VM 2×09 Review Rec   

Sue’s review of VM 2×09 is up over at S3. Aww, she makes me want to rewatch.

Read and enjoy.

My Mother, the Fiend: What Goes Around Comes Around

ETA: OMG. O. M. G. Boston Legal just hit my worst fear ever right on the head (or, more appropriately, right on the hand). GAH. Excuse me, I need to go pour bleach all over my brain now.

2 Responses to “VM 2×09 Review Rec”

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    nm973 says:

    Thanks for posting the links to the S3 recaps. They’re always so interesting and insightful, and I’d hate to miss them.

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    You’re very welcome and I’m glad you like them. Sue and Spring put a lot of work into them so I like it seeing others enjoy their reviews.