I need to watch that again.   

I really need to re-watch this episode. I watched it right after VM and I was still so busy thinking about that episode that I wasn’t fully concentrating on this one.

When the Orientation video finished and Locke said, ‘We need to watch that again.” I laughed because it was exactly what I was thinking about it, though it was actually giving me a slight headache with the shaky cam but very realistic of videos made in that timeframe.

So, the first thing that jumps out at me is the obvious Jack and Locke connection that I had previously missed. Locke with his paralysis and Jack’s wife with hers. Jack cures her of it and the island cures Locke of his. I’m not sure where I ‘m going with those thoughts but I have to wonder at the connection there when we have two characters who are such polar opposites with such a tangible connection. Then Locke insisting that Jack had to be the one to push the button. Of course, I also took that as Jack is the one who needed to give a little in his beliefs and try believing in something different. Not that Locke doesn’t need to do that as well. He’s a bit set in his views and, as we saw from the flashbacks, he’ll continue with a course of action even if it ends up harming him or taking something away he loves.

What’s-her-face from the plane? WTF?! To be fair, we have no idea if the people we saw in these scenes with Sawyer/Michael/Jin are actually “The Others”. It was an assumption on Jin’s part. Of course, given what we saw in the previews for next week – my thoughts on this may all change. So, let’s say it’s not “The Others” but the survivors from the back of the plane? Then it makes sense that Michelle R’s character is there and, given that we have no idea what they could have discovered on that half of the island, it may just be that they reacted differently to the threats of the island. Their hole in the ground could be their way of trying to protect themselves from what’s going on on the island. Again, I need to re-watch. Her reaction to Michael asking about Walt may be more telling.

I really want to know what caused Locke’s paralysis. Every time I think we’re going to find out, it turns out to be something different. We may have gotten closer to it this time – perhaps whatever he does in reaction to [Peggy Bundy] leaving him will be what causes it?

The whole hatch thing is still confusing to me. Also, the guy remembers Jack… does that mean he was sent to be apart of the experiment AFTER he met Jack? WTF? How does that explain the Crazy French Lady? She was shipwrecked on this island but then people came there for this experiment and just never saw her while they were building the underground hatch? Confusion abounds. Like I said, I gotta re-watch the whole episode because it’s fairly obvious to me that I’ve missed some key points in my distraction.

Hmm. I’m sure I’ll have more once I re-watch so that’s it for now.

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    makd says:

    I believe the experiment started before French Lady arrived. I think “the others” may have been part of the experiment.

    Back in the late 60s, there was a lot of talk in scientific circles – social science circles: anthro, soc, psych – about doing a Harvard experiment type on a remote desert island. You know: will it devolve into anarchy or evolve into a solid community. It’s looking like The Island was one of those conversations made manifest, right down to the polar bear.

    Dharma means ” protection”, or “safeguarding”, so the Dharma corporation thought of itself as protecting something or someone….. If one lives with dharma, one lives in peace — so clearly The Others are not a peaceful group, and they sure as hell don’t live in dharma. The peaceful two WERE Desmond and Kelvin…… Now it’s…..Hurley????

    What’d you get from the swan? All I can remember about swans is that (1) swans, although beautiful, are vicious protectors of their young, (2) their attacks on those who attack them are vicious, (3) Zeus transformed himself into a swan to seduce Leda, and that, of course, Leda loved swans.

    After this, I’m LOST. ;-)

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    raelee says:

    You have way better thought out ideas about this than I do! ;)

    I’m still confused by the French Lady stuff. Or, rather, on how it worked with their whole ship. So they, like the survivors of flight 815, thought they were lost on a deserted island but it turns out that wasn’t really the case? But, then, why the hostility from those in the experiment to those not in the experiment? And, the whispering in the trees… what’s that about? I assume there are speakers rigged up in the trees but was that something the Dharma Corporation was doing intentionally or was it supposed to be soothing noises to help with the peace on the island? I can see that being the case but, of course, anyone who doesn’t know what they are would be freaked out by it.

    See, I really need to re-watch so I can follow the parts I missed and not be so confused! Also, I still don’t think the people we saw last night are “the others”. I think they are from the back half of the plane. I think the others we saw out in the water are completely different people. Possibly those people are the people from the experiment but I don’t think the people who dug a hole in the ground to catch people are the same people who had a working boat and shotguns.

    As for the swan… uh, I have no idea. It may have no true significance. The only thing, other than what you mentioned, that I know about them is that they mate for life. So, maybe that was part of it – that the two people in charge of pushing the button were, in a sense, mated for life?

    I’m apparently on the island with you, LOST. :)

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    karinalee says:

    “I need to watch that again!”

    Dude! Loved the episode! Hurley rocks! Sawyer needs me to come help him bandage his sexy wounds!

    Loved the ‘twins’, i.e., The Others. Michelle/Kate, Michael/The Other Black Man – or so it seemed to me.

    Need to download VM since my other VCR wasn’t working. :(

    Karen, still on a “Serenity” high – and I got the original motion picture soundtrack today! Plus Angel’s, too.


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    karinalee says:

    Good thought about the swan.

    All I could think of was “swandive”.

    Here’s the dictionary def:


    n : stately heavy-bodied aquatic bird with very long neck and usually white plumage as adult

    v 1: to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true; “Before God I swear I am innocent” [syn: affirm, verify, assert, avow, aver, swear]

    2: move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment; “The gypsies roamed the woods”; “roving vagabonds”; “the wandering Jew”; “The cattle roam across the prairie”; “the laborers drift from one town to the next”; “They rolled from town to town” [syn: roll, wander, stray, tramp, roam, cast, ramble, rove, range, drift, vagabond] 3: sweep majestically;

    “Airplanes were swanning over the mountains”

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    karinalee says:

    Oh, and apparently there is SWAN science.


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    cdn_tvaddict says:

    OMG! I have some good stuff on the Darhma (sp?) and a cool theory about the stations that someone else sent me, but they’re all at work. Will send tomorrow.

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    cdn_tvaddict says:

    Oh, but I do remember this… is it not likely that the big ass magnet could have caused all those planes and ships to crash into the island??

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    karinalee says:

    *bounces* Love all the theories!

  9. 9
    karinalee says:

    I know that the magnet caused their fillings to feel like they were being pulled, but is it strong enough to reach up into space.

    Oh, unless they could amp it up somehow. ANd I bet they could.

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    karinalee says:

    “devolve into anarchy or evolve into a solid community”

    Very “Lord of the Flies” – except they seem to be inserting tings to see how they’d react – like the Polar Bear, Jack’s dad.

    And what about all those flashbacks? WEre they induced somehow?