That Pesky Santa   

In case you were wondering where I get it from, my mother IMed me just to let me know:

Mom: I can’t really talk long as I MUST get going on the wrapping of Santa’s gifts that fill the back bed room. I wish he would send along some elves to take care of the wrapping duties. I must remind him that I am not getting any younger and these days it takes me longer to do these chores.
Mom: If I don’t get to it soon there won’t be any room to walk in back there.
Me: Well, he’d have to employ a lot of elves if he sent some to each person he has presents delivered to… I can’t imagine that’d be cheap. Maybe you should suggest he try using a temping agency?
Mom: There you go that is an idea, rent a wrapper.
Me: Rent-a-Wrapper. They could be like other businesses run out of cars? Have a van all set up with wrapping paper and other wrapping supplies so they can just back right up to your house and get to work.
Mom: ya I agree as does Sis#1

At this point our IM suffers from PHONECALLFROMSISTER INTERRUPTUS, a common ailment within the Hanson family, and gets much more boring and mundane with Sis#1 on phone to Mom to me on IM relay of chit-chat about doctor visits, female issues, and cats who go to the bathroom in household plants and play with Christmas trees.

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    calturner says:

    Aww…I love your family, Rae. :D