Aliens & Gotham   

Two movie “reviews” for the price of none.

Non-spoilery comments on War of the Worlds: I know some people have chosen not to see this because of Tom’s recent behavior but, it is a testament to his acting that you can’t picture that guy who’s been all over the press lately in Ray (his caracter’s name in this flick). So, yeah, still impressed with his talent. Same kudos go to Dakota – I’ve always loved her and she continues to blow my socks off. I was ready to smack her a few times during the movie when she was freaking out but it wasn’t because she was doing it badly. Just the opposite – it was realistic freaking out and it was freaking me out.

Effects, sound, imagery was all fanastic – as expected from Mr. Spielberg. I had some problems with some things in the story (see the spoilery section below) but they weren’t intrusive enough to ruin the movie for me. The time seemed to fly and, despite the full theater, I only noticed the people around me once or twice. And? This is definitely one of those movies you should see on the big screen.

Now, onto the spoilerly portion of this commentary. I hope you’ve seen the movie by now because this next line will definitely spoil it for you. Robby should have died. I’m all for the happy ending but aliens fucking invaded Earth and not one person important to Ray died. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the original movie or read the book so I’m not sure if this is how it turns out in those as well but I definitely felt we should have had more consequences for our main character. Not to mention? There is no way in fucking hell Robby survived that fireball moment.

I also had a hard time believing that the viruses worked so quickly on the aliens. I get the message but it seems like it would take a little longer to get them sick. Plus, I was a little confused as to how that affected the shield on the tripods. Were the tripods living things seperate from the aliens? If yes, why weren’t they immune – they’d been on Earth, under the ground, for EVER – they’d have already been exposed to the same things as us.

My final complaint, if you can call it that, has to do with Ray’s reaction when he realizes what the dust is that is covering him. There’s that moment where his daughter asks him what it is and he suddenly realizes what’s going on… and snaps out of his shock. Rob thought he did a pretty good job freaking out but I felt we didn’t really see it. I would have been smacking the ashes off of my body like crazy when I realized… ugh! It’s kinda freaking me out just thinking about it. *squirms in her seat*

All that aside, it was a great movie. I love disaster flicks and I’d recommend going to see this one while it’s still in the theaters.

Non-spoilery comments on Batman Begins: Now this movie? Made my weekend. I don’t even know where to start. I love Bale as Bruce Wayne. If they make another one of these, they better bring him back. No one else will ever work for me again. The mix of action with story was just right for me. Plus, there was just the right mix of humor thrown in… instead of making it all one-liners, they were woven in at moments that felt right. And, hey, if you don’t believe me, believe this… M is not a fan of these type of movies and she had no desire to see this one but she LOVED it.

And, now for the spoilery portion. I love Katie. I do. I don’t care about Tom and all the craziness right now, I just love the girl. But, I find it beyond amusing that EVERY movie I’ve ever seen her in, her nipples are hard and very visible! What is up with that? You know every man on that set notices it… why are the make-up/wardrobe people not saying, “Hey, Katie, you might want to try and soften those things up…” Not that it’s bad. She’s got nice assets, no shame in showing them off. So, anyway, sorry about that. It’s just that it happens in that last freakin’ scene so it was the last thought on my mind as the movie ended.

M and K both loved Alfred’s line about Bruce doing push-ups. It was pretty damn funny. I think I loved the splunking humor myself. Hee. And, speaking of splunking, the bat cave stuff was my absolute favorite part of the movie. There are so many ways they could have sucked all the joy out of his establishing Batman’s lair but they didn’t and I love them for it.

I also loved that we saw Alfred remind him that he had to maintain the Bruce Wayne front in order to pull off being Batman. And you know why that warms the cockles of my heart? Because THAT is why Alfred is always so understanding about Bruce’s ways later on… I wanted to see those setups, I needed to see them. So, yay! for my inner fangirl. Damn but I want to see this again so I can catch all the things I missed the first time.

So, all in all, a lovely time was had at the movies this weekend and it’s only Saturday. Oooh, plus, despite us being late to Batman Begins, I still managed to catch the Serenity preview. I can NOT wait!

6 Responses to “Aliens & Gotham”

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    cara_leigh9 says:

    I really want to see War of the Worlds, but it’s so hard for Brad and I to get out and see movies in the theater. I may just have to make a point to go see it somewhere next week.

    I want to see the Serenity preview sooo badly.

    *hugs to you*

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    *hugs you back*

    You should see it on the big screen if you can but I know how difficult that is… The Serenity preview wasn’t before that movie, though. I actually went to see WotW with Rob. Not sure why this is important but now you know. ;)

    Ok – I gotta go to bed. *blows kisses Cara’s way* Night, darling.

  3. 3
    cara_leigh9 says:

    Oh yeah, I definitely want to see it on a big screen. I CANNOT wait for Serenity. I keep meaning to get my Firefly DVD’s out and watch them, but I haven’t done that yet.

    I hope the Rob-ster is doing okay. I haven’t seen him around in a long time. Next time you talk to him or see him, give him a hug from me.

    ‘Nighty night

    Oh, I meant to tell you in my last comment that I love the cake you did.

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    eolivet says:

    Yay, someone else who liked saw War of the Worlds!! :) I agree with your review, especially about Tom and Dakota. That girl is going to get an Oscar someday, I swear…

    Rob thought he did a pretty good job freaking out but I felt we didn’t really see it.

    Yes! I actually covered my ears because I thought he was going to throw up. That would’ve had more impact, I think. (Also, how eerie were those clothes floating through the air…reminded me of 9/11, and I wonder if that was intentional :/ )

    We’ll agree to disagree on Batman Begins, but that’s just because I can’t stand Christian Bale. Michael Caine as Alfred DID rock, though. :)

  5. 5
    calturner says:

    I saw WotW last night. I thought it was a great movie. Tom Cruise is a wonderful actor. I choose to ignore what he does in his RL. :) Dakota is such a good actress! She’s definitely got a big future ahead of her.

    I have to admit I have absolutely no interest in Batman at all. :)

  6. 6
    spectralbovine says:

    Somehow, I missed the nipples. Seriously. Everyone keeps talking about the fucking nipples, yet I didn’t notice them at all.