Things rattling around in my head.   

It’s sad that today was the most boring conference day and, yet, I made more contacts today than any of the others. Do you think it is possible to give off some kind of “ask me for help” vibe? People in stores are constantly mistaking me for an employee, even in stores where the employees wear specific clothing, people will ask me for help. This apparently applies to conferences as well. That was actually helpful when I helped at several conferences and ran CFSOUTH a few years back but, today, it led to people randomly asking me questions I had no idea how to answer all day. I can’t figure out what it is that causes this… I obviously need a better “I’m scary don’t talk to me” face.

Despite the overall boredom, I did listen in on Eileen and Russ talking about ways to improve classrooms and training methods that can be used to better identify potential successful teachers. It goes along with the idea of the virtual kitchen that is used for cog rehab. It’s basically a “green” kitchen. It’s built in sections so it can be moved around to match the layout of someone’s actual kitchen. That kitchen is then scanned and recreated graphically so it can be laid over the “green” kitchen. Using a VR helmet, patients can then be re-trained to do simple tasks in their own kitchen. Anyway. Eileen is interested in using the same theory for teacher training. Allowing students to interact with a virtual classroom full of students so that they can better gauge what it’s like to be confronted real life situations. It was all very interesting and it proves that I need to look into going back to school in the educational field. It’s what I want to be involved in – whether it’s actually teaching or doing these type of research projects or working on another aspect of education. That realization was only strengthened later when a gentleman from one of the high schools in Orlando stopped by to see the booth and I talked to him for a little while about our Prime Skills work and what they are doing at the Academy to prepare students for life after school. It’s time I start investigating what kind of opportunities are available in this field.

I’ve decided that I didn’t love nor hate last night’s Veronica Mars. I still haven’t seen the alternate scene and am just waiting to watch it tomorrow at work.

I’m a little worried about getting tickets to the Marsathon. Word is that there is no limit on ticket buying now. On one hand, that might mean we could still organize bulk ticket purchases but it also increases the possibility of not getting tickets because of bulk ticket purchases (damn that double edged sword crap!). I really want to go to this event. It’s like I’ve finally made the decision to attend a fan event and I have to do it now. *makes a face at herself* Plus, uh, my M&Ms are waiting at my office. I need to be able to share those with people in person! I’m staying late at work tomorrow to try and get my ticket… Mo wants to see a movie but she’s just gonna have to wait until after 6PM.

The Apprentice drives me crazy. There is no way Alla really deserved to be fired. Felicia wouldn’t let her do the task she assigned to her and then claimed Alla was trying to take over leadership of the project. No, Alla was merely trying to be the director like you decided she should be because you were the “better” actor. It’s the perfect example of why I dislike Trump. The man has no ability to see beneath the surface of things. And Bill certainly didn’t help this week. Usually he’s so good at seeing what’s happening on a task but this time he was way off. There have been so many multiple firings this year that it’s not even surprising anymore. And it’s just dumb. Alla has done a good job for the majority of the show and yet Trump fires her based on one task? Stupid. How the hell is the other girl still in crutches? She annoys me for some reason. I think I’ll be rooting for Randall next week.

I’m freezing my ass off. I need to go curl up in my bed under my multiple blankets now. Getting up on cold mornings is the worst but it’s donut day so I have to be up and out of the house on time or everyone in the building will be sure to point out that I’m late. Fie on them.

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    ladydisdain225 says:

    He fired Alla? Much as I love Rebecca (and I do, I want to hang out and be best friends and talk about people behind their backs and stay up late watching chick flicks with her before crank calling the neighbors) Alla has consistently shown herself to be excellent and she should have been in the final two. I’m guess I’m going to root for Rebecca cause she’s my girl and cause I don’t think Randals’s nearly as great as he’s trumped up to be (I thought Alla was far more inventive and a better leader. Randal is smart and adorable, but that’s about it IMO).

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    eolivet says:

    Alla has done a good job for the majority of the show and yet Trump fires her based on one task?

    Trump sort of turns on a dime, but I think in this case, the video was SO bad, SO much worse than the other video that firing them both actually made sense. I think he might’ve wondered if maybe Alla would be difficult to manage as his Apprentice (and she’s really taken over the majority of tasks she’s participated in). She had sort of groomed Felisha and Adam as her mini-me’s, but I think the upshot to that is they became so dependent on her approval that she created monsters who were physically unable to function without her blessing. Alla was a good leader, but I’m trying to remember if I’d seen her work collaboratively with other team members on a task where she wasn’t PM (maybe the Dairy Queen task?) It can’t be “my way or the highway,” and I think that’s the persona she projected. Trump hates people who create conflict, and I think it was clear that unless Alla was in charge, she would constantly be butting heads with whoever was. That if she couldn’t even hand over the reigns to a teammate, how was she going to hand them over to a Trump higher-up…y’know? :/

    But I think Randal is the pre-ordained Apprentice, so you’ll definitely get your wish in two weeks. ;)

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    nebula1500 says:

    i think last night was the first episode of the apprentice i watched all season. i hate to be superficial, but that guy has such a weird looking face! i can’t get over it.

    also, i know what you mean about the help asking. my office is across from the copy room and whenever the lady who works in there isn’t in the room, people will ask me stuff like i’m supposed to work in there. and then when i say “i don’t have any idea how to make the copy machine staple, hole punch, and collate your 230498234 page document” they look at me like i’m an idiot. booo!