I think you need to go to confession, Veronica Mars.   

I’ve got a theory. It could be… Thumper. Heh. I forgot I was going to use something like that line in my last post and now I’m sad I didn’t. ‘Cuz how smart would I have looked right about now?! Dammit, Rae.

WTF? There goes that crackpot theory!

Actually, not really. I still think Cervando did it but Thumper’s lie screws up my logic on the hows and whys. Though, clearly Felix dating Molly is probably what put him in the position to be tipped off to what was going on somehow… Or they just needed to get rid of Felix to clear the way to doing business with the Fitzpartricks. The other guys might not have been up for letting go of the ‘Reaper’ disappearing grudge until Felix was gone too.

Hmmm. It does throw a wrench into my logic in that I don’t know for sure if Cervando was on the bridge. The whole thing hinged on the fact that Cervando was brought back to the bridge to get Weevil’s bike. Weevil’s bike not being there tells me someone had to be there to drive it off the bridge so it’s still a possibility but I can’t know for sure until more details are revealed. Tricky, tricky.

Oh, [info]nm973‘s comment in my last post clarified for me that Weevil said the Fitzpatricks made Gus disappear not that they killed him. I think that is sorta implied but I also think she’s dead on that that the exact wording may be key later. Especially since it was repeated tonight and again it was “disappear” not killed. Will Gus reappear and want to avenge Felix? I dunno but it’s a thought. It would be something that could swing the gang’s loyalty again. Not that Weevil will ever regain his position or trust those guys to follow him again.

Poor Weevil. I felt bad for him on the bus. I think he should steal the XTerra so he has a ride to school. Just kidding! Sorta.

And, hey, when did Logan switch from the X-box to the PSP2? I figure his systems and games were all destroyed in the Great Echolls’ Estate Fire of 2005 *mourns for a moment* but did he decide the new XB has too many kinks right now? He’s certainly rich enough to guarantee they wouldn’t be sold out if he were buying. Is the PSP2 just a temp replacement or was it Duncan’s? Surely those boys had the same taste in gaming systems?! Although, if I was that rich, I’d have one of every gaming system available. Why limit your options? Think of all the games… What the fuck am I still talking about this for when I haven’t even really commented on the episode yet?

Loved it. L-O-V-E-D IT! I’m totally gonna make out with it after this post.

In fact, I think I only have one gripe. I liked that Jackie was helping but what was the point of the Veronica/Wallace exchange outside the frat house? TO FOOL THE AUDIENCE. G’dammit. Stop it. If you want us to be surprised by those things, use a scene that actually makes sense. I get that V and Wallace really were going to go in together and still going to have Jackie working it but, since they had to have planned this ahead of time with Jackie and probably would have figured out the type of frat house and Veronica standing out part then, it comes off as if V and Wallace are manipulating us, the audience, unnecessarily.

I’m sick of it feeling like the characters know we are out there and purposely doing stuff to fool us and only us. It’s killing the relationship of trust I have with them and their POVs and I don’t like it. Plus, that’s a crappy thing to do when you’re dealing with mysteries and we have to rely on these characters to clue us in on what’s happening. Unless you are going to have the characters talking to us so that we know that they are interacting with us and we can start looking at things from that perspective, stop having them do stuff just for us.

This is especially true in this case because it didn’t have to happen to hide the later reveal. Just show us that they already know V can’t go inside with him. Have him wait for her because she’s going to be listening from outside in her car ready to provide backup if he needs it. It would have been one tiny scene change and it would have all still worked and not given away the Jackie involvement.

BTW, it was the closet thing that gave it away for me. Wallace is a high school student crashing a college frat party; they would have thrown him out for a party foul not stuck him in the closet “penalty box.” Then, Jackie just happens to want to ditch the party right after? Combine that with the fact that it was made clear that Jackie was all about the college guys before she fell for Wallace and it made sense that she’d be able to enlist the help of the frat guys and this was probably a setup. Veronica following them and abandoning Wallace at the party just confirmed it.

If Francis hates the HoYay! he must be dying during these episodes. I mean, I’m not into slash and I was like “guys, just go fuck and get rid of that sexual tension why don’t ya so we can get back to the scene” during the exchange in the hotel suite. If I were Logan, I’d have smacked Weevil for that move with the PSP. Don’t fuck with my electronics or interrupt me in the middle of a game, I get mean.

Hello there Club Thin and Deputy Obviously Going To Show Up Again, how nice to see you both. That was quick, the lump your anvil left on my head hasn’t even healed yet!

Other things I adored:

  • V and Wallace are SO FREAKING CUTE. Her and her, “Do you know what ANY words actually mean?!” I wasn’t gonna say it but you know a lot of us were thinking it… maybe you need a dictionary too, V. (And, Rob too… I got some words they can all spend their days looking up.)

  • Weevil asking if Logan had ever been in a Catholic Church and the look on Logan’s face. Heh.
  • Veronica apologizing to the Virgin Mary.
  • Veronica’s, “Nowhere but, if God asks, I was with you.” Hee.
  • That V was not one of the slightly skanky girls trying to pick up the guys.
  • Keith being a bad bad man. But, oh, he’s so very good. Sometimes I forget where V got those genes and then we get stuff like this and it all comes rushing back.
  • Wallace going a date with the crutches girl! Sweet.
  • Logan’s subtle dig about Duncan. At first I didn’t think it was quite upset sounding enough but I think it worked as a “I get why but why you could have included me” dig.
  • Veronica’s “No because saving your ass with comment… it just, it works better for me.” *gasp* Was that recognition that she’s not exactly been herself lately? I think it is… I mean, you know, the “Veronica” lyrics were a hint too.
  • ETA: OMG! LARS! Him being the one singing again had me loving the continuity but then they had to go and make his date loving Britt singing and I died a little inside. I could probably love the whole episode for that one bit of continuity crack right there.

So, is Weevil gonna sit with V and Wallace at lunch now? The outcasts table? Except Wallace isn’t an outcast but maybe he can start a collection. First V, now Weevil. Before you know it, Logan will be shunned by the 09ers and they’ll actually have the makings of their very own clique.

Ok, stopping. If you can’t tell, I loved it. The hit and run thing came off a whole lot less hokey and more believable than I thought it would. Plus, all the other stuff. A flood of information… what will we do for 10 more episodes?! *g*

* Yeah, sorry about that cut tag and I’m totally pulling the “I’m Catholic so it’s OK” card too. But, look! I already feeling guilty for it. See how that works?

11 Responses to “I think you need to go to confession, Veronica Mars.”

  1. 1
    spectralbovine says:

    Great moments to have picked, and yeah, the only thing that bugged me was the whole Jackie fakeout.

    Also, Cervando still did it. Solidarity!

    No fucking clue who’s behind the bus crash anymore, though.

  2. 2
    prime_meridian says:

    I won’t have time to post squee in my own journal any time soon, so lemme just throw a “hell yes!” in here. Excellent episode. Loved all the moments you mentioned. Plus the flashbacks made me happy for reasons I can’t explain. And even though I’ve never hated Jackie the way most fans do, it was a relief to see them making her sympathetic. Plus you know? I really love that we don’t have a freaking clue who done what yet.

  3. 3
    harper47 says:

    Me too, me too. Loved, loved, loved this episode with a fiery passion because my show is back. Yea!!!!!!!

    Loved all the things you loved. Veronica – hey girl, welcome back. Where the hell have you been all season?

    The snark, all the Church stuff was fabulous, Cliff (married to a guy named Tiny or whatever the line was – hee, hee. Cliff can just do no wrong.) I know . . . .a lawyer. Hee!

    Keith – you are so bad ass. Love it! Thank God they addressed the rat again.

    Felix and bus crash themes all interwoven – yea.

    Oh my God – the Karaoke scene was continuity and seasonal gold. Excellent, excellent. Did you see the epiphany going on over Veronica’s head? Pretty obvious but since I’ve been waiting for it so long -works for me.

    I also agree with your negatives – could they have been any more obvious about big detective/bouncer guy. Gah – that was one humongous anvil that is at least out of the way.

    I didn’t find Jackie annoying this episode. I thought she was used well, none of the glaring overacting she has indulged in during the past episodes and while the fakeout was a huge oh my god I had no idea fakeout – it still worked within the context of the script.

    So, so happy.

  4. 4
    harper47 says:

    Oops – I meant while the fakeout was NO Oh my God huge fakeout.


    Typing, lack of coffee = stupid typos!

  5. 5
    marty2103 says:

    heee loved all your VM thoughts, I did not get to see the episode so it gives me something to look foward..

  6. 6
    raelee says:

    In some ways, I’m relieved to have a fakeout I can point to and explain what it is that I don’t like about them that doesn’t relate to D/V/L. I was beginning to think I really was basing it on my pairing desires.

    He TOTALLY did it! He’s going down!

    My main suspect for the bus was Woody, something about how he was acting at the press conference about it, but now I’m afraid he looks too guilty for it to be him.

  7. 7
    raelee says:

    Oooh, the flashbacks! It’s really been a while since we’ve really had good flashbacks. I kinda missed flashbacks of things we don’t know about so it was nice to have those return.

    I agree with you on Jackie. I didn’t hate her either but I’m glad that they are attempting to give fans reasons *not* to hate her.

    No clue! Well, lots of clues really but no conlcusions.

  8. 8
    raelee says:

    Yay! I’m glad you loved it! I felt bad that you weren’t feeling it lately. I can’t be obsessed and not have you there with me, Pixi!! ;)

    Feels nice to be getting Veronica back finally.

    Cliff is fantastic, isn’t he? He should totally be a regular.

    Ahh, now I can’t wait for next week.

  9. 9
    raelee says:

    Heh, I understood. I think I read it that way anyway :)

  10. 10
    raelee says:

    thanks :) – I hope you like it as much as I did!

  11. 11
    zimshan says:

    Finally read your theory post, and idk, I think it still works after this ep. We got alot of info but none of it really proved Cervando wrong…

    Loved all your little moments listed. Especially the note of Logan’s face when Weevil asked him if he’s ever been in a Catholic Church before. Hehe. Priceless.

    And I think it’s official that Enbom IS the continuity crack genius!

    I felt bad for him on the bus. I think he should steal the XTerra so he has a ride to school. Just kidding! Sorta.

    Okay, adding that onto my list of things I NEED to see. Weevil driving the yellow Xterra around town. Hehe. I’m still sad that my dream of a sidecar scene has been completely dashed. No Weevil motorcycle! ;(