Be cool, Sodapop.   

Well, darn it. I have a little too much to drink and do a little too much singing (and dancing, which, for the record, does NOT help your bowling if you do it while throwing your ball) at the bowling alley on a Friday and I come back to news that I won’t get to have pictures with the cast at the Drafthouse?!

That kinda sucks. Except for the part where MM said he’ll take lots of pics for us and be available outside to take ‘em with people’s cams. ‘Course I won’t have a car to stash my camera in so it doesn’t help me. Ahh well, I’m not a big picture girl anyway. Plus, I get where the WB is coming from with that request, especially considering the news below.

Ep 11 isn’t airing until the 25tth?? If I wasn’t going to see it in Austin, I’d be pissed about that. I’m so glad I didn’t back out of going.

In other news, it’s freezing! Soon to be literally! Damn freakin’ cold fronts. I love the cold but I hate weeks where it’s warm and muggy one day and shiver-your-ass-off cold the next. What happened to the happy medium? I need to drag my happy drunk ass to bed before the buzz wears off and I’m *really* cold. Later ‘Gators.

2 Responses to “Be cool, Sodapop.”

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    anonymous says:

    We need to work on your singing. and damn it check out your myspace account. Hugs Donna

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    Hey – I never claimed I could sing. Dude, did you get my message? I was whacked. (Not that you’re reading this anyway…) Anyway, I added you to myspace thing, as you well know already since I added you and you left a message.