It kinda rocks.   

“Alrighty Logan, we’ll just skip over the two minutes in Heaven we had.”

Three guesses what I’m watching… but, you know what’s better? I’m watching it on my TV! Yee haw!

Read [info]wisteria_‘s post the other day about her new DVD player. It sparked my interest and I went to check it out at lunch today. I’m a sucker and I bought one… ahhh. I *so* don’t need it but I’m loving it.

The DVDs I made a couple of weeks ago? I can now watch them on my TV instead of just my laptop. SO sweet! Having some issues with a few episodes. I’ll have to see what I can do about that… especially since one is my favorite episode and the other has my favorite scene of all time. At least I can watch them on the laptop if nowhere else.

“There is nothing greater than living in the moment.”

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