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Here’s the thing. Beyond VM, I don’t read fanfic. It’s not because it’s not good or that I wouldn’t enjoy it if I did read. It’s just that it’s never been my particular cup o’ tea. I am only reading VM fic because I’m desperate and even a large portion of that ends up driving me more mad than satisifying my VM cravings.

I’m kinda a freak for canon and, though I may *wish* to see certain things happen, anything that goes beyond what I think we’d ever get on the show I have a hard time believing. That takes all the enjoyment out of it for me – no matter how well written. And, AU? Doesn’t really interest me. I think I’ve only read one piece and only because it came highly recommended. Needless to say, the fics I enjoy the most are those that stick close to canon and, even then, I worry that I’ll start to incorporate some of the fanfic ideas into the show and forget what is true canon.

Basically it’s a weird mental block I have which stops me from reading, for most shows, fanfic.

Still, all of that aside, I have friends who write fanfic and are supportive of my fanfic. Lately, I’ve felt bad that I’m not reading their fanfic and raving about it here. I know they get my mental issues (*frowns at the noises from the peanut gallery*) but I’d still like to show my support in some way.

So, this post is all about pimping their work. I may not read their work but *you* can! Enjoy.

First up: [info]julia_here is writing Just Another Irish Rose (Angelus/Dru – [R] overall) – This is a WIP but she’s quick to update and I’ve heard many good things about it.

Second batter: [info]nandibble is currently working on Blood Price (BtVS/Spike, that link takes you to Chap 1, see her journal for the rest of the chapters). – Nan gets much praise for her work so I know it’s marvelous. You should check it out. Her past works can be found on the S3 site at: http://www.soulfulspike.com/bookshelf.htm

Third up is Rob Sorenson. He rocks. Period. He hasn’t been sucked into LJ yet but you can find his Chronicles of Truth on the S3 site. It’s a series of Buffy-verse fics. Plus, I’d be remiss not to rec Schoolbus Rock, his take on what happened after the last moments of S7. That I have read and it’s awesome.

If you like work of the folks above, please go tell them here: http://scubiefan.proboards48.com/index.cgi?board=fanfiction

Now I’ve got a few non-fic recs as well:
1. Spring Summer’s analyses of “Spike” episodes, Spikecentricity.
2. My hero, EG’s exploration of past Angel epsides, Angelphile
3. Lost reviews by various S3 folks, Lost Discoveries
4. That dyanmic duo Sue & Spring take on S1 VM in Open Case: Veronica Mars
5. Havoc’s thoughts on BSG
6. The lovely Sara reviews Firefly: Another ‘Verse

Ok, I gotta stop now… if you’re interested in reviews of Angel S5 or other misc. BtVS/AtS stuff, please explore: http://www.soulfulspike.com/indexholder.htm.

And now? I’m all pimped out!

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