Oh, Howie, you big ‘ole beefcake!   

I’m tired. Have I mentioned how much I hate moving? I have way too many freaking books for one girl. Mo couldn’t believe that it took us two car loads to move all my books. Maybe it’s time I purged? I have assignments from Mo on what I should be packing tonight (she knows me and my mad procrastination skillz well) but my head hurts and I just want to go to bed so I guess I’ll have to do them in the morning. But, first, some BB6 commentary for you.

Welp. I guess I am happy that Ivette finally got pictures from home so we can stop hearing her whine about how she is the only one who hasn’t had anything from people outside the house. Beyond that, I’m rather disappointed with the way things are going. I’m afraid we’re going to end up with three people I don’t like at the end.

Ivette put up Howie and Janelle (surprise!). Janey then won the veto comp. This comp was supposedly just like one they had last year – they morphed several HG together. So, for instance they would put Rachel’s hair, Beau’s eyes and nose, and Eric’s chin. The HG then have to identify each person in the morph. There were… four or five morphs. I’m a little unclear on how many but Janey did got a time of something like 2 minutes and some seconds.

Naturally, the others can’t believe that she is actually smart enough to do it that quickly so they immediately started claiming the competition was rigged. April even thinks BB let Janey re-do her comp several times. She firmly believes that Janey is somehow in on the “Summer of Secrets” and BB wants to keep her in the house so they keep helping her win competitions. Oh, yeah, and they think Janey has an unfair advantage because she is a huge fan of the show and watched BB3/BB4/BB5. (Conveniently forgetting, I suppose, that they had full access to each of those seasons on DVD/tape and could have watched them once they found out they were going to be on BB.)

They are killing me. They are honestly so delusional that’s it has become frightening. Maggie went on a rant about how Janelle knew the game so well, she knew that she had to come in and be a heartless bitch. This was the reason she gave for Janey not making any friends on the show. Uh. Ok, crazy Maggie. If Janey has made no friends on the show why did she want a call from a guy she MET on the show? (Mind you, they continue to think that was insane – to fall in love with a guy on the show even though the Friendship are all SUCH GOOD FRIENDS now and LOVE EACH OTHER to death. Did I miss something? Didn’t THEY meet on this very same show and weren’t THEY claiming to love each other after 2 weeks together? What makes it so different for Janey? Oh – wait – that’s right because of the FAKE claims that Mike was a sexual predator. So, if they admit it’s ok for Janey to like him, then they admit that they were wrong about him and we all know they are the righteous, moral centers of this game. They can’t be wrong about anything.)

Eeek. Where was I? Oh, yes, Janey has no friends. I guess I’m losing my mind or something because I could have sworn that Janey has become very good friends with Mike, Kaysar, Howie, Rachel, and Sarah (who, for what it’s worth, has said she hopes Janey wins and that she will continue to be friends with her outside this game). No, no, Maggie’s right. Janey has made no friends in that house.

I guess I should explain why Maggie was saying this, huh? Maggie, Ivette, and April spent some portion of last night trying to convince Howie that they were sooo sorry to that he’ll be leaving the game and that Janey is a selfish bitch because she won’t use the veto on him. Actually, apparently she’s a selfish bitch because she’s going to use the veto instead of just leaving the nominations as they are… Excuse me while I go laugh my ass off again. These people ASTOUND me with their gall. Janelle is up on the block. She’d be STUPID not to use the veto on herself. STUPID. And, if Janey is selfish for using it on herself then wouldn’t Howie be selfish for asking her NOT to use it?!

Luckily, Howie is not a dumbass like they think he is and he told them that he’d never ask Janey to use the veto on him or not to use it. Basically told them that would be dumb. Good for him. He and Janey have always understood that they may not be able to make it to the end together. They are working on a plan for trying to get Ivette to see that she is better off taking them to the end and not Maggie or April. It won’t work but they have nothing to lose in trying.

I’ll be sad to see Howie go on Thursday. I’ll miss him in the house and poor Janelle will be stuck with three women who hate her with a passion that is downright scary. Still, I think Janey is strong enough to stand up to them and make it to the end. I hope that she can do it because I’d really like to see one of my favorites at the end – even if there is no chance in hell she can win. Winning this year will have very little to do with game play and everything to do with spite and mob mentality.

I’m kinda glad that BB6 will be over soon. Oddly enough, I genuinely *like* more house guests this year than the past two years but, overall, I don’t care for the people in the house. I’m ready for my other shows now.

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    eolivet says:

    Wow, I’m glad I know this because it doesn’t seem like they’ll show it on the actual show. :/ Do we know who was put up as a pawn in Janelle’s place or is that done live on Tues?

    While I’d love for Janelle to win, too, I think Howie sealed their fate by putting up James and Sarah. It was, IMHO, the single dumbest move in the game, as it cost them an ally they would’ve needed to keep Kaysar in once he returned.

    And wow, I do love reality show contestants who blame show “conspiracies” on them losing. :rolls eyes:

    I just hope Maggie isn’t in F2 — while Ivette is self-righteous, she’s not as…smug about it, I don’t think. Maggie’s speech about “morals” in this game made me want to throw things at the screen. HATE. :/

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    harper47 says:

    More pixiperk speeding up I-75 and I-4 ASAP.

    I can share the hate to move vibes. Blech! Well – it’ll eventually be over. And hey – brand new episodes of VM and all your other faves coming soon.

  3. 3
    cdn_tvaddict says:

    *hugs you* Hope the packing isn’t too terrible.

    I’m ready for your other shows too. :)

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    raelee says:

    Well, they did a lot of it so they may show some of it. Guess we’ll see tonight? They don’t ever show them really questioning Big Brother, though, so you’re probably right.

    They had the veto ceremony yesterday and April was put up in Janelle’s place. The latest is that Jan and Howie talked to Ivette together and pointed out that her only chance to win the $500K is to take one of them and not Maggie/April. It did get her thinking but she’s firmly in Maggie’s pocket and not turning on the FS. However, it’s clear she resents that April makes more money than her (well, her income combined with her husband’s income is most definitely more than Iv makes) and still would want to win over Iv. Should be an interesting final 3 if these girls end up having to pick one over the other.

    I have to agree with you on Howie’s dumb move. I still think they wouldn’t have been as bad off with that move if they had backdoored James there and actually gotten JAMES out of the house at that point. It was him actually putting them up and not getting him out that killed the game for them. Also, I agree about Maggie. I don’t like Ivette but I’d actually be ok with her winning because at least her family needs the money. I know it shouldn’t be about that aspect but – since I don’t like any of these 3 girls – it’s the only “positive” way I can look at one of them winning.

  5. 5
    raelee says:

    Thanks :)

    Well – the move will definitely be over on Sept 15th. Or, at least, phase 1 of the move. I gave my official notice today and that’s the day I agreed to be out of my apartment. Eek!

    Oh well – now I can focus on making sure I have my TV in time for my shows. The not knowing when I needed to be out and when to start tv in one place and turn it off in the other was driving me crazy. :)

  6. 6
    raelee says:

    Thanks, Babe. It isn’t so bad… I’m just a friggin’ packrat. Mona was giving me a hard time about it. She told me I have more stuff as a 28 year old single than most married couples do. Heh. I can’t help it – I grew up in a house full of hoarders!

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    eolivet says:

    I still think they wouldn’t have been as bad off with that move if they had backdoored James there and actually gotten JAMES out of the house at that point. It was him actually putting them up and not getting him out that killed the game for them.

    Good point — I also think the fact that Howie also put up Sarah totally screwed his team over. I think James could’ve — and might’ve — gone back to Team K, if he had been put up along with someone from the FS, and won the veto. He might’ve respected that as gameplay — but putting Sarah up there was a personal stab in the back.

    I don’t like Ivette but I’d actually be ok with her winning because at least her family needs the money.

    Yeah, and she’s also the only one who has gone outside of the FS group to try and form relationships with other people (i.e., James). She doesn’t just talk a good game — she actually shows personal relationships mean something to her through her actions. Whereas I find Maggie utterly disingenuous and April completely incapable of thinking for herself.

    :crosses fingers for Janie to win HoH this week: :/