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I’m copying these over here because the board will be down tomorrow and I may want to add to them when I have actually had some sleep:

On Logan and V
One final thought and then I have to get to bed because I’m gonna be a real nice person tomorrow at work.

Logan and Veronica are an interesting duo. I’m not sure how this will affect them but neither of them ever react the way I think they will to each other. I’m not saying that’s bad because it never truly comes off as out of character – just not the character aspect I was expecting.

Veronica doesn’t show up to the boat date… Logan doesn’t seek her out until he sees her again at school the next week and then he’s not all pissy, he’s just trying to talk to her. Veronica accuses him of rape and he brushes aside her apology and openly admits she is his girlfriend to the 09-er crowd just hours (?) later. Veronica disappears on him and avoids him at school and he doesn’t make it a point to seek her out but lets her come to him and, even then, only does a small amount of snarking before just accepting her back.

So, what’s the deal? Is it because Logan wants, no, NEEDS to be loved by someone? He’s floundering and I think Logan was messed up before Lilly’s death. He found out he wasn’t the center of Lilly’s world and now he’s trying to find someone to love him again? Or, does he just get Veronica and the way she is and accept that? Does he get that he’s got a history with her that is going to stop them from being your typical high school girlfriend/boyfriend? I can’t really tell at times but I think it’s more likely not to be the angsty result I’d normally expect in this type of situation.

Actually – the way I end up reading it is that Logan likes her, plain and simple. He’s done some shitty stuff to her and she does some shitty stuff to him but, despite it all, he likes her and it keeps bringing him back. I don’t think it’s going to be easily smoothed over but I don’t think it’ll take that long before V and L are back together again – if it’s something they want. Rob T. doesn’t seem to waste time on those type of angsty moments. He gives us enough to make it feel real but he doens’t drag them out and I suspect that’ll stay the same next season with these two.

On Lilly and V’s Last Scene
Spring had said that… “Agree. Veronica has this idealized view of Lilly that she hangs on to. But Lilly was a very screwed up li’l girl.”

And my response:
What you said is what added a bittersweet taste to the last scene with Lilly and Veronica. That scene isn’t just about Veronica having to let go of Lilly in the sense of – her murder is solved and she can rest in peace now. It’s also about Veronica letting go of the “innocent” image she has of Lilly. There was nothing innocent in what led to Lilly’s murder.

Ironically, thinking Duncan murdered Lilly and using Abel as a cover was a much better “image” story for the Kanes. Now it’ll become public knowledge that Lilly was one messed up little girl – sleeping with her boyfriend’s father who was taping it all. Veronica has exposed a lot more than just the true killer this time around and I saw that last scene with Lilly as the last time/moment Veronica had to enjoy her friend as she always saw her before having to acknowledge the darker reality.

On Lilly and Aaron
Spring said… “Lilly – I forgive her the foibles because of her youth, but really – sleeping with your boyfriend’s father is beyond frisky and fun. It was an extremely hurtful thing to participate in, and suggests a really short-sighted selfishness – it was potentially devastating to Logan, hurtful to Lynn . . . her youth is the only thing that saves her – she’s young and foolish and thoughtless.”

And I responded:
Now see, this is where it kinda loses me. I just didn’t get it. Granted, we knew Lilly wasn’t all lily white with innocence but it seemed like alot of her wickedness was born out of a desire to piss her mom off. Duncan knew Logan’s dad beat him… which leads me to believe Lilly knew it and she STILL slept with him? That’s just sick.

I’m not sure how Veronica ever managed to stay dressed in white with Lilly as her friend. I’m just sayin’.

On Lilly’s “Good” Secret
I’m sorry that I’m not going back to find who said this… someone mentioned thinking Lilly’s secret for Veronica was not the tapes? I’m not so sure. Earlier on in the episode we see Lilly sharing the “secret” naked photos with Veronica. I think having the tapes to share was just another secret… ‘cept wouldn’t she think Veronica would be stunned to learn Lilly was sleeping with Aaron? (Yes, this is STILL bothering me!)

On Weevil’s Comments to Logan in “A Trip to the Dentist”
Ooh… ooh. Something does make a whole lot more sense to me now. Weevil’s comment to Logan about him not touching Veronica the way he touched Lilly?

I’m thinking Aaron was just the type to get rough in bed and I’m guessing he left marks on Lilly. Weevil, knowing Lilly was dating Logan, assumed Logan was the one leaving those marks.

Which, of course, probably means Weevil was involved with Lilly in a sexual sense even if I have never wanted that to be the case… which means Weevil will also suffer some angst and disappointment as a result of finding out about Aaron/Lilly. The plus side is that, if he found that out before finding Logan on the bridge, he’s gotta have some empathy for the dude despite their differences.

Ok… that’s it. I probably made other replies to people’s comments but I’m too tired to find them now. I need to drag my arse to bed.

3 Responses to “Oh, and…”

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    karinalee says:

    RE: Lilly’s really GOOD secret.

    Now, if it was the tapes, wouldn’t that mess up V’s timeline of the murder?

    In V’s ‘ah-ha’ moment (and we’ve seen that those don’t always turn out to be 100%), we see Lilly taking the tapes, and what it looks like as Aaron rushing over there in a fit of anger to retrieve them.

    I was under the assumption that Lilly told Veronica that she ‘had a secret’ earlier that day at the car wash. So, I don’t think the tapes were the secret. And I don’t think the affair was either. I think whatever it was, she wrote and put it in the pen. That would mean that Weevil knew what her secret was, and he didn’t know about Aaron, I don’t think.

    Re: The book/square thing that Aaron killed Lilly with. It didn’t look like it was sharp enough to do the damage we saw. I’m still not totally buying that Aaron is the killer. Did RT actually say in real specific terms that the killer would be revealed this season, or did he say the mystery would be solved? (I know – I’m wrong here – but I just can’t help this feeling.)

    RE: Why Lilly chose Aaron to fool around with. Obviously she was with him a few times. I figure it was post-Logan and as payback. Which is really evil and messed up, but maybe more understandable than just assuming it was a random thing.

    Agree on the Aaron was probably rough in bed. I wonder how many others in town he has bedded. Wouldn’t it be really icky if he is actually Lilly’s father and Weevil’s?

    Still trying to figure out about why we had been specifically shown that the screws in the vent in Lilly’s bedroom were loose. Who had access? Duncan?

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    raelee says:

    Ooh…. you’re too smart for me! You’re absolutely right about the tape discovery and taking screws up the timeline. So, those couldn’t have been her secret. Does that mean she went from the car wash to Logan’s to fool around with Aaron? (Makes sense since she knew Logan was gone.) But she had to have been sleeping with him for a little while because the tape he had was from another day.

    I’m not sure about the getting back at Logan thing. On one hand, if she was NOT sleeping with Weevil and her involvement with him was something else, then it does fit and makes sense. On the other hand, if she was sleeping with Weevil, then she was already cheating on Logan so her getting so upset and breaking up with him over a kiss makes no sense.

    Also – Logan says he saw Lilly at the carwash. If she left the carwash and went to Logan’s house… hmmm, she was too happy to have seen the note from Logan so I gotta wonder if maybe he saw a little more than he revealed? Which fits my feeling that things were a little off on his not telling Veronica the truth about his alibi and suddenly suspecting Duncan. (I keep saying this but I also keep feeling that I’m way off and I’m just fanwanking at this point… so this probalby isn’t anywhere near valid as an idea.)

    I think Rob T. did say that he wasn’t leaving us hanging on who truly killed Lilly – in an interview I think? I’m not sure but we know that Aaron definitely attempted to kill Veronica so I don’t think we can doubt he was to blame for Lilly. I wasn’t sure what he hit Lilly with… They never said that they recovered something from the pool did they? Maybe the Kane’s got rid of it thinking it would implicate Duncan? It kinda looked like a music box or wooden box to me – in which case it would be hard enough to kill her with the force of Aaron’s arms behind it.

    The screws… I think we’re supposed to get that Aaron was in the room trying to find those tapes. He knew they were still missing and we saw the closet door slightly open. Plus, the cops told Aaron, when they came to search Logan’s room, that the “snitch” told them about kids hiding things in vents these days. And Veronica conveniently dropped the tray on the floor just as she was going to enter Lilly’s room. That was enough noise to alert Aaron that someone was coming but not enough time to screw back in the screws he was taking out of the vent. Those two things, combined with the spooky dark closet, led me to thinking that Aaron was in the closet listening to her and Duncan. (Note: At first I truly thought it was Logan in the closet and that he had come to see if he could find his letter to Lilly… once V realized who was really the killer and that Aaron was in the house, it made much more sense … esp the tray thing and the earlier hint to Aaron about the vents.)

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    raelee says:

    I can’t edit so I just wanted to say…

    The only thing I can wonder is that maybe Lilly stopped off at the carwash on her way home with the tapes? That seems unlikely given how she had time to go home and hide the tapes before Aaron got there. AND! We know that she had to be at the carwash early enough in the day that Veronica wouldn’t question the original time of death that we were led to believe… she ran the red light around 6PM, right? That means she had to have discovered the tapes after stopping at the carwash so, you’re absolutely correct, it couldn’t have been the secret she was eager to share with Veronica.