Could this day GO any slower?!   

Wow. I can’t believe it. VM has done what I thought to be the impossible… I actually read some fanfic. And! That’s not all… I *LOVED* it!!

Hmmm, not to take any credit away from [info]wisteria_ because she’s a fabulous writer but my enjoyment may be due, in part, to my hunger for the show tonight.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock… speed up clock!

5 Responses to “Could this day GO any slower?!”

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    cara_leigh9 says:

    Welcome to the dark side, my dear.


  2. 2
    makd says:

    OMG! Tonight’s episode — scary and cliffhang-y. Where’s Logan? What is Weevil doing to him? Who’s at VM’s door? How soon can her father divorce that skank of a mother. Twice! Twice! she’s stolen the girl’s college $. I have no words for that….indeterminate excuse for a female dog of a mother. Insult to a dog of a mother. (I really don’t like her, ya know?)

  3. 3
    raelee says:

    My fanwank? Weevil was there to get Logan off the bridge… err, not that Veronica knew he’d be on the bridge, just that she sent Weevil off to look for him. I have no proof of that, though. Just me hoping that Weevil’s face at the end was less menancing and more annoyed at having to actually save Logan.

    I wonder if divorcing Lianne will be hard? If she disappears again I guess he just needs to repost that announcement in the newspaper? Why did she come back anyway? It didn’t seem like Keith went and got her so was it Lianne who saw the newspaper and wanted to stop him from being able to divorce her? I’m confused by all of that but I agree she needs to be gone. I fear we haven’t seen the last of her yet.

    PS – I got your email and I will respond, I just haven’t had time yet. :)

  4. 4
    raelee says:

    *sticks her tongue out at Cara*

  5. 5
    cara_leigh9 says:

    Next thing you know, you’ll be sitting at your computer at midnight, scrounging for Weevil/Logan slash *grin*