Filtering things out.   

Since things are picking up and VM is on my mind a lot more these days (who knew that was even possible), I want to get prepared for S2. The urge to speculate on things hits me a lot more these days so I’ve made a VM spoiler filter to ensure no one accidently gets spoiled around these here parts. I don’t even know that I’ll use the filter that much because too much speculation on my part lead to expectations and those lead to inevitable disappointment. Still, better safe than sorry.

I’m all about protecting everyone’s S2 spoiler virginity so I’m asking that any mention of spoilers – whether they are teeeny tiny casting spoilers or large OMG!WTF spoilers be kept to the comments area of spoiler filter posts only. That way people don’t have to worry about accidently reading a comment that’s not labeled correctly.

Who’s on the filter list? I’ve only put you on the filter if I’ve actively been discussing S2 spoilers with you already. If you don’t think that includes you and you want to read my very non-exciting specs about things, just ask to be added.

PS – Uh, yeah, I don’t actually get any spoilers. There are many more lovely folks out there who have that talent. ::blows kisses to [info]ww1614 and [info]keyser7soze:: I’m just a leach who sometimes has thoughts about the info I’ve sucked off of them.

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