Distract yourself.   

I give up on TWOP. Err, rather, I give up on trying to get registered there. I must be blacklisted. *eg* I remember being registered, a very long time ago, but I can’t get that login info which probably means it was under an old email that is now defunct. Ah well. I do wish they’d at least notify you that you have not been approved but they aren’t in the position of having to keep people happy so I suppose they don’t have to worry about those little courtesies. (Wow! That came out much bitchier than it was intended.)

I have new VM icons. I started to explain why but it got long. The short version: When the designs I’m working on start to look the same, my brain and eyes need a break. So, I make icons. I’m working on logo and website designs at the moment and I needed several breaks today. These VM icons are the result of those…

I can’t imagine you’d want to but feel free to take and use. And, now? Quittin’ time!

7 Responses to “Distract yourself.”

  1. 1
    sometimescrazy says:

    I’m with ya on the TWOP thing. I’ve tried a few times and nothing. Oh well. At least I have LJ to keep me informed. :)

  2. 2
    tiggz says:

    i’m in the same camp with regards to TWoP. it’s probably a good thing since threaded boards are so not my thing anymore, but it still would’ve been nice to get some kind of notification.

    i don’t even lurk there anymore. i want my linear VM board, dammit!!

  3. 3
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    Pretty, pretty shiny square people!

    I miss making SSP.

  4. 4
    raelee says:

    Hmm, see, now that makes me wonder if they just aren’t accepting new applicants but why not just say that instead of leaving the registration form there? Confusing people. Like you, though, at least I can mingle with people here at LJ. The funny thing is that the only reason I want to register at TWOP is because of the TWOP people I’ve met here and I’d like to hang out with there. Oh well.

  5. 5
    raelee says:

    but, why wouldn’t they at least tell us that they aren’t accepting new registrations? that’s annoying.

    I don’t lurk there much anymore either. I just get frustrated that I can’t join the discussions and I’m not too big on the threaded board thing anymore myself.

  6. 6
    raelee says:

    Thanks, doll. And I miss you making them…

  7. 7
    sometimescrazy says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Do they sometimes put registrations on hold? I have no idea.