It’s way too late…   

Ugh… I’ve only sorta re-watched once. So, these thoughts are subject to change upon multiple watchings…

Ehh. I’m not sure how I feel. I think I need to re-watch. There was much enjoyment to be had but it felt off in the beginning. I don’t like the non-explanation we got for why Veronica left. We can’t trust what she said to Logan because she was not being honest with him at that point. I was going to complain that she didn’t just confront him but, she thought he could be a murderer at that point, Veronica may not be afraid to confront most people but she’s not stupid. She wasn’t going to anger someone she suspected of killing Lilly. And… she’s seen his family tree. She knows he’s got the genes for it. So, I’m more accepting of those scenes as I think about it but the freak out still felt weird last week and I didn’t like the reasons given for it this week.

Hmmm. I told you video was the key! Tsk, tsk, Aaron… taping your affair with a minor?! Not wise. Especially since those tapes are gonna screw you now.

Loved the lily on the truck that hits Aaron. Sweet revenge for Lilly.

It’s late and I’m forgetting things I want to say…


Feeling bad for Logan tonight but he really should have come clean with Veronica. He knew she was investigating Lilly’s death and that it was just a matter of time before his alibi went up in smoke. He did explain it to her on the beach but Logan has a habit of giving her all the information AFTER she’s already dug up just enough to require an explanation from him. BUT… damn him and his forehead kisses. They make me love him all the more. Oh – and the scene in the police station? That’s when I really felt bad for him especially after his great snarking back to the cop. “And I ignored it and moved on, come on *snap snap* keep up!”

So… the note that Logan wrote? Was that in the pen? Hmm? Come on, Weevil, what secrets are you keeping?

Umm, what else? Logan’s Insprational Message: “Adversity is the diamond dust with which Heaven polishes its jewels.” Weevil was not evil in that moment on the bridge. Not sure I’m on board with the slumber party Lola has them both attending ;) but I think Weevil was there to get him off the bridge… not push him over. Veronica’s not stupid and she knows Logan’s history of suicidal thoughts and drunkeness. Geez… Veronica’s got an alcoholic mom and she fell for an alcoholic, now that’s realistic. (Sorry – the pattern exists in my family so I see it as a legit point.) … Then again, I didn’t think Veronica just ditched him last week either so what do I know?!

Who was at the door? The smile? Seems to rule out Logan. Now, I want it to be Logan but she just betrayed his trust AND revealed to the world that his dad was having an affair with his ex-girlfriend. Yeah, don’t see her smiling like that even if she was really happy to see him. I’d probably have to go with Wallace but I’m afraid it’ll be Duncan.

And, that’s it from me until I rewatch.

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