It’s official.   

I’ve lost my mind! Therefore, I must make a list.

1. I fancy myself a writer but, let’s be honest, I excel at technical writing not creative. I think my lj is my way of trying to deny this fact but it’s true. So, you know I’m in trouble when I have to do some technical writing and can’t focus. VM is eating my brain but I need to get this training session written up for tomorrow when I actually have to give the session. This list? An attempt to clear the cobwebs.

2. I need screen caps of last night’s episode so that I can create a “VM is eating my brain” icon (see #1). Those who saw it know what scene I need for this feat.

3. The powder form of Crystal Light uses aspartame as a sweetner. Apparently I’m trying to live in denial again. Since I’ve basically used those little packets anytime I’m eating out, I’ve been taking in a LOT of it lately. I have a sneaking suspicion it may be to blame for my lightheadedness and other odd body things lately. Dammit Janet! I can’t go back to soda – it mostly tastes like mud to me now. I guess I’m just going to have to learn to enjoy cold water. (Except the True Lemon packets have no artificial sweetners. Maybe I should try switching to that next? I’m sad.)

4. Someone is playing a cruel joke on me. I keep getting IMs on Yahoo!IM from men I don’t know. I never respond (only have to make that mistake once) but it keeps happening. I just don’t get it. There’s hardly any information on my profile and I never asked to be listed in the Personals so what gives? I’m flattered they think the profile pic is cute even if it’s a year or so old but it’s a little misleading. Never trust a pic when all you can see is someone’s head! Will I ever solve this mystery? (I’m feeling a little sad thinking about this because Patti and I joked about this just the other week… with her jokingly asking if she should go take down the ad she posted about me looking for a man. *sigh*)

5. VM has spoiled me! Next week I will feel different but, as of right now, I don’t even care about any of the other finales coming up in the next few weeks. That’s so sad.

6. I think I will spend the summer tracking down all of Rob Thomas’ books that I can find and devouring them. Now there’s a summer activity I can get behind!

7. The Museum is frustrating me. The check for the SOS QA I did has still not arrived. If I were a true businesswoman I’d tell Steph I can’t do the QA job she is sending tomorrow until I get paid for the other one. But it wasn’t her job and she’s not to blame for it not getting paid out. Plus, I want her to keep coming back to me… she actually makes sure I get paid on time. It makes it hard that I’m here and they are all the way up in NYC. My luck says I’ll get that other check at the same time I get both of Steph’s and when I get my retro-pay from Aug. Isn’t that just how it works? This week I’ve been living off quarters and dimes and, in two weeks, I’ll be floating in the dough. Well, we already know I suck at the whole sticking to a budget thing. (I have been doing good up until now, though, I promise!)

8. I’m in love with the song The Ugly Bug Ball. It’s on repeat on the mini right now and I can’t get enough of it. I need a kid so I can at least pretend it’s not MY music. ;) *wanders off singing “Come on let’s crawl…crawl… to the Ugly Bug Ball and a happy time we’ll have there, one and all, at the Ugly Bug Ball.”*

9. I took a quiz to find out which CS Lewis book I was yesterday and one of the questions asked what animal you’d rather be stuck with on an isolated island. I picked the cow. I re-read the answers and realized ‘human’ was a choice and I STILL picked the cow. What the hell does that say about me?

Nine is a good number so I’m stopping there. I started this post planning to include one bullet about my reactions to the VM finale as of today but I think that will take too long and I want to re-watch before posting on it any further. With that… training session here I come!

ETA: I use the exclamation point way too often. Is there a cure for this sickness?

2 Responses to “It’s official.”

  1. 1
    southernbangel says:

    I use the exclamation point way too often. Is there a cure for this sickness?

    You and me both, sister. I use “!!” *way* too much – along with the words “way” “dude” and “OMG”. It’s quite sad…

    {{{{Rae)}}} Just ‘cuz…

  2. 2
    karinalee says:

    I hear ya on the Crystal Light. I can’t drink much of it either.

    Try diluted unsweetened cranberry juice. 7 parts water to 1 juice. Just tart enought to take the edge off wanting something sweet, and a great diuretic, too. I drink about 1 cup (8 cups mixed with water) diluted a day – with ice.

    And you are a writer! So there! Exclamation abuse rocks!