Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot. [VM S2 FM:CPT#1]   

We’re officially at the halfway point in the season for Veronica Mars. About time to start making some guesses about the mysteries of the season, don’t ya say?

Sadly, we don’t have nearly enough evidence for my guesses about the bus to be anything more than wild and unfounded. However, the more I think about the ideas I listed about Felix’s murder in my DR post the other day, the more I like it.

So much so that I’m declaring it my first crackpot theory of the season and giving it a post of it’s own so that we may all look back upon this post come May and mock me mercilessly about how wrong I was… I can’t wait.

Oh and please note that I’m going on my own notes and memory of the clues we’ve gotten so far this season. If you see something that’s wrong, I beg you to tell me. I’ll keep updating this post as we get more evidence so I’d like it to be as accurate as possible.

Veronica Mars, Season 2, Felix’s Murder: Crack Pot Theory #1

Cervando did it, on the bridge, with a knife.

What?! Why do I have to explain it? It’s not like I cheated and peeked at the cards in the envelope!

Ok, ok. The only way this theory will ever work is if they are giving us all of the information about the PCHers and Fitzpatricks. In other words, if they start pulling clues out of the hat that could never be inferred from the information doled out to us during the first half of the season, my case will naturally fall right apart.

But, for now, here’s what we’ve learned:

  • Weevil was out cold and taken home by Thumper and Dodie (sp?).

  • Sully (? Not sure about that name) was sent to go get Cervando and bring him back to the bridge to get Weevil’s bike off the bridge.
  • Hector, Bootsie, and Felix were left on the bridge with Logan.
  • A PCHer is selling drugs at Neptune High and has a pipeline of coke, meth, and ecstacy.
  • The witness who came forward against Logan is not the same person who called the police from the bridge.
  • The false witness is doctor and friend to the Fitzpatricks.
  • Cervando was on the bus and killed when it went over the cliff.
  • Cervando had been bragging about hustling Liam Fitzpatrick out of a few grand down at River Styx.
  • Felix had planned to get a tattoo of Molly Fitzpatrick on his chest.
  • Hector did sell drugs to Dick but he got them from Sean and continues to deny having anything to do with the Fitzpatricks.
  • Felix’s older brother, Gus “the Reaper”, was killed by the Fitzpatricks.

Things we can infer:

  • Weevil’s bike was *not* on the bridge when the police showed up or he would have been more of a suspect than the absent Logan. This pretty much guarantees that the story of how Felix was stabbed is wrong because no way anyone was showing up after he was laying there dead to pick up that bike.
  • The only way the PCHer who is selling drugs would have access to the drugs that are being sold is if that person is connected with the Fitzpatricks.

  • Given his connection to the Fitzpatricks and the fact that he was *not* the guy on the bridge, the false witness was actually paid by the Fitzpatricks to come forward later, claiming he was the one who called the police (and thus re-opening the case against Logan).
  • Which leads us to… the Fitzpatricks are somehow involved in what happened on the bridge.
  • Hector and Bootsie are somehow involved in what happened on the bridge – why else would their version of the events on the bridge exist if they had left before the stabbing?

Questions I was left with after looking back at this info:

  • Did Cervando show up and take Weevil’s bike? If so, how’s he involved and what did he know?

  • Why was Cervando at the River Styx? Doesn’t seem like PCHers would be welcome there… much less in the position to hustle Liam.
  • How did Felix get involved with Molly?
  • Was Felix ok with the others knowing he was involved with her? Getting a tattoo of her seems to imply this since Weevil obviously knew her from the picture and it’s not like the PCHers wouldn’t eventually see the tattoo on Felix’s chest.
  • Did the Fitzpatricks know Felix was seeing Molly?
  • Who the heck is the drug connection?
  • Does any of this have to do with wanting to usurp Weevil’s power? If so, could that be some of the motive for offing Felix? He was clearly the second in command.

And, somehow out of all that, I started to wonder if Cervando could be the missing piece of the puzzle. His name isn’t coming up because he’s dead and, therefore, not around to have suspicion thrown on him. Plus, I can’t get over why he was at River Styx and why he’d be stupid enough (remember, this is the guy who was on the honor roll) to brag about hustling Liam out of money. Until I realized it could have been a front.

If Cervando is the drug dealer he not only has a sudden influx of money to explain, he also has to explain why he might be seen at River Styx. It’s also explains why the Fitzpatricks had not come after him with bats for “hustling” Liam. Those aren’t such huge logical leaps for me that I can’t believe it’s possible. I’m not sure how to explain the Hector and Bootsie part unless I also factor in the idea of taking over the PCHers or Cervando including those guys in on the drug dealing. Somehow those guys have to be involved in it but, if they weren’t the actual Fitzpatrick connection, it lets them deny knowing anything about it to Weevil. If I stretch that even further, I can almost see why Hector would be using Sean to funnel drugs if he’s no longer got Cervando to supply him.

I don’t really have any evidence to base those last few things on, though, just looking for ways it could fit into my overall Cervando theory.

But why did he kill Felix, you ask? I’m not sure. It could have been the second in charge thing but I suspect there’s something more to it. Felix dating Molly could be a red herring ala Lilly seeing Weevil S1 but I think it has a part in the bigger picture. It connects him to the Fitzpatricks but doesn’t seem to indicate he’s the one selling the drugs. That would mean having to work with the very people who murdered his brother and, like Weevil, I’m not willing to believe that just yet. You can’t help who you fall in love with but you don’t have to love her family too.

Here’s why it’s a crackpot theory: I’m going to guess that Felix and Cervando saw each other in Fitzpatricks territory. Or Molly told Felix that one of the PCHers was working for the Fitzpatricks. On the same token, Cervando could have seen Felix there as well or been warned that Felix might know the drugs. Leap into the deep end with me! If Molly knew and then the Fitzpatricks found out about Molly and Felix and that she told Felix about Cervando, then they would have warned Cervando that one of the gang was onto him and he better take care of it.

Then he’s called to the bridge to pick up Weevil’s bike and Felix is there, he sees his opportunity and takes it. I have no idea if there were Fitzpatricks there as well or, again, how Hector and Bootsie are involved. But, the overall scenario makes the most sense to me based on the information that we know at this point. And, it makes sense that the Fitzpatricks would help in the framing of Logan to make sure none of it is connected back to them. Of course, Logan and Weevil ferreting out some more drug info could blow this whole theory out of the water.

I mentioned some of the things I’m not sure about up there but I also have stuff that’s floating around and not really connected to the bridge scenario or important to it:

Things I’m unsure about:

  • Was Logan’s pocket knife used to stab Felix? Has Logan ever confirmed it? I can’t remember. That’s how it happens in the flashback we see but I’ve already said we can’t trust that. If Logan did pull the knife out to protect himself, it makes sense that Cervando would see it as an opportunity to use it instead of a weapon of his own.

  • What’s the Curly/Cervando/Fitzpatricks connection? Is there a connection? The only idea I have right now is that the people responsible for the bus crash were looking to throw the suspicion off them and set up Curly/Fitzpatricks with the Cervando story. It would be complete concidence that they are connected more closely than the bus people knew. Plus, it’s necessary that the audience see that connection somehow so that the idea of it being Cervando isn’t such a shock later. I can see how they can even connect that with Curly looking into the crash and finding out that Veronica was investigating too (hence her name on his hand) and him getting knocked off because he was getting too close to finding out what really happened.
  • Dick tells Logan that he’s “tight with those guys” (referring to the PCHers). Logan laughs (as do we) at this but it’s hard to tell if Dick was being factitious or serious. He doesn’t act like it’ll be a problem to get drugs from them so it made me wonder if he’s done that before… if he has, then he might have information Logan and Weevil need to figure out the Fitzpatricks connection.

/felix murder: crack pot theory #1


I should be a conspiracy theorist. After that post, it shouldn’t surprise you that I love mysteries and actually make charts to go along with any that I’m reading and watching.

*is crazy*

Now, somewhere in the middle of that I thought, “It’s going to turn out that Logan did do it but it was an accident and self-defense but the PCHers still want him to go down for it and all that other stuff is going to be incidental.” It’ll be Logan’s raped but not raped storyline. Plus, it’ll have been a domino effect just like the drugged drink at Shelley’s party and Weevil will see that he and other PCHers were just as much to fault as Logan so there is no one person to blame for Felix’s death. Dammit. This post would have been much shorter if I’d thought of that *before* all that other stuff! Or, I should count that as Felix Murder: Crackpot Theory #2. ;)

17 Responses to “Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot. [VM S2 FM:CPT#1]”

  1. 1
    eirefaerie says:

    see, I follow your logic here, and am thinking near and abouts the same thing. But one thing Rob is going to HAVE to do is give the individual PCHers identities, and soon. Right now, the only ones I can tell apart are: Felix, Hector, the unknown Cervando and Thumper. I mean, the thing is, right now? I don’t care about Felix. Not like I cared about Lilly. The only thing, in fact, that I care about is knowing who did it to make sure it isn’t logan. I mean, maybe that’s what he’s going for. It’s the opposite of the Lilly mystery. With Lilly, we cared about who killed her, because it was Lilly. Whereas, with Felix . . . eh?

  2. 2
    spectralbovine says:

    I’ve had my money on Cervando since “Driver Ed.” So I totally support your crackpot theory.

  3. 3
    nm973 says:

    Felix’s older brother, Gus “the Reaper”, was killed by the Fitzpatricks.

    Actually, I think Weevil said that he disappeared. I only clarify because sometimes on this show everything hinges on one word.

    Great point about Weevil’s bike not being on the bridge. I tend to agree that Cervando could be the one, only because so far there has been no other hint as to who was the target of the bus crash. Plus, if it’s Cervando, then the Felix murder and bus crash mysteries are intertwined, which I think they are. Maybe Woody’s the drug kingpin! (I’m only slightly kidding.)

  4. 4
    wee_warrior says:

    Crack pot theories rock!

    Hector and Bootsie are somehow involved in what happened on the bridge – why else would their version of the events on the bridge exist if they had left before the stabbing?

    What is interesting about this is that we don’t know if Hector and Bootsie ever told this story, because all we have seen is Thumper saying so. Of course Weevil may have asked them himself, but if he was already suspicious of them, and is trusting Thumper for whatever reason, he might have neglected that. So the one lying is probably Thumper.

  5. 5
    prime_meridian says:

    All hail the onset of Crackpot Theory Season! I like what you’ve got so far. I do wonder if it won’t turn out that Danny Boyd’s knife fight and subsequent stitching up by Griffith were a result of what happened on the bridge. I’m also curious about the symbolism of the rat on the bus. And whether it was meant for Cervando or for Dick. Because as Crackpot Theories go? The ones involving Dick are the bestest. ;)

  6. 6
    cara_leigh9 says:

    Unfortunately, Caraleigh is not even close to being smart enough to have any crackpot theories, so she’ll just live vicariously through yours.

    and YAY, we’re getting a free (FREE!!!!) DVR next week, so I won’t have sacrifice Lost and/or VM on Wednesdays anymore. Woot!

  7. 7
    mcfeste says:

    The only thing, in fact, that I care about is knowing who did it to make sure it isn’t Logan. I mean, maybe that’s what he’s going for.

    I think that’s it. Felix was a cool tertiary character, I suppose; but the reason we want to know who killed him is because we want to save Logan. And, as the season progresses, because I want whoever’s making a punk out of Weevil to *pay*.

  8. 8
    mcfeste says:

    I love that you have charts. I should make charts. *nods*

  9. 9
    raelee says:

    Damn Thumper for his lies! Now I’ve got to come up with a whole new reason that I’m right about Cervando. I agree on the individual PCHer identities but maybe they don’t matter? We know Hector and Thumper and we know of Cervando. Unless they are going to introduce someone new, I’m hoping those are our PCHer choices.

    I don’t really care about Felix either. I think I might care a little bit more now that I’ve heard Molly talk and I could be encouraged to continue to care if I see more of her but, for now, I’m more concerned that Logan get cleared. Actually, I don’t know if I even care if he gets cleared so much as cleared enough that the ankle bracelet can come off. Then again, what else would keep Logan in Neptune when things get bad?

  10. 10
    raelee says:

    And, as the season progresses, because I want whoever’s making a punk out of Weevil to *pay*.

    This is a factor for me, too. I want Weevil to figure out who has been duping him.

  11. 11
    raelee says:

    Yay a supporter! But, didn’t your money get wet in the bus crash?

  12. 12
    raelee says:

    Ahh, thank you. Weevil repeated that in VM 2×12 too so now I think you’re very right about the one word part. I wonder if we will see the Reaper return for Felix’s killer. I mean, with a nickname like that…

    Last night’s episode throws a kink into my logic because now I no longer know for sure if Cervando was on the bridge. Who knows what Thumper was telling the truth about, although it seems weird that he’d even bring up Cervando if he wasn’t somehow mixed up in it. But, would they tie the bus crash and this murder together like that? That would be different from last year but that might be exactly why they are doing it.

    I’m intrigued at the idea of Woody as the drug kingpin. I do think he’s been doing shady things to deepen the divide between the classes of Neptune so it’s quite possible that he would go that far to cause strife.

  13. 13
    raelee says:

    You’re definitely smarter than me! You called that.

    I still think my theory has some possibility but now I have to factor in Thumper’s lies. I think I’m going to have to wait for more information before I can revise.

  14. 14
    raelee says:

    Hmm, I’ll have to look up how long ago Danny’s knife fight was… I didn’t even think of that. It provides a good reason that Griffith would want to pose as the witness.

    Heh. Anything involving Dick are the bestest. ;)

    I have no idea about the bus. I didn’t think they’d be connected but now there is a good chance they are and it’s not like we have any other targets on the bus. Although, I still think that the bus accident may have been to purposely polarize the town and increase the class warfare. That theory doesn’t quite work though since we haven’t actually seen any increase in class warefare since NiTW.

  15. 15
    raelee says:

    Heh. Oh, don’t sell yourself short. *kisses you on the cheek*

    YAY! Free DVR!!! The best kind!!!! Love it. *hugs you*

  16. 16
    raelee says:

    You should! Maybe some day I shall scan them just for you… but they’re very mess and difficult to understand. I should transfer them to Excel.

  17. 17
    zimshan says:

    Whew. This season is crazyly complicated. Just reading all the facts down in one place makes my head go all wonky.

    But you’ve made charts too? Now I don’t feel so ridiculous about the ones I started. :)

    To your second theory, I say BAH HUMBUG. They’ve spent far too much time, with far too many details for it to be so simple and blah. That would end up being like the Duncan killed Lilly thing which seems to fall flat.

    But your Cervando theory! Definitely a possiblity. He was my first suspect way back in 204 before we met Thumper and decided it was him. I was so content with that theory, and then they go and give us this last episode and now I don’t believe there’s any way he’ll wind up the killer. He’s been implicated way too soon. But going back to the Cervando idea now, after we’ve gotten all of this new stuff, it’s an even greater possibility.

    The one thing though. Have we found out what the PCHers told the police? What was there statement? If no one was there when the anon. caller got there, but it was reported that the PCHers all met Logan on the bridge, that Weevil was knocked out cold, what did the PCHers use as there excuse of what happened in between? What was the full story Weevil was told before Thumper told him otherwise?

    My other thought after this new ep is, why if all the PCHers are getting their drugs to sell from the Fitzs, did Hector go to Sean.

    And just a thought, since I have this feeling that all three of these mysteries, the bus crash, Felix, and Curly, have something to do with each other. Remember when we saw Curly’s record back in 203, he was suspended for some sort of drug related problem. I seem to remember them saying it was meth? Although, was there drug trafficking in there too? I should look that one up. But anyway, Curly seems to be the puzzle between the stabbing and the crash, so what if he somehow got involved with the Fitzs drugs.

    In the end, I keep going back to the premiere where it seemed like Woody was holding power over Terrence. We already know Lamb has blackmailed him. Somehow, I just feel like the blackmail on Curly’s end could happened just the same. Lots of blackmail and conspiracies and a whole lot of twists. I don’t think we’re getting straight forward this year…