Helllllooo Nurse!   

I finally watched the alternate ending for VM 2×09 and I’m not a fan. I’m not spoiled beyond watching the opening scene for next week so this is purely speculation on my part but I have a sneaking feeling that we’ll see this actually play out in some form. That would guarantee that they didn’t waste their time filming it and it gives the audience both endings. I’d kinda be ok with that as long as they fix a few details. I didn’t mind the ending so much, except for poor Meg, but I didn’t like the little details that seemed wrong about it.

For one thing, Meg’s mother should have waited until she flat-lined before even leaving the room. In fact, I’m not even sure she would leave the room. All she had to do was put the pillow back and then proceed to freak out so she wouldn’t look so guilty leaving the room right before Meg flat lines. If V hadn’t been there, it wouldn’t have taken much to figure who was responsible for Meg’s death. So, the fact that it sounded like the flat lining didn’t start until after Meg’s mom had walked away from the bed, seems fishy. Not to mention I don’t think the baby wouldn’t have flat lined that quickly either.

For another, what nurse runs out to call security rather than immediately trying to help the patient? Especially if the patient is pregnant and there is a baby that could be saved? It just seems so odd. Meg JUST flat lined, there is plenty of time to try and revive her and yet the nurse is moving fairly slowly for the situation and she steps out of the room to call for security instead of doing it while working on Meg. It’s just so unrealistic that it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I can suspend disbelief in some situations but this isn’t one of them.

So, yeah, I’d have to vote for the ending we got. If not for the fact that “speculation” about the pregnancy has been circling for a while, it would be shocking enough to carry the ending. We don’t need murder to spice it up more and I’m over people being falsely accused of murder. How ’bout we stop using that plot device now, mm’kay?

4 Responses to “Helllllooo Nurse!”

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    roniabirk says:

    It is an extremely unrealistic ending when you start examining the actions of 1) the religious mother and 2) a trained nurse. Good points.

    I do tend to agree that this makes me think Meg will eventually be the one to go, though. I don’t know. I watched the opening scene … I just hope it is a stronger episode once we see everything in context. I’d hate for the winter break to start with a weak episode. Makes it hard to get people to come back or new people to stick around.

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    fotada says:

    The alternative ending was a joke. It has to be! It was just so…schmaltzy. And everything you pointed out about Meg’s mother is so true. She would have stayed in the room until the deed was done. I am going to live in the Land of Denial and pretend the alternative ending does not exist.

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    raelee says:

    Ahh, you make a valid point about the religious mother. I wasn’t even considering that angle. No way she’d murder her daughter and the unborn baby. That defeats the purpose. Plus, murdering her is a sure way for everyone to find out about the baby. It’d be much better to keep her hidden and force her to give the baby up. Then it’d be their dirty little secret.

    I’m starting to doubt my Meg dying theory. I have no idea why but it seems like having it be the same as the alternate ending will be cheating the auidience. Of course, I’m not sure the network cares about that. Only two more days and we’ll find out for sure.

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    raelee says:

    lol… Well, yeah, I think it was a joke but I still feel like there’s some truth to it. And, it does fit with the Neptune we had last year. I think Rob has admitted they wanted to go for the fantastical though so your Land of Denial isn’t so far away from the truth. :)