Iron Fan Day 2   

In just a couple of hours, we’ll be heading back to the airport so that [info]cdn_tvaddict can start winging her way back home.

Awww. I’m sad. And sleepy. (My sleep schedule is all wacky with the staying up until 3 and 4 AM three days in a row.)

So. Day 2. FUN! Moving along…

What? Oh. You want to know what we actually did on Day 2. Heh.

Last week, I actually finished the Half Blood Prince which made J very happy because she had been biting her tongue about it for two months. This meant that we could actually have our discussion about the book and our various theories in person!! So, there was much back and forth on that which lead to discussion of the movies and excitement about movie #4 in November. Suddenly we were both wishing plane tickets were much cheaper because we have a lot of premieres we’d like to see together. ;)

Then, we got online to read emails and get updates. That took way longer than expected as we were also reading Joss’ posts at Browncoats and checking out a few of the movie commentaries and reviews. Reading Joss’ post about seeing the movie with his family did make us to see it again and so? That became a plan. Woo with a side of hoo!

I’m pretty sure there was discussion of things Buffy and Firefly in here. Peppered with book recommendations and the decision that we’d have to go to the bookstore on our shopping outing. Then we realized how much time we’d killed just sitting around bs-ing. Showers were taken and off we went.

It’s possible that J and I should not shop together. Within just a few minutes of entering Borders, I had three books in my hand. We also knew that Serenity: The Official Visual Companion was out and, for the heck of it, looked it up on the computer. They had it! We searched it down in the store (not the easiest task as it was filed under Media > Television rather than General Film or Movies. Nonetheless, we found the two copies they had. At first we were just flipping through it, enjoying the pretty pictures and then we realized it contained the actual shooting script. OMGWTFSQUEE!!!! J was happy because the book is more $$$ in Canada and not readily available. I was just happy beacuse, hello, SHOOTING SCRIPT!! Plus, there were parts of the movie where we wanted to know exactly what was said and now we’ve got the answers in our hot little hands. And! Get this… the Chinese is translated in the book! Score.

It’s official. J and I should not shop together. We had always planned to get GG S4 together. After all, we’re addicted to TV on DVD and continuously influence each other to get new sets when they are released. How could we not go buy the newest set together? Right. So, Best Buy had the shiny new GG S4 and they had it on sale. Yay! (This is yay because at first we didn’t notice the sale price and some mild WTF-ing took place. Then we realized they were indeed on sale and we were happy again.) We then proceeded to search for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie that is because as if either of us don’t own all 7 tv sets. I do not, however, have the movie and J wanted to correct that error. Success achieved! Then we wandered around looking at other DVDs. I debated LOST while Jody found a good deal on Bring It On. For a while she was also pondering The 4400 S1 but then got all girly when she spied Tru Calling S2. Aww, it’s not released in Canada yet so she was all excited to get it now instead of having to wait. Meanwhile, I had found Cleopatra 2525 and I got all girly. I *love* this cheesy S. Raimi show and had to get it. Gah! Well, we always knew we were a bad influence on each other.

Once we were done spending all of our money, it was off to see the Big Damn Movie. Again. Aww, it’s still great the second time around. This time we were able to focus on the little details and lots of little things suddenly made a lot of sense. Plus, we noticed a lot more callbacks to Firefly. Gotta love that continuity crack!

Movie seen for a second time, we headed back to my place to take some goofy pictures (which will be posted later) and watch TV. Yay! We watched “Anne” because it’s my favorite and we wanted to see a certain part for comparison points. Because we were on BtVS, we then watched “Chosen” and got all sniffly about the end of our show. We wanted to look at some of the Simon/River flashbacks to compare to something in the BDM so we popped “Safe” in next. Aww, “Yeah but she’s our witch.” I then forced J to watch the pilot of Cleopatra 2525 and she laughed right along with me at the futuristic outfits and cheesy effects. Finally, to finish out our evening, we broke out the GG S4 discs and watched the first episode, referring back to the Gilmore-isms reference guide as we watched. Look, there’s the Rory that we actually LIKED! Funny how this episode contains some foreshadowing about how Rory changing when she goes to Yale. Not sure that was intentional but it’s there.

And that, my friends, is Day 2 in a nutshell. A rather big nutshell but a nutshell. As I said, pictures to come later. For now I must go shower so I can enjoy my last hour with J.

9 Responses to “Iron Fan Day 2”

  1. 1
    spectralbovine says:

    I know which part of “Anne” you’re talking about! And I suck for not seeing that myself. I only noticed when other people said it.

    Sounds like a fun fun time, Rae.

  2. 2
    calturner says:

    So glad you and J had such a wonderful time! Can’t wait to see the pics. {{{Rae}}}

  3. 3
    zimshan says:

    Serenity: Oh, yea. I most definitely caught alot more of those little details the second time around. The more I saw, the more they just warmed my little heart!

  4. 4
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    Awww. I’m sad & sleepy too. Thanks so much for everything.

  5. 5
    raelee says:

    Thanks :)

    Nah, you don’t suck (heh). It’s just one of my favorite parts of Buffy. I was duty bound to notice it instantly. Did you catch that Wash’s “the part where it’s a trap” line? Something very similar was said by Willow in “When She Was Bad” in S2. I’m not sure if that was intentional on Joss’ part or just him, like RT has done with several of his lines/characters/concepts, reusing something he liked.

  6. 6
    raelee says:

    Thanks, darling. {{{Cal}}}

    It was much fun and I promise to get the pictures uploaded tomorrow. Work has been crazy the past two days so I haven’t gotten the chance yet.

  7. 7
    raelee says:

    I know! Geez I love this show. I’m not sure if the things I notice that are similar to Buffy are just because it’s Joss and it’s all coming from his brain so it’s bound to overlap or if it was intentional on his part. Plus, a lot of River’s earlier lines suddenly made a lot more sense when re-watching. Things that sounded like babble before clicked the instant I heard them the second time around. “They didn’t lie down. They never lie down.” I turned to J and was like, “OHHH. I get it now.”

  8. 8
    raelee says:

    No, no… thank you. :)

    I just realized you had posted this that morning! Awww. {{{J}}} I miss you!!

  9. 9
    zimshan says:

    Oh, yea. I caught that one second time around too. I should have known. Joss’s psycho babble is never just babble.