I want a man.   

I keep watching the last scene. First, I’m 99.9% convinced it is 3PM when V is woken up by the knock. There is light shining in her room and it definitely appears to be light out through the windows and as she opens the door. Second, I just can’t convince myself it’s Logan or Duncan. Her facial expression doesn’t fit any scenario I can fanwank with those two. Therefore, I am back to agreeing with everyone else that it’s Wallace. Goodbye to one best friend and hello to a new one… and a healthier one at that.

Her body language when she opens the door and sees the person is very similar to her body language when she’s sitting on Wallace’s bed at the end of A Trip…. *sigh* “That’s kinda the good part.” Still my favorite quote of the season. Also, that whole scene when she shares with Wallace and now how she says goodbye Lilly. It’s all about the transition and moving on for V.

And the good part about that is that maybe now she can really start to think about a relationship with someone. Logan didn’t stand a chance while V was still wrapped up in Lilly and the past. So, if it wasn’t Logan at the door, I’m guessing he’s gonna disappear for the summer and the first time we see him again will be the same time V sees him for the first time.

Also – my disappointments with the finale are because I allowed myself to have expectations about the ending of the previous episode. I really didn’t want it to turn out Veronica was ditching Logan because of the cameras. I still don’t feel like we got a real explanation for why she ran away but, now that I’ve accepted it wasn’t what I expected, I am enjoying the finale a lot more.

On to non-VM stuff. Alias is just not exciting me these days. I miss the overall season arc and this last minute push to set things up isn’t working for me. However, the previews for next week did look good… maybe they can turn it around at the last minute?

Dude. I lost 9 pounds! That’s freaky. True, I haven’t weighed in since February so that’s really only 3 pounds a month but it was much better than I was expecting! It feels good to be caught up on my measurements. Now I just need to get back to my routine and stop making up excuses to just go home at the end of the night instead of working out.

And, hey, I’ve been craving bananas and apples every day. Maybe it’s ME who is pregnant and not Lorelai? Kidding! Not that I’d be upset about being pregnant and, if I am, I’ll probably be making millions… because, as far as I know, you can’t get yourself pregnant. It kinda takes a MAN for that.

That brings us back to the subject of this entry. My Logan love has reawakened my craving for a boy (man) in my life. Don’t want to find him on Yahoo! though so don’t even go suggesting I answer some of those annoying IMs!

Eh. I gotta get to bed.

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    karinalee says:
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    karinalee says:

    {{{Rae}}} Boys are nothing but trouble. *hug*

    WOO-HOO on the 9 pounds lost!! I’ve lost 5 in the past 3 weeks. Pretty happy about that. I should make an entry in Angelic Bodies.

    You said: RE: Veronica “Goodbye to one best friend and hello to a new one… and a healthier one at that.” I never thought of it like that, even though I figure it’s Wallace at the door. You putting it like that has convinced me even more that it is Wallace. She’s going to need a best friend to face next year. Love V/W together as friends.

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    raelee says:

    Thanks darling! And congrats on your 5 pounds. That is great!!

    I could go crazy wondering who is at the door… Some of me is totally convinced it’s Wallace and then another part of me thinks it could still be Logan. I did read elsewhere, though, that the thing about it being Logan is that we would miss all the convos that come next… because we’re supposed to start the next season months after the moment at the door. Unless Logan comes to the door and leaves again, it means they’d be doing a lot of problem resolving off screen and that’d kinda suck. Surely the writers want to enjoy writing those scenes so we’ll get to see them?

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    karinalee says:

    Thanks, sweetie! I hope I can keep them off this time.

    Thinking about your reasons, the only other person it could possibly be is Duncan. Which would make sense, if they wanted to set up V/L/D conflict next year.

    Making peace with Lilly first, and then Duncan in the next scene would make sense, and set up the moments that are going to come between Veronica and Logan later.

    It’s going to be a long summer….