Seth & Summer’s turn for drama. BUT, Marissa hasn’t had an addiction problem in while so maybe it’ll trigger that, and that’ll break them up.

    I’m just glad they’re giving Seth a story line. He’s been pointless for most of this season. Summer however ROCKS. The shot with her and CO was hilarious. But I’m just hoping it stays interesting with them.

    Julie is the best thing that they have on this show. :)

    INARA! You didn’t mention the lovely Morena? Stunning as always, hopefully we get to see more of her. With actual dialogue and all.

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    raelee says:

    Oh no! How could I forget Morena?! It’s because of where she was in the episode I think. I enjoyed seeing her but I was being annoyed over the Johnny stuff.

    See, I’d be ok if this doesn’t result in dramatic Ryan/Marissa issues or if it results in them splitting again. I just don’t want to continue the tug of war. Decide if you’re staying in the relationship or get out of it. Heh. Ok, so maybe I should like mini-Coop since she basically said the same thing to Marissa. ;)

    Oh – I agree with you about Seth. I do want him to have a storyline and I’m not complaining abou the storyline. I’m commenting on what’s actually happening there because I care. I agree with you on Summer. She’s adorable and I loved her reaction to what she found. Ha.

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    zimshan says:

    Whoa, I haven’t watched the show for the last year but it sounds like it hasn’t changed much…

    But damn, wasn’t this the ep Morena was supposed to be in? I still kinda hate that she got an OC part of all things, but I was stilling planning to peek in and see how she did.

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    zimshan says:

    Stilling? Ugh. Just ignore the extra -ing…