Cuddle with me…   

Veronica Mars 2×02 First Reactions

OMG. That’s something she wanted to do before she died? And the boots? No no… not with those pants. Seriously, V, I do not covet your wardrobe this year like I did last year. I’m also not fond of the longer hair.

So. Umm. Ew. And that is all.

I seriously thought Veronica was having a moment earlier in the episode when she got pissed at Duncan for being so chipper at this time. Then she goes and apologizes to him (not completely unwarranted but she wasn’t completely wrong either). Also, I’m not sure how to take the after sex moments. Neither of them seemed to think it wasn’t enjoyable but she is definitely bothered by seeing Logan and knowing she heard him in the next room. How much did I love that?!

BTW, I won’t talk about teasers for the next episode here as J will probably read but I think my prediction for how “No Sleep Tonight” will be used is so gonna happen next week.

Logan with the gun!!! [info]keyser7soze posted caps of a preview with that scene in it so I knew it was coming but GAH!! Hot bad boy who can shoot. Ooh. And the line about his dad? Fabulous! I love my snarky Logan.

Ahh, Beav, you get no love. Everyone’s beating up, picking on, or ignorin’ ya. Poor kid.

Kevin! Smith! Heh. And he called her Marilyn. Ha! That’s totally a shout out to [info]cadhla.

You know, I miss the Wallace/Veronica interaction but I loved Wallace solving his own case. He learns well. Meanwhile, the jury is still out on Jackie. Hrmm. Yeah, I dunno about her.

Duncan? I don’t even know what to say… some of that acting tonight was painful.

WTF is going on there at the end? Is that the reporter we kept seeing? Or was that supposed to be the bus driver? This is why I must re-watch. And, when will Wallace give V the piece of paper so she can find out what info that guy had gotten? Again with the picking up PI tips from his girl Friday.

Oh. Haha. Logan and Veronica in the hallway. It’s so sad that it was my favorite scene of the night.

3 Responses to “Cuddle with me…”

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    cdn_tvaddict says:

    I couldn’t tell who that guy at the end was supposed to be. If it’s the bus driver, you think he’d be more… waterlogged?

    Ah, now I get why W wanted the piece of paper.

    Loved Kevin Smith.

    I can’t believe Meg survived.

    L & V in the hallway was a good scene. :)

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    raelee says:

    It’s the guy Veronica ran into at the memorial. I thought that was the same person as the reporter Wallace later talked to but screen caps and IMDB info proves me wrong. ;) But, definitely not the driver.

    Still, now I’m curious about the run-in at the memorial. Was that intentional on that guy’s part? Or, did he not realize it was Veronica at the time but later found out… along with whatever got him killed?

    Actually – I’m revising my thoughts on W and the paper. I thought it was about rubbing a pencil over it to find out what the guy had written but now I realize it was because it looked exactly like the piece of paper the ‘fake’ note for Jackie was written on earlier in the episode. It was the missing piece of evidence that clued Wallace in on the fact that she was a reporter posing as a fake student to get info. However, the question is whether he kept that piece of paper and it’ll be important to Veronica for my first line of reasoning later OR if he wrote his note about the sparkplugs on it? Hmmm?

    I also loved Kevin. I just wanted to hug him.

    Hee. Ok, well Meg surviving was one of the few spoilers I still knew after the first episode. I had to purposely keep quiet about it for everyone who was talking about her death. Well, that and the first 4 minutes they had up at UPN totally spoiled it for anyone who watched. I think she has to be alive for a few reasons, though. One, it gave Veronica more of a reason to want to investigate the crash. Two, it emphasizes the idea of class tensions at Neptune. As the girls in the hall said, the one person they knew on the bus survived and yet we clearly see that a PCHer who was liked did NOT survive. Obviously that’s just about fate but it’ll still work to increase those tensions.

    Hmm, I had more reasons why she had to be alive but I forget them now.

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    zimshan says:

    BTW, I won’t talk about teasers for the next episode here as J will probably read but I think my prediction for how “No Sleep Tonight” will be used is so gonna happen next week.

    Yup! I place my bet for next week too!