Uh, VM stuff I forgot in the last post.   

First, I should have said this before but… [info]spectralbovine was the first person I thought of when Veronica found out the news. Poor Meg. At least she got to go out being herself again, apologizing to Veronica for being a bitch to her.

R.I.P. Meg. We hardly knew you but we loved you all the same.

Hey. I actually got something right! Just a few days ago, after I watched the alternate ending, I predicted that Meg would be the one to die. Of course I did think it’d be some version of the scene we got in the alternate ending rather than a stupid blood clot but I wasn’t surprised to hear the news that she was dead.

I have to admit that I kinda forgot about someone dying until Keith came into Veronica’s room. Too much going on that I was annoyed about, I guess. I wish we’d seen more of awake Meg before her death because I didn’t feel as sad as I should have. I liked Meg and expected that I’d cry more over her dying but, with the way it was done, I was too disappointed over the blood clot thing and the stupidness of her death at this moment that I didn’t appropriately mourn Meg.

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    Aw. People thinking of me.