Does it come in black?   

Friends, lunch, and movies are things that are of the good variety. Saw Batman Begins today and War of the Worlds yesterday. Will comment on both later after I’ve made a cake. I’m just a cake baking fiend this week.

The setup: M & I drove together. K drove herself. We met at Crispers for lunch and walked down the plaza to the theater. Saw BB. Enjoyed BB. Discussed Katie Holme’s assets/nipples as we walked back to our cars. K stopped at hers and M & I continued on… this was our parking lot exchange.

K: Hey, hey! Where’re you going? I need love here. [She frowned at us and opened her arms wide, beckoning us with her hands.]
M: *rolls eyes*
Me: Wouldn’t want to deny you love.
K: What, is it because I’m gay? Are you afraid of the gay hug?
Me: Us?
M: Gay? Whatever. I bet you’re afraid of the straight hug.
K: *hesitates a beat* Maybe. Probably. A little.

ETA: Sorry to tease with the tidbit about our convo prior to this moment. I’d share that one but it wasn’t as exciting as it sounds. It was mostly included in the setup to help you better understand the reason this particular exchange amused me.

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