Subjects that just don’t fit.   

Oh no! I have no post. See what happens when you get to work at 5AM and stay crazy busy all day?!

So, I’m skipping Curves tonight which makes me feel guilty because it’s group meeting night and, yet, I can’t stand that the meetings last forEVER. Plus, quite frankly, I haven’t done too good on this diet the past two weeks. It was a mistake to try and do it this time around. Not because I don’t want to get back to my dieting and working out so much as I just have way too much going on and I need good definable (PREDICTABLE) schedules when I’m dieting. My life is chaos without my routine.

And, did I mention the getting to work at 5AM? ‘Cuz that? Makes me want to go home and curl up on the couch or maybe do some DDR but definitely doesn’t make me want to go feel bad all night for not eating the way I should.

I’m rambling. Surprise, surprise.

I watched shows last night and they were good but nothing outstanding. I’m enjoying HIMYM more now and not enjoying KC as much but they’re about even in my book. Since I have almost nothing else on Monday nights, I’ll keep watching until they completely lose my interest. Prison Break was good and I had to watch to find out what happened but this show just isn’t my type. I can’t figure out why either. I did, however, LOVE the hug. Aww.

What else? Oh. Weeds. Holy crap. I seriously missed like the last 5 minutes last week – well, I didn’t because I thought I saw everything but somehow? I missed what happened with the other drug dealer. Yowsers! That’s kind of a major thing to miss, Rae. Anyway. Loving it! I can’t believe the season’ll be over next week. Didn’t it just start?! Silly SHOWTIME short seasons.

I started to write out my thoughts on Serenity but it’s taking some time. Plus, I got distracted reading the script and re-reading the comics. I have to say, I’m so glad J brought hers and we read them before the movie. They really worked as a nice bridge to where the movie picked up and I wasn’t left with a lot of questions about things that were happening in the series but were already resolved where we picked up in the movie. So, anyway, I will post thoughts about the movie – you know after everyone is already bored reading the more intelligent thoughts out there. ;)

And now? Quittin’ time!

8 Responses to “Subjects that just don’t fit.”

  1. 1
    viadisaster says:

    I can’t wait to read your thoughts on Serenity. You loved it, right?

    Is it worth buying the Serenity comics or just kinda, if you come across them it’s cool?

  2. 2
    tinkelo says:


    I don’t remember how I first stumbled in here (though I’m pretty sure it was somehow VM related) and I’ve been lurking about ever sense. Since I rudely just went and friended you, I wanted to say “Hi” and introduce myself. So.. Hi! I’m Christina and I just friended you. Hope you don’t mind.. ;)

  3. 3
    kieyra says:

    Hey, someone else is watching Weeds. I’m really starting to get into it. Didn’t realize it would be over so soon.

    Nancy having the fit over the Punishment Light last week? That is so totally me.

  4. 4
    raelee says:

    Hi! Welcome!

    I friended you back the other day but completely forgot to come say hi and welcome you. Nice to meet ya. You’ve now reminded me that there are actually people out there reading! Eek. But, I’m glad you found interesting enough to stick around and friend me :)

  5. 5
    raelee says:

    Yeah, I got sucked into it. I thought I would just check it out for the heck of it and I should have known I’d have to keep watching week after week. I can’t believe it was such a short season. I figure they were just going to see how well it took? I hope it comes back because I’m loving it.

    The fit at the Punishment Light was great. And I loved it because we keep seeing her at the light and finally got the explanation for it. Hee. Now I’ll just be picturing you there when I watch it.

  6. 6
    raelee says:

    I’m days late in replying to everything! Yes, I LOVED it. And maybe someday I will share my love with the world. ;)

    I’d say it’s definitely worth buying at least the 3rd Serenity comic. The other two are cool but just like an episode of Firefly. The last one kind of explains the absence of the blue hand guys from the movie and introduces the Operative. So, mostly, just kinda if you come across them it’s cool.

  7. 7
    kieyra says:

    I hope it comes back because I’m loving it.

    I’m pretty sure I read (anecdotally…maybe TWOP?) that it’s getting some of the best ratings ShowTime has had, better than the L Word?

  8. 8
    tinkelo says:

    Thanks for the welcome! :) I know I’m going to enjoy being here.. ;)