Lockers in VM   

Apparently Wanda and Meg share a locker… I think someone else had it too. Oh, Troy.

In each of the scenes with Veronica talking to them at their lockers has Veronica leaning against the same locker, two lockers away from the locker the character in question is standing.

Why – or even how I’d notice this you ask? Because the locker Veronica is leaning against has very distinct stickers. In fact, I believe, according to scenes with Logan at his locker that it’s the locker above his (when he’s using the bottom locker, that is). That locker has a “HURLEY” sticker on it that jumps out at me every time I see it.

The issue I have with this? In the scene with Wanda, Veronica is at her locker and then walks across the hall to Wanda’s locker. Only … I could swear we’re led to believe Veronica and Logan’s lockers are in different halls. Granted, I know that they probably have one or two actual working lockers but I wish they had been a little bit more careful about putting identifying stickers on the lockers around those so that it wouldn’t jump out at us (ok, ME) during the locker scenes.

3 Responses to “Lockers in VM”

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    chrisjournal says:

    I have a random belief that her locker changed somewhere along the way? But that could be fic, too…

  2. 2
    raelee says:

    Veronica’s you mean? Canon says it changed in… Betty and Veronica? I think that’s the episode. Clemmons agrees to let her move it in exchange for finding the missing parrot. Then we see her moving into a locker next to Wallace and him saying he’s touched by her picking a locker near him.

    Hmm, ok, so maybe the scenes I’m thinking of that put Logan and Veronica’s lockers away from each other happen after that moment? Not that that explains why Logan starts out with a top locker, goes to a bottom one, and then back to a top one.

  3. 3
    raelee says:

    Oh. Her locker is completely different in the pilot. (I think I’ve read they filmed some of the pilot at the actual high school so that must have been one of the scenes. Her locker is white – with no stickers. That definitely changes later. Plus, the groups of lockers at the actual high school is smaller than the lockers on the set.)

    Ok – I really need to stop obsessing now.