Much thanks to everyone who filled out my poll from last night! It’s reassuring to know I’m not crazy for thinking the way I do about things. The answers to the last question varied but I think that’s normal since that one is more likely to change depending on the exact situation.

Has anyone tried the Hershey’s Kissables? I don’t think I like ‘em but I should probably finish this bag to be sure. The candy coating and chocolate doesn’t seem to go together as well as it should. Why is it that everyone wants their own version of the M&M? They are pretty darn cute, though.

Drunken bowling tonight! Woo with a side of Hoo! I’m looking forward to it as I enjoy bowling when they have the music and lights going. I doubt we’ll be there until they turn on the black lights but one never knows when Donna and I are drinking.

2 Responses to “Thanks!”

  1. 1
    julia_here says:

    Put ‘em in a bowl on your desk. Life is too short, and fat is too easy to achieve, to spend any time eating candy you don’t like.

    Julia, struggling to drop the 20lbs I gained since I burned my foot

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    Ow! I didn’t know you had burned your foot. :(

    I do have a M&M dispenser and they’ll get eaten up quick if I put them in there. After I said I’d finish the bag, I didn’t really. Their after taste is a little too odd for me.